SugarDaddyforMe is for men and women looking for mutually beneficial relationships. While anyone can join, it's geared towards people interested in a sugar daddy, sugar momma, sugar baby (male or female), or an extramarital experience.

While it might look a bit shabby, SugarDaddyforMe proves functional in its simplicity.

When first visiting the site it's rather hard to be impressed by the appearance. However, once inside SugarDaddyforMe proves to be an addictive and engaging experience. You don't have to be a billionaire to get in but take note fellas; the women inside are looking for guys with a bit of cash to throw around!

Of the people actively populating the site, a little bit less than half have pictures visible in the search. There are also slightly more women than men.

Last but not least, for members using the free option there is a bright blinking “get full access” button on the top of the search that's enough to give anyone a seizure. Luckily it's easy enough to scroll away from while still utilizing the site.

The Experience

Despite the lack of aesthetics, SugarDaddyforMe is functional in its simplicity. The control panel is easy to navigate, and there are plenty of signs of life with a few thousand people online at any given time.

New members shouldn't have to wait long to start receiving kisses and messages, and they can start sending kisses immediately after signing up. Sign up is a breeze with one of the shortest forms to fill out for a dating site.

In fact the only criteria required of you and available for searching for that someone special is age, location, birth month, marital status, body type, and ethnicity.

With unverified profiles, claims of wealth need to be treated with caution.

One last option is sugar status: sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar momma, male sugar baby, gay sugar daddy, male seeking extramarital, and female seeking extramarital. Notably missing on this short list are lesbian sugar mommas.

It is geared mainly towards those in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In fact, if you're from somewhere else your only options to choose from are Russia, The Middle East, “European Countries,” or my favorite for vague choices…”Somewhere in Asia.”

While the site does moderate profile content and pictures, it does not certify any financial information posted. Claims of wealth need to be treated with discretion (keep this in mind when you see that sugar daddy who says on his profile that he's a company CEO earning +$2 Million a year). For the most part, the profiles I encountered did appear to be genuine and realistic.

An option is available for a 3 day free trial giving full access on any of the paid membership levels.

Three Levels of Membership

There are three levels of membership; standard (free), Silver, and Gold. In addition there is an option called Total Access available for an extra fee that will allow you to make contact with standard members who otherwise cannot converse through the site.


An option is available for a 3 day free trial of any of the paid membership levels and options. The trial requires a form of payment and will need to be canceled to avoid reoccurring billing. There's also a 5-day free full-access pass for 99 cents.

There's no “cancel now button” on the site; instead cancelling your subscription requires sending a message to the site's administrator. For me this worked fine, my billing was cancelled immediately and no further payments were taken.

Standard membership allows you to create a profile, add three photographs, send kisses, and receive kisses. In addition you can have conversations with paid members that have invested in the Total Access option.

In addition to what is available to standard members, Silver members can have more photos. They can also send and receive emails and use the site based instant messenger. They have the option to add Total Access onto their membership for an additional fee. Beware of the sneaky “administration fee” of $3.95 on top of the prices that are advertized.

Gold members receive all of the benefits of the other two levels, plus they have nearly unlimited email storage, can keep a history of their instant messenger conversations, have their profiles highlighted and sent to the top of the list in the search, receive a weekly off-site email listing potential matches, and have a shorter wait time to have their profiles approved.


There are 6 ways of communicating with others on the site: kisses, favorites, emails, ICALLU, UCALLME, and ITEXTU.

Kisses can be sent and received by all members. They come with a selection of pre-written notes to attach that say things like “You're cute,” “Happy birthday,” and “I want you to be my New Year's Eve date.”

The site is simple and fun to use and has a decent number of people to choose from.

While clicking favorite on a profile is intended mainly to allow you to keep an easy to access list of favorite people, it will also send an automatic message to the person letting them know you think they're worthy of making it onto your list. You'll also be visible on their home page panel as having viewed their profile. So don't be surprised if you receive messages from people whose page you've visited.

Emailing Limitations

The site email is similar to the majority of email boxes and works the same way. The only restrictions are the storage limit and that standard members cannot send or read emails unless they are sent from Total Access members.

ICALLU, UCALLME, and ITEXTU are all member-only options. They can be accessed through the web or your mobile phone. ICALLYOU allows you to use the site to send texts to another member telling them you would like to call them. UCALLME is similar except that the other member is asked to call you.

ITEXTU allows anonymous text messages back and forth between two members. Additional charges apply for most parts of these three services.

Once inside, SugarDaddyforMe proves to be an addictive and engaging experience.


There is no mobile device app currently available, however the site is designed to be easily viewed through the iPhone's built in Safari browser.


There are social networking share buttons on the profiles, so be aware that someone may choose to share your profile through Twitter, Facebook, or a multitude of other means. It is impossible to block a member until they have contacted you first.

However SugarDaddyforMe may still be an option, even for the stalked, if you don't give out clues as to your identity in your profile. Privacy options can be set so that only those members you choose, or paid members in general depending on which option you select, can view the pictures you upload to the site.


While “Sugar Daddy for Me” may not be as visually pleasing as other sites, it has the potential to connect many a sugar baby with the sugar daddy they have been looking for. The site is simple and fun to use and has a decent number of people to choose from.

It's been featured in a number of popular newspapers, magazines and radio programs and is one of the more recognized sugardaddy websites on the Internet today.

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