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FTC Compliance Statement

Editorâ,"s Reviews

DatingWise aims to be a comprehensive resource for those seeking information about online dating. We aim as far as possible to provide impartial and accurate reviews about websites of current interest, whether they offer advertising incentives (affiliate programs) or not.

We are required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to disclose to visitors that we have advertising relationships with some sites which we review. DatingWise is never paid to write reviews and the information appearing here represents the actual experience of the writer responsible. The majority of editor reviews are written by professional independent editors who are always paid â,"per pieceâ, - that is, they have no incentive to write either favorable or unfavorable material. The remainder are written by staff editors and always follow the same quality guidelines.

Membership Numbers

We use's public website ratings to estimate active members and the ratio of men to women on each website we review. All data given relating to members, including actual membership numbers, gender ratios and demographics breakdowns should only be considered as "best guess" approximations. They may underestimate or overestimate the true figures.

Site Rankings (Order of appearance)

The ranking of sites (which order they appear in pages) is set by visitor (customer) ratings or the public traffic rank (supplied by We feature some sites which we have advertising relationships with. When these sites appear above others in certain pages they are clearly marked as â,"sponsoredâ,.

How we make money

If you click any links which take you to an external website you should assume that we may receive a small referral commission for this action. If you ultimately make a purchase, we may also receive a sale commission. In either case, the commission is paid to us by the sponsor/advertiser of the website. This helps to keep DatingWise a free resource.