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    DonNorrisNovember 10th, 2010


    Please stay away from I signed up for a one month subscription, and they billed me for 12 months! I've tried many other sites, and never signed up for more than one month. Their customer service is a joke! Don't let them scam you!
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    SarahClayOctober 14th, 2010

    Below average

    This site might be a scam now ... but it really wasn't two years ago. I didn't have to pay a dime to view anything! I'm a junior going to college in Texas. I met my current boyfriend on Speeddate -- i originally got on just to goof around and talk to some random people who lived near me. I randomly got a fb message from a guy I didn't recognize and was super hesitant to even respond. But i'm glad I did! They did try to scam you before though because my boyfriend told me i was a "premium member" so thankfully he could find me via username on Facebook, or else he wouldn't have been able to contact me.

    We've been together for 2 years now and holding strong ... it's kind of amazing what comes out of such a stupid website-- what used to be used as a random site to meet people turned into a SCAM. It's kind of a shame.
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    scamcityAugust 21st, 2010


    This is the second site I've seen with the same bulls%$t. I paid the 99 cents to see what you get, they make it seem like you can email. All you get is to send 1 message. If these people aren't even real, I would not be surprised. I sent one to one person, then tried to send another to the same person a couple of hours later, and then they want you to subscribe for minimum $30. Less per month if you really WANT 1 year..The other site I tried, there were 2 different girls, 1 in 1 location, another about 20 miles away, and they try to seem like they are coding their email to you because of the rules, and they instantly delete the profile. With the 2 in different locations, they had the SAME EXACT email address. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?I left a profile open in 1 window, opened another window and as fast as I could click send to send the email then click over to the profile, the profile was deleted. It was on Adult Friend Finder. Is it possible to give a ZERO rating???
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    irritatedMay 24th, 2010


    Update... I just recently received this in my email.

    "Your SpeedDate order is incomplete". We noticed that you did not complete your order for a SpeedDate Premium Membership, and we wanted to do everything we can to help, including offering you 20% off. To complete your order in two minutes or less, just visit our one-page, simple order form:"

    So now they are trying to make me believe that I wanted to subscribe to their website!?!? I don't freaking think so!! Speeddate needs to be shut down! I wish there was some kind of legal system that would crack down on scam sites like speeddate!

    MrFedUpAugust 3rd, 2010


    Replied to irritated @irritated i totally agree! The site has a bunch of snooty bitches who thinks everybody is latino or caucasion and 6ft tall! My money? No fu@k!7g way man!
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    irritatedMay 14th, 2010


    STAY AWAY from speed date! All the women that have contacted me have been registered and very attractive model like women. Thus in order for me to contact them I would have to pay the websites very expensive fee! The only free part of the site is winking, and browsing, and the odd caming. I've been on this site for several months and every time I log on there is less and less that I can do.

    Also when you are online to speed date don't be surprised if the lady that you cam with gives you a url to go to see her. I've reported these women and they are STILL on the site!

    Speed date is a fraudulent scam site to be very much avoided!!
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    Angela_1709January 25th, 2010


    Thanks for the review! I was thinking about signing up on Speeddate, but now I don't think I will.

    CaraDecember 29th, 2010


    Replied to Angela_1709 @Angela I just stumbled across it but same here!
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    jasnyDecember 14th, 2009

    Useless is a terrible site! I receive several communications a day from users on the site, but it turns out that 90% or more of them are African scammers! And when I browse members that match my criteria, more than 50% are African or Russian scammers! When I report them to Speeddate I always get a popup that says how important my communication is, how seriously they take such reports and how they will make every effort to investigate and delete members that violate the Terms of Use. However, even the most OBVIOUS of these fraudulent profiles remain active for weeks or even months after I have reported them. Stay away from
  • Avatar

    ELROVNovember 26th, 2009


    Site is clearly bogus. Fake profiles with attractive people that bait, then switch to the reality: pure fugly orks that are looking for people to eat. 1.46 53 A review of At you get to see and chat with your date online for 5-minutes and figure out whether or not they are right for you. If there's chemistry, you click yes at the end to indicate you'd like to take things further.