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    LoisChildersJanuary 13th, 2012


    signed up to zoosk by mistake
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    Cre47December 7th, 2011

    Below average

    I would have given a higher rating if things would have gone differently. I first created the account in June and was already interested in one person in particular. Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with PayPal so I decided to do the first payment by check, but the postal lock-out really delayed the payment processing. The person was no longer member a by the time, the subscription was completed (actually she left less than 24 hours before I was subscribed).

    Twice since I've subscribed, I've sent e-mails to over 100 people, but among them only two did reply, but only once.

    I would say, the period between late-September and late-October gave me a brief hope finally with this site, when three people expressed interest. Two of them had subscribed for a month and another one gave me her e-mail address.

    After this brief period of hope, nothing for about 6 weeks, it's getting depressing and I seriously consider not extending the membership once it will expire. This site has been a big disappointment.

    The big problem with the site is what some mentioned already is that the person you're interested in, must also be subscribed - They only have one chance. On my profile, I do put a semi-indication that I am a subscriber - still it doesn't help.

    Seems, that each site has that one big problem that torpedoes many potential couple makings.

    Unless something happens I'm not giving this site a passing grade.
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    david_4531November 13th, 2011


    Plenty of the members are just robot, fake photos and fake responses. When i simply tried to wink to same or different genders, the responses seem to be automatic with few pickup lines such as thank you for the wink, i appreciate your wink (read more) etc. They just want you to get subscribed to their site just to view the fake messages. The other party must subscribe in order to use the service. I will give this site NO stars if possible.
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    carol_4404October 10th, 2011


    I have had 2 payments taken from my credit card by London extra to the monthly subs. I am trying to get these refunded through my credit card provider Oct/2011. Three emails to Zoosk customer services have not had a reply! I noted that the 6 months subs had been set to continue without my approval/ knowledge on October 22 so I cancelled it totally.
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    ErinOctober 4th, 2011


    I just deleted my account on zoosk. I didn't even bother to pay 30 friggin dollars or more just to talk to people who can't respond back because they would rather not pay 30 dollars either. Once I found out I couldn't read my messages I deleted my account. I find it funny they ask you before you officially delete your account why you are deleting it. That's kind of a stupid question considering they should realize by now they suck at managing a "friendly" dating site.
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    Bill_4146August 11th, 2011


    The advertising is very misleading, it is not free and they charge a $24.95 activation fee in addition to the monthly rate.
  • Avatar

    rebaApril 10th, 2011


    zoosk sucks they rip u off they charged me 2 times for for the same 6 months and there is no way to contact them !!! dont use this servise unless u want ripped offf
  • Avatar

    matrxFebruary 25th, 2011


    I happen to love your site it's great to email them and chat with them. i can joke with the best of them, i am very outgoing. i love to help people... if they needed the shirt off my back i would give it to them. So i would rate you a plus 10 and more. My name is martx so thanks again. i hope to get back some mail. Have a wonderful day and night.
  • Avatar

    matrxFebruary 25th, 2011


    I think Zoosk is a great place to talk to people and chat on i find it to be very helpful. I happen to love being on line talking to all the good guys you have on your site. I would rate you a plus 10.
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    sherryJanuary 18th, 2011


    I came across a lot of mens profiles that had their personal information on display in clear view for all to see...such as email address and full name. I tried to do the same thing because i don't want to pay the $30 for the one month membership but my info was deleted and half assed sentences remained so it appeared as though i know jack shit about the English language and i need proper grammar and punctuation classes. And i was an A student in my English classes in college!! Very frustrating!
Zoosk 1.48 71 A review of Zoosk. Zoosk, established in 2007, claims to be the world's largest global dating community. Most features require payment in the form of a subscription or Zoosk coins.