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    LittleDogMarch 3rd, 2010


    Guys (and girls) I joined and I am an attractive, friendly 30 year old girl. I don't make much money and had my share of user boyfriends and I thought I would try out the site and perhaps meet someone classy and real.

    The "Sugardaddies" are very cheap, and although real, write endless emails, want to talk on the phone but you can be literally stranded with a dead car somewhere and they won't send you a dime, even if you prove and verify your identity to no end. (I wrote their name on a piece of paper and held it up, and took a pic)

    I looked some of these guys up; yes they are legit millionaires and doctors. But forget making a real friend, or anyone who makes the time to keep in touch or even send you a gift certificate. The site actually told me I am one of the most viewed and highest ranking as far as emails, I had nice clean photos and a very open, honest bio that was not demanding, stuck up or written like a "princess."

    I was having legit problems, and needed a little help fixing my car as I am completely on my own, no family/boyfriend to help and car problems can get even the best of us sometimes.

    I went to dinner with one sugar daddy, saw a movie and had a great time. He bought me dinner, showed me his million dollar home, and I drove home. (In my car that was dying) ...He told me he might give me his old used laptop the next time I visit. So...ladies, don't expect much more than stingy dinners or weeks of phone calls from these wealthy men (let alone even a used car to replace your dead one). You will have better luck getting any real attention or genuine care from the average Joe in a beat up truck. Seriously...I did all the steps right, I'm a nice person, attractive, verified myself...nothing but talk, promises and not to mention the worst part---their ongoing bragging about what they own or have purchased. Too bad all their money can't buy them any manners.
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    sugarplumFebruary 12th, 2010

    Just average

    One thing I must say here ... I was on the site for a long time and met some nice guys but beware the huge salary requirement for the 'sugardaddy' is not vetted and there are guys on there who are not genuine unfortunately ... one guy was saying he was a millionnaire and a friend of mine who was on there got a PI on him and he was a car salesman .. so beware and be very very careful - it was she who was wealthy so he was a con man and did not live at the address he said he lived in in fact he was miles away and nothing was true about him either...
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    Susan_1699January 23rd, 2010


    I signed up with Suggardaddie Uk for 1 month back in September 2009. I didn't pay full membership straight away, I would like to see how many member interested in me before I am being parted with my money. By the time my profile and pictures approved, many men hot listed me, I even received a few mails. As soon as I paid my membership, I sent thank you message to every single person who hot listed me. Guess what, not one single of them have the decency to write back to me. The mails I received are mainly just sexist remark or just plain Hi. Almost all of them couldn't be bothered to open my replies until my membership almost end.

    One man made regular contact with me and we decided to meet up for drinks. When he turned up at designated venue, I was surprised to learn that he was driving. I'd thought that any men on Suggardaddie can afford to pay taxi fare. All evening he drank two pints of Shandy, kept on and on about how many famous people he had met in his business, which is ailing due to credit crunch. In so much details he told me that what he need is someone to put some money into his business and asked me if I am interested. I might have been naive enough to be parted with £24.99 to pay Sugardaddie membership, but I am not that stupid. I never heard from him again and he ignored me on line. Few days before my membership ended, I have received more hot list, in fact quite over the top. I didn't renew my membership, instead I signed up using different name and the same thing happening again. All in all Sugardaddie UK is not worth to waste your time on. I recognized many members which listed as new members, which in fact they have been there ever since I was browsing three years ago, is not quite right.

    winter2010February 27th, 2010


    Replied to Susan_1699 @Susan I think you must have been unlucky if I may say, as I did join SD site just for a month and have had polite responses. I met one guy not long ago and perhaps we will meet up again we'll see.. so it's not all bad, believe in fate ? goodluck!

    MaxineOctober 7th, 2010


    Replied to winter2010 @winter2010 I have met loads of them. I'm writing a book on dating, I have slept with none of them and they are all exactly the same in the UK and abroad on here expect exactly what the site says someone who just wants sex and no strings and as far as nice dinners are concerned or being spoiled or treated most are poorer than me. I'm an ex model I have an IQ of 167 and I have my own business I had hundreds of requests over my year with them but not one who didn't get crude within 48 hours of contact. Yes there are a few with money but those are weirdest with the crudest comments or hidden wives or girlfriends some with many on the go on the site. There are so many women to men it gives the men a field to play in to sleep around.

    I have been on the site over a year and I find it's just full of men who want a good time no strings attached and lots of married men register as for the sugardaddie bit mostly they are people on under $50,000 a year and they don't add new members very often now so it's always the same trawlers online.

    Cheryl_4105August 2nd, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to Maxine @Bella. Thanks for relating your experience with the site. It's good to know that no information is verified, and most of the men have no money. I'm a far cry from having Oprah's money, but I would like to meet a man who makes more money than I do. Very helpful info. @Maxine
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    JennaJanuary 10th, 2010


    So, I ended up using the site and it was lovely. I found tons of willing guys. And let's see, 6 months later I went from a Honda Civic to a Lexus, I live in a 300,000 condo and my college is paid for :) I am very pleased. I have 3 sugar daddies. One for shopping, one for rent and car note, and one for college. So, I'm veryyy pleased, not to mention trips to france, italy, africa, and asia. It is really grand!
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    LarryOctober 28th, 2009

    Above average

    Can someone explain how it is determined what the arrangement will be between SD and SB, so as to avoid misunderstanding, and that each's responsibility of the deal is understood? The mechanism?
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    Lisa_1455October 24th, 2009


    I love this site. I have been on only a week and have met so many interesting men who have the resources to do exciting things. When you go on this site it is already understood... of what both parties expect. If you don't want it, then do go on it. I love it!
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    SugardaddieSeptember 1st, 2009


    Sugardaddie is a fantastic site to meet successful beautiful women online. I agree with your comments, Why join a regular site? When you can sign up to a Millionaire Dating site instead. It just took a few minutes to register and within a few clicks, I had some hot dates lined up with beautiful women online. Another awesome place to meet beautiful women online visit

    Good Luck..!
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    RonniAugust 29th, 2009


    I've tried this site,,,, and (not all at once!!) and had terrible experiences. I've been told that I look like Debra Messing from "Will & Grace" with a hotter body, so I know it's not my looks. Everyone knows that guys only look at the pretty pics. They don't really read the profiles. The guys that I got a response from just wanted to email back and forth or get "special" pics. When I brought up exchanging phone numbers, the men ceased to exist. Hey, I know they are married. Don't they have work phones?? The couple of guys that I did actually meet wanted a "test drive"! Shouldn't they be on for that??!! I think it would serve the masses better if there was a site called To all the ladies that have had great experiences on these site, kudos!!
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    sugarsweetJuly 21st, 2009

    Just average

    I found that, while the premise itself is a great idea, that the site lacks many of the other wonderful qualities of some of the other dating sites for influential men and the woman that enjoy them.

    They do no verification at all of a man's photo. I had one man tell me he was a little overweight, when I flew across the country to meet with him I found that instead of being a little overweight, he was in approx the 450 pound range. They do not verify their incomes; they do not verify work, or anything for that matter, as compared to sites such as Wealthy Men, Seeking Arrangement or Millionaire Match. I had one gentleman that contacted me, brought up what would be a suitable arrangement, and when I did end up doing an IP reversal with a satellite imagery display found that this man was living in a trailer. Not all of us "sugar babes" are as uninformed or as stupid as some of these gents think we might be.

    I also think that the site should enforce that it strictly be a SD/SB dating site and that those seeking marriage should not be part of the site as many of the ladies that I spoke with complained of receiving emails from some of the members calling them whores, that they should pray to God for forgiveness and that their parents would be contacted and told what they are doing. The women did report the abuse to the web site and yet the gentleman's profile was not removed even though they were reported for being abusive.

    The idea behind the site is wonderful, but in this day and age, with the verification now being done on other sites, it is a shame that this site is not doing the same thing and is behind the current curve of some sort of verification so that the woman on the site has some assurances as to the realness of the gentlemen.
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    Susan_1118July 1st, 2009


    When I first discovered the site I was very excited. I loved the concept of such complete honesty for both parties involved. No reasons for lies or deceptions between either party. I was on the site for several months, and dated several different men when I started noticing a trend. I thought maybe it was just me that was noticing this particular disturbing characteristic of the men on the site so I contacted many other different ladies only to discover that they had also noticed it. The majority of the men on this site are arrogant, emotionally disturbed, and in general very abusive. They seem to think that because they are spending money on someone that it automatically gives them the right to treat their "sugar babes" in degrading, abusive manners that are incredibly cruel. They tend to think that because the ladies are being "spoiled" that then they can just basically treat them like dirt.

    They seem to forget that the life of the sugar babe is not all fun and games and shopping and trips and that the life of the sugar babe life is a very lonely one, when he goes home to his wife that the sugar babe is alone. That all of those Friday nights and holidays alone are very hard. That having someone in their life that they cannot really share their life with fully is very hard on the sugar babe, which is one of the reasons that the sugar baby is being taken care of so well. They forget this and instead choose to think it means that they can emotionally abuse and batter their sugar babes. Maybe that is part of the problem. They look at their sugar babes as sugar babes instead of being their mistress. There is a difference between the two. I have been a mistress to wealthy men most of my life, and I can honestly say that the majority of the men on this site do not have the emotional maturity to understand what it truly means to have a mistress. I do not recommend this site at all for finding men of quality and that is too bad because the concept behind it is quite refreshing. 3.41 98 A review of A dating site for those seeking sugar daddy/sugar babe types of relationships. aims to connect high earners, millionaires, and successful business people with those who want to meet them.