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A dating site for those seeking sugar daddy/sugar babe types of relationships. aims to connect high earners, millionaires, and successful business people with those who want to meet them.

It's about the stereotypical "sugar daddy" relationship; an older wealthy, gentleman dating a young beautiful woman.

The site accepts Sugar Daddies (male) and Sugar Babes (female) from anywhere but most are in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Established in 2002, they profess to be a high quality site for well-off men to meet beautiful women. Visitor demographics show that female members outnumber men by around 2 to 1.

For men at least, paid membership is required to do anything but sit and look pretty.

The Experience

First you will need to make it through the set-up, the buzz kill of profiles being limited to one person only (where does that leave anyone with fantasies about twins?), and the fact that a paid membership is required to do anything but sit and look pretty.

If you are still interested, and armed with a credit card to pay your membership fees, you will enter a world in which about 2000 potential Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes are active on the site at any given time.

At least 75% of the profiles come with accompanying pictures (although members are limited to 3 pictures in total) and the site is feature-light enough to be extremely easy to maneuver. In fact there really isn't much to see or do other than wander through profiles and focus on connecting with that potential someone special.

The distinct groups on Sugardaddie are :

  • Female sugar babes (the biggest group)
  • Male sugar daddies
  • Female sugar moms (low numbers)
  • Boy sugar babes (again, very low numbers)

The Sign-Up

Sign up seems simple enough: answer if you're male or female, if you're looking for a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe relationship or something else, and fill in an “about me” section. There are even some suggestions for writing a successful introduction that includes your favorite holiday destination, what you do for a living, and what your hobbies are.

The catch is that if you don't include enough of the suggestions in your writing that your profile will be denied. Not only will it be denied, but your account will also be erased, all without a single email sent to you saying so. You will find out when you innocently go to log in and your username and password just mysteriously stops working (or at least that's been my experience).

So, fill in as many hobbies and dinner entrees as possible, it will save on headaches and having to scrape up a different email address to sign up twice.

Beware that if you don't include enough of the suggestions in your writing that your profile will be denied.

After you've included the entire table of your dream dinner in your description (hoping that your potential dream match doesn't read it assume you're more interested in food than them), all you have to do is hit submit and wait. Profiles are approved (or not) within 24 hours.

Memberships defines a Sugar Daddy/Babe relationship as a “close, yet non committed relationship with an affluent man who is a mentor/benefactor or friend to a woman.” If that sounds like something worthy of paying for a membership, then read on:
With a free membership you can log in, create your profile, read online dating tips, add people to your “hot list” (assuming that you think they are hot), and search for matches.

To do more, mainly message others or read messages sent from others, you will need to pay your choice of one month for $29.99 or multiple months for a discount.

On the upside they promise that there is no automatic renewal, and that the only way you will be billed again is if you are so in love with the site that you ask them to charge you once more.


Before even becoming a member you can peruse its profile directory to see if there is anyone worth all of that hard work of typing away to create a profile of your own. Of course, if you would like to click on an interesting profile to explore it further you will have to log in first.

There is a basic search available to all members that will allow you to look for a potential Sugar Daddy or Babe by utilizing the criteria of location, ethnicity, age, body type, height, hair color, if they have a photo, and if they smoke or drink.

There is the “reverse hotlist” to see who has placed you on their hotlist.

If you see someone you like, click the “hot button” on their profile to add them to your hot list. In addition there is the “reverse hotlist” to see who has placed you on their hotlist, a listing of the newest members, and a place to save your favorite searches.

The Bottom Line... caters to those seeking the stereotypical "sugar daddy" relationship; namely an older wealthy, gentleman dating a young beautiful woman. Those who fully understand this concept are most likely to find success. The site itself is easy to use and offers an open and transparent pricing plan.

On the downside, they don't offer a profile validation service, so you have no idea if that person really does make $1 million dollars. In addition some sections do appear to be a badly maintained and low budget, yet it still has a ton of activity. How can that many members all be wrong?

By Tara Miller

The good

  • is one of the longest-established and most popular sites within this category
  • It has a simple, yet functional layout without too many "bells and whistles" - ideal for those who are busy
  • No nasty surprises with auto-renewals - the site doesn't re-bill you unless you want them to

The bad

  • There are no verification of details such as photos, identity or income - you have to trust anything you read at face value
  • A plus for men, but a minus for the ladies - women outnumber men by around 2 to 1
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  • Avatar

    MichelleMNovember 30th, 2016


    sugar daddie= sex addicts, losers, sketch bags, liars, and bums.
    =a strip club :) :) :)

    There are no short cuts in life.
    A women's beauty is worth too much.
  • Avatar

    EshaNovember 9th, 2016


    This is funny! Money is the surces of all Eveil Yet every one needs it! Quite difficult to get get somethings yet we can do without it! I need Money too! I mean cool cash.....
  • Avatar

    lissyNovember 1st, 2016


    i need a GOD fearing man hum understand the meaning of you love ..........enjoy yourself..... and please note i am not here for joke i mean every beat of my words ....
    and if you are interested in my proposal...
  • Avatar

    DanaIOMay 9th, 2013

    Just average

    Well, I know there are sites for everything but it doesn't sounds very romantic or even honest to look for a date or to meet people trying to be based on the fact that they have money.
  • Avatar

    Jake7May 6th, 2013

    Below average

    I don't know but this site sounds a little boring for my taste, it reminds me of those clubs where they don' let you in easily and that is not something I like. I was really disappointed when I read they could take you out and not let you know and then you would try to sign in and fail. I guess there should be another site for me.

    KatyPointMay 15th, 2013


    Replied to Jake7 I don' think is boring, I think it is actually a horrible site, how ca they allow this? I mean, girls get a job!!! People are only looking for someone to give them things and they don´t mind being used for sex as long as guys buy them things, that is repulsive!!!
  • Avatar

    omgltwrfFebruary 23rd, 2012

    Above average's funny how a guy can say that no man will pay for sex...If you're financially stable and you take your girlfriend out to eat and wine and dine her etc... etc... then if what you say is true about not paying for sex then why not try to date a girl that will not have sex with you at all. Get a girl who will not have sex with you until you get married.. even then your trading (supposedly) and your time and devotion for a woman who will take care of your home, kids, and to have sex with! Now you're not literally just handing out cash.. but you are taking care of the bills etc.. If you're a good man who knows how to take care of his family. These days guys like that are scarce.. Now men want to date a girl who will have sex and expect nothing from him. Guys even expect sex from their girls and also expect them to keep up with the housework, bills, and nights out.
  • Avatar

    Missy_4750January 10th, 2012


    hi i am a 22 year old, single mother of one. i am looking for someone to do fun things with and have a laugh with. also someone who will possibly help me with my financial needs aswell. but mostly someone i can connect with and relate to and have fun with. If you think you would like to talk. more will be revieled about myself when contact is made =) i guarantee you wont regret making contact ;)
  • Avatar

    JulianaNovember 20th, 2011

    Above average

    I'm lonely at early 40. Looking for a guy to be companion. I am very loving romantic and very understanding. Love to be pampered.
  • Avatar

    AdriaNNEOctober 28th, 2011


    I do not think I could or would think of myself as a sugar baby. I am not a sugar baby I am an attractive black female 5ft 125 32DD (no Implants) 43! Have a 21 yr old daughter living her life and I am on my own. I want conversation, fun travel love to look beautiful always be can also look just as cute in PJs. Love movies and love to treat my guy like he is the only man on earth whether he is with me or not. I have a great sense of humor. Haven't been married in over 20 something yrs. Took care of a sick mom now and a single mom with no child support for 21 yrs. Time for me and the lucky guy that gets me. Not jaded, not one of those women that hate the way they look, hate men etc... I adore men and everything that comes with them. Seriously I am not a gold digger. I did well all by myself now I just want someone to spoil me. I am really considered an above average looking female.
  • Avatar

    KatyafilipinaOctober 15th, 2011


    I'm not a gold digger, just looking for a kind person. My name is katya, Filipina mother of two here in US. I resigned as a housekeeper in a assisted living to work at thunder valley casino, Lincoln CA. Now, trying to come up with 1 G for the down payment for a car that I can drive to work. I can work for you. Cleaning or anything just to come up with the money. 3.41 98 A review of A dating site for those seeking sugar daddy/sugar babe types of relationships. aims to connect high earners, millionaires, and successful business people with those who want to meet them.