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A unique site that allows women to dish the dirt to the whole World on their love-rat boyfriends and husbands. Woman Savers helps women avoid dating the wrong guys.

Woman Savers helps women avoid dating the wrong guys.

This service can be used for women to screen your dates. It is for women and men seeking information about relationships, dating, sex, infidelity, marriage, divorce and safety. Registered members share their experiences with each other through unedited, open communications.

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The authors of the posts can be contacted and both men and women may post comments. A registered member is able to edit or delete their post.

Website features include forums, expert advice, chat, discount travel, relationship polls, ecards, tarot, astrology, jokes, games, newsletter, relationship articles, tips and educational information. Womansavers highlights support groups for abused women and information on preventing and dealing with relationship problems, including infidelity.

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The womansavers slogan is to "Research and B4U Date." Shopping area sells products, books, e-books and offers consulting services from abuse counselor, Sandra Brown.

Womansavers features the Crime Prevention 101 Radio show with host and safety specialist, Susan Bartelstone. There is a abuse emergencies area listing national and international domestic violence organizations and contact information.

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    KellygirlSeptember 30th, 2010


    Womansavers is definitely a controversial site and therefore, attracts its fair share of nutcases and spammers. However, I listen to Susan Bartlestone's radio show which is featured there and I have learned so many ways to stay safe that I feel empowered. I've been a member there for many years and have made some very good friends there, including one of the moderators. I'm also a representative. The site helped me after going through a rough abusive divorce so say what you will, different people have very different experiences there.
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    JillminusJackFebruary 27th, 2010


    There is a need for sites like this. If there wasn't, they wouldn't be so popular. Concerned you need to take legal action against the person doing this harm to you and your family. Ranting and raving on the net doesn't accomplish much. Womansavers can't legally edit posts. Post your side of the story if you don't want to take legal action. It sounds like this guy isn't mentally stable so who knows what else he is capable of doing. He's probably posting information all over the internet. I would consult with an attorney or the police to see if you can get him to stop harassing you and your family.
  • Avatar

    CarrieMay 27th, 2009

    Above average

    Ya, you gotta remember...these men end up on these sites cos they are complete louses in life to begin with and women want to alert other women about them. I agree that these men have children that may read these sites but if these men weren't such pathetic, womanizing, drug and alcoholic sociopaths to begin with then they would not be there at all. Kids should not be on this site anyways. Womansavers is not indulging in spreading hate.. The real reason is for women to alert other women who have been victimized by these scoundrels. Are you one of them that are up there? Interesting, hmmmmm...
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    Concerned2January 23rd, 2009

    Useless is extremely pathetic. There's a person on there named Alan Sides, aka Alan G. Sides, aka Alan Gregory Sides, from Houlton, ME, Caribou, ME, Trenton, MI, Willard, OH, and anywhere else anyone will let him live, who has made up 3 profiles on a MAN, mind you, a MAN. By the way, Alan Sides is also a drug-addicted felon. Alan Sides is pissed off because this man's mother won't date him, and he's slandering this man, his mother and their entire family on Womansavers. They've been contacted and have chosen to do nothing about all these lies. It's really pathetic that this site is allowing such sick lies and pathetic behavior. Womansavers is indulging in and spreading hate.

    It's really sad that Stephaney Alexander, creator of this site must be a very miserable and sick person to have sat around and thought of doing such. These men have children who are reading horrible things about their fathers that most likely, many are untrue, just that of a scorned mate. It appears to me that she falls into that category of Narcissistic Personality Disorder to be thinking she's doing this country any justice by her sick website.

    help4uSeptember 2nd, 2011


    Replied to Concerned2 @Concerned2 There are lots of vindictive high functioning sociopath men (con men) that have used their wife and their own children to attain power and wealth (speaking from personal experience). My X only needed a family until he got his president title with his huge financial company. He's a cheater and liar ,gets what he wants from his friends, so sweet and understanding on the outside, but a master manipulator on the inside. He has an amazing generous mask, but it comes off, when you need him to help you during tough periods. Or he is simply too busy for your troubles. He can mimic any sincere person, all for his own hidden agenda, He can act very angry and sad if he is about to be caught lying. Wouldn't you want to know about such people before you invest years of your life believing them and being caught in their web? The cruelty towards his children cannot be forgotten! These men are "white collar criminals" with so much power. I see clearly now it's not about justice for all, but WHO you know in our court system. I still have no judgment after being in court for years.
WomanSavers 4 5 A review of WomanSavers. A unique site that allows women to dish the dirt to the whole World on their love-rat boyfriends and husbands. Woman Savers helps women avoid dating the wrong guys.