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  • Avatar

    hahaSeptember 13th, 2011


    Hello there, a cool, energetic young girl looking for someone to treat me like the princess I am. I love to cook, shop, internet surf, and swim. I don't mind watching a football game or boxing match every now and then. I am into fashi.
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    ihategolddiggersJuly 14th, 2011


    You dumb bitch, i"m lonely when i'm not with my married man during the day....get a life and a job and STFU!!!!
  • Avatar

    BossJuly 13th, 2011


    Jesus are you serious, can't believe the amount of gold diggers there are. How bout getting an education, or better yet, Try getting a job...
  • Avatar

    elenaJuly 9th, 2011


    Hi I am Romanian, 27 year old size 8 long black hair girl and I am looking for romantic man to look after me to go with him in holiday, to have nice time together, to treat me like princess and to help me with money. Thank you.
  • Avatar

    sehaaJuly 3rd, 2011

    Above average

    All i want is to live in happiness with wealth and love. looking for a man.
  • Avatar

    genaJune 28th, 2011

    Above average

    I am looking for a wealthy man that take pride in treating a real woman as myself should be treated. i love to travel try new exciting things shopping, versace, gucci, cars, looking good and wine and dinning with a wealthy handsome companion. i am a beautiful caramel skin woman, i am plump in the right places. i am proud to say i am a size 16 and very sexy, i am interested and open to all race as long as you are a gentleman if you are interested then leave a message or get at me on my email..muah!
  • Avatar

    AkinomFJune 23rd, 2011


    Hi, I really don't know what is wrong with this site. Account activation s--ks. I have been invited to activate an account with 3 different e-mail addresses. Always get "Sorry account could not be activated. What gives?
  • Avatar

    sadlyJune 22nd, 2011


    Hey i am also looking for a man not just for the money but living with me could trust me for anything and not to hurt me... i am not finished studying yet because of the financial problems. But don't ask me to go back to school coz i don't like.. I'm not a gold digger all i want is stable life where I can provide food three times a day. I also love to help my parents their financials and anything that i could give. Don't worry i grew up with fear of god. I'm tired of working now I'm 23. I started to work at ages 12 as a maid, waitress, and factory working. And i also used to go to Japan so that could earn money not just for me but for my parents. They grow and get old at hard of life. I also want them to experience the comfort. That's all i want, I hope god would hear me....
  • Avatar

    ADCJune 5th, 2011

    Just average

    Hello my name is Dawn i am 22 and i have never thought of spending anyone's money but my own until i lost my place & my job and now i am broke student studying Medical Assistance. I am fun loving open minded, i enjoy being treated like a queen. I love the night life and i really don't know what else to say? I'm 5"1 105lbs? lol I never would of thought in a million years i would try & find a "sugardaddie" but i watched Tyra Banks one day & now here i am months & months later. If any of this sparks an interest email me i guess?
  • Avatar

    JamesAdkinsMay 29th, 2011


    Wow! What a bunch of gold diggers! I work hard for my money, I don't need no woman to spend it for me. Get an education and earn your own money if y'all want to be wine and dined. Imma call all of you hoes cause that's basically what you are, no shame whatsoever.

    Valerie_5005March 21st, 2012


    Replied to JamesAdkins @James Adkins Ignorant piece of trash, I am a hard working woman and live in luxury on my own without a man. However, being wined and dined does not make any woman a "hoe." Women like the attention. You are probably a lonely, depressed sad excuse for a man. Good luck in the dating scene, and obviously your thoughts on women are completely disgusting.. 3.44 107 A review of A dating site for anyone seeking sugar daddy/sugar babe types of relationships. connects high earners, millionaires, and successful business people with those who want to meet them.