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  • Avatar

    sherryJanuary 18th, 2011


    I came across a lot of mens profiles that had their personal information on display in clear view for all to see...such as email address and full name. I tried to do the same thing because i don't want to pay the $30 for the one month membership but my info was deleted and half assed sentences remained so it appeared as though i know jack shit about the English language and i need proper grammar and punctuation classes. And i was an A student in my English classes in college!! Very frustrating!
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    John_3108December 29th, 2010


    I went on Zoosk and wasted two hours of my life. I heard of zoosk from a television ad. To complete the profile it required you to link to facebook to tell about what TV shows you watch, what sports you watch and what games you like to play. I tried repeatedly to explain in the main section these personal likes of mine to keep having it edited in a very poor manner that made me look like an idiot that could not put together a sentence. I have my spelling and grammar problems, but they are mine and therefore ok in my profile. As the profile had a spot for this information and I was putting in another "spot", I felt the need to explain why so a potential reader would understand I can follow instructions and am not a total idiot. I tried to say I couldn't link to facebook as I had no account there. I explained that I do not, and have never used myspace or facebook. Apparently this is a problem for them and simply kept editing my profile removing various parts of sentences that left gibberish. Nowhere did it say facebook was required. At no time did I diss facebook. It's this simple, my profile my words, Frick the natzi profile police, give me freedom of speech. The prices were outrageous. Try a free site like plentyofish or datehookup that allows you to represent yourself and does not force entry into your bank account to communicate.
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    FacebookOverlookDecember 1st, 2010

    Above average

    There are some dating sites that just dont take off.But what if a site was filled with people from Facebook who just want a secret meeting?
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    Barbara_2870November 1st, 2010


    I am a former Zoosker who has received a complete refund of my membership monies paid and released from my membership. A business decision on their part, left me unsatisfied with Zoosk after being a member for over 2 months and when they found they could do nothing to satisfy my complaint, they refunded my entire membership monies not a pro-rated amount as most businesses normally do. I may be the only one, but I have found Zoosk to be a company that cares about customer service who has gone above and beyond when they were faced with my dissatisfaction. To me Zoosk is not that bad or a rip off!! To the comment you can't reply to a flirt without paying a membership fee - have you ever heard the saying 'you don't get something for nothing'?
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    DawnHoldernessAugust 16th, 2010

    Just average

    I signed up for 1 month, and yet zoosk charged me again and automaticaly the next month.

    RickSeptember 7th, 2010


    Replied to DawnHolderness @Dawn Holderness Doesn't seem to be any support for problems. very dissapointed in zoosk.
  • Avatar

    KatharineMurrayAugust 13th, 2010


    I think this is the WORST online dating site I have ever used! When you get charges from them for an escort service in London you will feel the same way too.
  • Avatar

    hollyAugust 8th, 2010

    Below average

    I don't like the fact that i have to subscribe to read my messages and chat with friends; it just makes me not want to waste my time being on Zoosk.
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    Dave_2318July 2nd, 2010


    I don't understand what the deal is with the 29+ dollars a month that's just robbery. More like 5 bucks a month and you would have tons more clients. I for one will not pay that much for a singles site and not many I know will when there are free ones out there. Try lowering the price a lot and see what happens. Even if it were under 10 dollars a month on a non regen account.
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    DonnaDrakeJuly 2nd, 2010


    Not a good dating site. Free membership is useless. It lets you see flirts, but after one exchange each, it blocks not only future messages, but previous messages as well. It will let you exchange phone numbers, but not emails. No one in their right mind would give phone numbers in the one (and only) initial message you are allowed to send?? It offers no trial membership. I assume because few would go past that point. There is no privacy in viewing other profiles. If you view someone, there is no way to block them from knowing. Therefore if you don't like their profile, you still are hounded with their responses. The dating pool seems very limited. After a few days (or right after you join), most profiles are either obviously fake, or very strange, undesirable people. The cost is extremely high considering they offer much less options/features than other dating sites. I'm also disappointed that you cannot use Paypal with the one month subscription, but only with the longer ones. If you DO choose to purchase a subscription and quickly decide to cancel, there is no refund and you are cancelled immediately (could be $100's of dollars wasted). Thank goodness though, I didn't pay for more than a month. Lesson learned! I give Zoosk a fat "ZERO". They apparently are spending all their money on advertising rather than creating a great site that can carry itself.
  • Avatar

    tncdelJune 26th, 2010


    I was initially reluctant to join Zoosk because of its relatively high monthly price of $30 to try it out. But what lured me to take the plunge was the large number of local chicks posted. And I went ahead with a full-scale effort for three evenings in a row, messaging a total of well over a hundred females, ranging in age from 18 to over 40. I was respectful, and kept things short, telling them to please read my profile, then email me if interested, including my email address. The profile was worded pretty much the same as I had done on other sites, and it had generated a fair number of responses. Over 50 on AsianPeopleMeet, for example. But I got absolutely NO replies from any of my over 100 messages. So I must presume that Zoosk is just a site where women like to post about themselves, with no more seriousness about meeting people than posting comments on YouTube. So I will warn everyone looking to actually meet people to NOT waste your money. Try another website for that.

    I will try posting this giving a ZERO stars rating. But if you see that I gave one star, that means I was forced to do so against my will. For, to me, zero replies to my messages warrants a zero star rating, agreed?
Zoosk 1.5 72 A review of Zoosk. Zoosk, established in 2007, claims to be the world's largest global dating community. Most features require payment in the form of a subscription or Zoosk coins.