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Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest online dating communities for sexually liberated adults. With several million people using the site worldwide, you can be sure of finding an erotic partner whatever your tastes or preferences. It's free to register, create a profile and browse the site. Viewing profile details and contacting other people requires paid membership.

Is AdultFriendFinder Legit?

AdultFriendFinder is the biggest site of its kind for a reason. It's been around for years, and boasts the largest membership of people looking for explicit hookups. While it may not be the best place to find your soul mate, it's perfect if your looking for no strings attached fun. It's also free to try

The Basics

If you've used the internet for any amount of time, you've probably seen their ads before -- they seem to be everywhere. Adult Friendfinder is the biggest adult contact site in existence, "bar none". The company is owned by Penthouse Magazine.

There are over 5.7 million active members worldwide, who are singles, couples, or married people looking for discreet relationships, new partners or just no strings sex. There isn't a limit to the content placed on their website, so very explicit photos and chat can be expected.

If you're a standard member, your only option is to put-up a really good quality photo and wait.

Standard (free) Membership: What do you get?

After filling out the quick register form, you'll find that the standard membership will only get you partial access. You won't be able to view full-size photos, videos, or make contact with others on the site (unless they are full-members who've paid to allow anyone to contact them).

Here's what you can do for free:

  • Look for profiles (basic and advanced searches)
  • Create a favorites list
  • Read and reply to emails sent to you from full members
  • Use the chat tool
  • View photo thumbnails
  • View profile summaries
  • Read other people's blogs and post comments

The bottom line is that if you're a standard member, your only option is to put-up a really good quality photo and wait for full-access members to contact you.

profile view, free access

Cupid Preferences

After signing-up one of the first things you should do is customize your "cupid preferences". As well as showing you customized search results, based on your own choices, cupid preferences can be used to block unwanted emails.

In the cupid settings, you can set the basics such as age range, gender, sexual orientation and "what they are into sexually". Other settings such as lifestyle and race are there if you need them.

The layout is designed to quickly get members talking with each other.

Your "profile preferences" page should be your next stop. Here you can customize just about everything: who can view you, who can see your purity test results, who can email you, and your profile visibility. Hidden mode allows you to view other people's profiles without them knowing about it.

Customize profile settings

Unlike many sites, profile customizations don't require paid membership on Adult Friendfinder.

Searching for People

AFF offers a massive range of tools and features that are designed to quickly get members talking with each other. The search page is easy to navigate. Simply select who you want to find; male, female or couple, and what you are looking for, whether that be 1-on-1 sex, erotic chat, or a discreet relationship (pretty much anything goes here), and then choose their location.

Gold members have several other options available to them, including physical characteristics, language, ethnicity, plus it allows filtering-out of profiles without photos.

As well as the search forms, there are other buttons like recent members, hottest photos, and new people near me.

Building up a network of friends and contacts is easy. Simply click the icons next to the profile you are interested in to add them to your favorites list. To initiate contact, you can send ice-breakers, including winks, flirts and even spanks! It's a quick and easy way to see if the member responds, and doesn't require the time of writing an email.

Even your hot list can be searched; handy if you've saved a lot of pages. There's also the option to show people similar to those in your hot list, but which you haven't seen yet -- the "suggested members" link can be found on your "My Hot List" page.

AFF message box


In order to use many of the interactive features, such as messaging, voice greetings and webcams, you will need to purchase a gold membership for at least 1 month.

Gold membership starts at $40.00, and as well as unlocking emailing and profile access, also allows you to view videos, webcam shows and private photos. An "add-on package" will also let you view on-demand adult movies.

Your "mail box" contains a range of options to help you manage your activities:

  • Auto-replies (set up an "out-of-office" response)
  • Filtering (block unwanted contacts)
  • Signatures (personalize your messages)

There's also a whole range of custom alerts that can be created and personalized to suit. You can customize the setting any way you choose, for example so that you are mailed whenever someone "hot lists" you, comments on your photo, or sends you a message.


As far as adult dating sites are concerned, Adult Friendfinder is one of the leaders in terms of privacy and safety matters. You can't really fault them; they have provided a range of options to help combat scams and fraud such as:

  • Identity verification
  • Customized email filtering and blocking
  • Full control of profile privacy settings
  • Private access photos

In Brief

Adult Friendfinder is a massive site, with the some of the best features we've seen on any adult dating portal. With a range of customizations available you're in full control of your dating experience. The safety features on offer do go some way to combating spam and other unwanted activity.

As with other sites of this kind, men tend to outnumber women. Overall though, it is among the best sites out there for those looking to satisfy their desires. There are usually at least 50,000 members online at any given time, making it one of the most active internet communities to be found.

The good

  • Advanced searching and cupid setting let you customize your experience
  • Enormous choice of tools, options and settings
  • Certified ID is available for those who choose
  • Massive selection of people to choose from (members can be found in most areas)

The bad

  • Can't view photos or profile details with standard account
  • Could use more women
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  • Avatar

    DTOctober 14th, 2019


    They try to entice you to buy a "Gold" membership telling you that you will have "unlimited" contact privileges but all that you get with the Gold membership is the ability to contact other gold members only, if you want "unlimited" contact privileges and the ability to contact any member you have to purchase another expensive option on top of the gold membership, it all works out to be an expensive rip-off, a rip-off because the site does not clearly state that the gold member option only allows contact with other gold members, it deliberately obfuscates this to lead you to purchase a membership with very limited contact privileges where standard members cannot even read the messages you send them let alone reply to them! It's a borderline expensive scam!
  • Avatar

    Stephen73December 31st, 2017

    Above average

    Not really sure what everyone's complaining about?! AFF is one of the best hookup sites you will find, period! Generally speaking, after using many sites for years there were only two sites which worked for me. Just my two cents. Regards!
  • Avatar

    ErikrockApril 28th, 2017

    Below average

    Not the biggest fan of adult friend finder tbh prefer sites like hookuphangout that are a bit more 'cult' but aff is alright as a back up option cos theres no way one hookup site can supply me enough p*ssy to feed my apetite if you know what I mean! Best to use 2 or 3 sites to keep the chances up.
  • Avatar

    mamunmiahDecember 20th, 2016


    I want to make free membership in the adult friend finder club. Because I have no capability to pay the bill, no credit card/no visa card.
  • Avatar

    Ralph_595December 16th, 2016

    Just average

    I'm a lonely many looking for daytime fun!
  • Avatar

    antronOctober 31st, 2011


    Looking for a good time, need new people in my life, need a hot sexy lady.
  • Avatar

    pete_4397October 7th, 2011


    This site is a joke. I have been a member for 10 months. I flirt and go in the chat rooms. I had 5 responses of people being very rude, degrading and insulting me. Reporting anything on this site is a waste of time. I reported these people with proof of their responses and the site does nothing. Way too many cam girls, scammers, underage girls and prostitutes on this site wanting money. Again reporting them does nothing. No actions are ever taken. I also believe a lot of profiles have to be fake. How in 10 months and trying to contact about 1,000 women on there to chat, and never get a reply? Men do not waste your time or money on this site. I give it -10.
  • Avatar

    WaelNouriSeptember 5th, 2011


    Nice baby, this is a wonderful site for finding a man or woman. I am Leonard, tall and I stay in Abuja. Looking for a girl to date who will satisfy me sexually and other wise, I am a cheerful giver.
  • Avatar

    saysanGohAugust 24th, 2011

    Just average

    Hopefully you will fulfill my needs, looking for sex and fun with interesting people. So far I have yet to sample any of your offers.
  • Avatar

    CompareISAsJune 16th, 2010


    This is a wonderful site for who find a man or woman. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. Thanks
Adult Friendfinder 3.67 15 A review of Adult Friendfinder. Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest online dating communities for sexually liberated adults.