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AfroIntroductions aims to connect people of African descent with other Africans or others who want to meet them. They have members seeking friendship, foreign marriage or dating. It's free to join but upgrading to Gold membership is required to fully communicate with others on the site.

AfroIntroductions Review

Why limit your options to only your local dating scene? Africa has millions of beautiful women looking to date men from abroad. AfroIntroductions is the largest dating site for finding attractive singles from Africa.

AfroIntroductions has a large pool of active members making it a popular hangout for anyone looking for romance or friendship. There's a good layout and decent range of features which are common across the Cupid Media sites. The service is accessible as well on mobile through their app.

Want to date African women?

If you've ever considered dating African woman but never had the chance, this site could be your answer. A huge benefit with a site like AfroIntroductions is it makes it easy to connect with millions of African singles looking for love.

You may be wondering if it's worth dating someone in another country. If you're not yet satisfied with the people you're dating locally, or you plan to travel to Africa, then it's absolutely something to consider.

Afrointroductions allows you to find unique and attractive Africans you won't find in your local city

A huge reason people choose to date abroad is because they can find more attractive women than they would locally. Instead of being limited to the same pool of singles nearby, you have a whole continent to choose from. Many Africans would love to meet a guy from another country, and it's easy to connect with the women you want.

Africans also tend to prefer more traditional values that are hard to find in your average modern woman. So if you're looking for someone who shares your values, it might be easier to find them abroad. If you haven't found the right one yet, Afrointroductions could be the answer you've been looking for.

Is Afrointroductions legit or a scam?

Afrointroductions is run by CupidMedia, one of the most established and largest dating site networks in the world. It has been around for decades, and has helped bring thousands of happy couples together. Afrointroductions is 100% legit.

The site allows users to report profiles which violate site standards, keeping the member quality high. You may run into users who make up stories and ask for money, so use your best judgement and avoid them until you get to know them better.

Afrointroductions allows you to block or report users, but you should also be aware of potential scammers. If you come across a user who wants to get explicit right away, asks for money or financial details, then listen to your gut and move on. There are plenty of legit profiles that it's not worth the risk.

Afrointroductions Key Features

  • Access to thousands of beautiful African women

  • Cupid tags allow you to quickly connect with people you want

  • Free guest signup

  • Exclusive membership benefits

  • One of the best ways to meet Attractive Africans

How to use AfroIntroductions

The simple registration takes you through a set of basic questions. Although many of these you can skip till later, I recommend creating a good profile right off the bat. If you don't you run the risk of being deactivated before you even get going.

Once the registration step is done you can immediately begin browsing and bookmarking your favorite profiles.

Another point to keep in mind is that they restrict your ability to view photos if you don't have one of your own. You get to see other peoples' main profile picture but any additional ones are hidden from view.

The alert tab at the top will give you a quick view of your progress. It tells you who's viewed your profile & who's hotlisted you. It also shows you who you've hotlisted, flirted with and viewed.

Searching profiles

The detailed (advanced) search includes a whole set of additional criteria for filtering men or women matching your preferences. If you complete your "match info" section on your profile, you'll find you receive more accurate suggestions via the automated matchmaking tools.

This is a win-win because it also gives you the best possible chance of appearing when others search for someone just like you.

What you get with a Premium Account

Everyone starts with the basic (free) account. It allows viewing of profiles, searching, and flirting with others. It even allows you to send (but not read emails). However, in order to unlock messaging, at least sender or receiver need to be a paying member.

Gold membership lifts all restrictions on email and chat privileges. If you choose the Platinum membership your profile gets highlighted and appears at the top of the page, and it unlocks some more advanced searching options.

In addition, Platinum members can choose to browse anonymously so that other won't know when they've visited their profile.

Afrointroductions openly welcomes men and women of all races, nationalities and backgrounds. This favorably adds to the variety of the user community. That makes it a worthy choice if you're looking for a romance that crosses racial lines.

To help with language barriers, they offer basic translation software for translating messages between other languages. While there are online tools available, this one is integrated with the messenger. A Platinum membership is required for the translation service.

Success Stories

This is the best site for African Dating. There are so many beautiful women on here. I have yet to come across a fake profile. The chances of finding the right lady are very high
- Michael

We have been together for 4 months now. He visited me in my home country for a month despite the high risk of covid - true love indeed. Our relationship has move to the next level Thanks so much Afrointroductions for this site.
- Nans


Afrointroductions is an excellent site if you'd like to date someone from Africa. It has one of the largest communities of attractive Africans on the web. They make it easy for you to find the person you're looking for with an intuitive site design and advanced search filters.

If you're just curious, you can sign up and can try it for free. To give yourself the best chance of meeting the most attractive users and avoid missing out on missed connections, a gold membership or higher is recommended. Premium membership is necessary to communicate with everyone on the site, and you'll save yourself a lot of frustration and wasted time by getting it.

When you consider it's less than the cost of a typical date and ups your chance of success significantly, it's a no brainer. Platinum may not be necessary for most users, but provides useful features like integrated translation that can make it easier to build connections with members who have limited English.

Overall, AfroIntroductions is the best site out there for finding and dating Africans.

The good

  • User friendly format
  • Huge range of features
  • Free account holders can communicate
  • Very large, active user community
  • Members can fully customize their profiles including privacy and notification settings.

The bad

  • Standard layout means it is not customized to its audience as are some other ethnic sites.
  • Site has been known to attract scammers.
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  • Avatar

    victorjimmySeptember 22nd, 2020

    Just average

    i need a beautiful lady 4 friendship, im a young and good looking man who is presently working in a finanacial institution.
  • Avatar

    wJuly 12th, 2020

    Just average

    Looking for girl with whom to establish serious relationship
  • Avatar

    LavenderApril 27th, 2020

    Above average

    A gentleman will always be straight forward and will never cheat on a woman
  • Avatar

    TigertoothAugust 10th, 2019

    Above average

    Not better or worse than most others. Well..... main priority about joining a dating site should be not to leave your common sense outside the door. I see a lot of people complaining about scammers, some even experienced getting ripped off.... honestly, why would you even consider sending money or things to someone you never met eye to eye? Why do you even fall for sweet words?

    Oh yes, I also experienced lots of people (mostly stating being from west africans countries, sorry, but just stating facts here....) trying their best to scam me - never happened. If you read their messages and actions, they are so easy to see through - so open your eyes, and for goodness sake, think! when you decide to be on a site like this. Getting ripped off is also partly one's own fault by not thinking and not having common sense.

    Anyway, my experiences about this site (apart from the would-be-scammers) are only good. I met my fiancée here and we are expecting our first child in january - and I we could not be more happy.
    So, you see - the site can actially work well....
  • Avatar

    korangphilipMay 7th, 2019


    i also need true love so if you are interesting me then log on
  • Avatar

    chernojallowApril 1st, 2019


    i love my colour very well i would like to have a lover who is like me.
  • Avatar

    BabaMarch 24th, 2019


    Yes ! please watch out for the UGANDA/KENYA girls too ,they would sweet talking into sending them money,rent an apartment even build a place with the intention of you retiring or sharing it with them but they just connive with local authority to kick you out ! exactly what happened to me in those countries,they are so convincing ,dont fall for it ! they would tell you of sick parents,involved in accident, send you pictures of themselves involve in accidents,you name it,its all lies ,please watch out i lost 10000 dollars looking for true love with them but ended up with zero ! hahahahaha ! they target older men ! please watch out ! age difference matters !if you are 60 and some one is 25 /27 in ten years you would be 70 and they would still be in their 30,s !!! my advice is ! PAY AS YOU GO ! Just have your fun,pay them and dont look back ! they all think westerners are FOOLS ! should be used and dumped
  • Avatar

    wifeDecember 5th, 2018

    Just average

    Am looking for man with real love not cupboard love am here to find it. pls contact me.
  • Avatar

    ChinoJuly 22nd, 2018


    What a waste of time. I am from Nigerian and I live and work in Dubai.. I try to create a profile with Afro. For about less than a week now, I have created 4 account. After creating a profile my profile will be laminated for no reason. If Afro doesn't want Nigerians to create account with them . please they should list it out on internet. Than to be wasting people effort and time for nothing. Afro should try and fixed this issue it's just don't worth it?????
  • Avatar

    AnthoniaMay 1st, 2018

    Below average

    Please let no one install afrointroductions or upgrade their membership, I was asked to upgrade my membership and after I did, my account was immediately suspended. They now sent me a mail saying that for my account to be reactivated, I have to send my site name, a scanned photo of my debit card and my email address in order for my profile to be reactivated. Well I have sent all they requested for and now they are asking for my international passport which I won't give them. I've disclosed all my informations but still my profile isn't reactivated. Please beware of fraudsters
AfroIntroductions 2.72 62 A review of AfroIntroductions. AfroIntroductions aims to connect people of African descent with other Africans or others who want to meet them. They have members seeking friendship, foreign marriage or dating.