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    MrUnhappyApril 6th, 2011


    Hands down the worst site I have ever used for dating!! Even after I decided to spend a few bucks to give it a try I couldn't access all of the features of the site without paying more. Wanna see who's viewed you? More money please. Wanna see who favorited you? More money please. Wanna see who likes you? More money please. Total rip off site! Furthermore, speeddate drops you into dating sessions with people so far away you'd never be able to have a relationship with them without serious commitment to travel. Ridiculous! Finding local people was just awful. Avoid this site like a bad rash.
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    JohnGregMarch 22nd, 2011

    Useless is a total rip-off. Do not join this site. They have no customer service at all. All their subscriptions are auto-renewal, they don't tell you that when you sign up. Even after I paid the subscription fee I was still unable to use the service. Every time I tried I got a pop-up window telling me I needed to upgrade my subscription. I sent them an email and got no response. There is no way to contact these people.
  • Avatar

    LloydMarch 5th, 2011


    This site is not functioning properly. What a disaster it is. I paid the money for good service and i get nothing. No one has even read my email. Can't always get one to show sent. I expect service or a refund of my money... I did chat with a couple of ladies. That seems to be all one can do with this site. They were complaining as well. I have asked many to respond to me so I know my mail is being received. Not one email even shows it had been read. Very hard to believe. How about keeping your subscribers happy and seeing to it that this site works properly, or you may be out of business.
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    steve_3334February 6th, 2011


    I have learned to check out reviews before signing up on these scam sites. I looked at it and totally agree that this site is a full rip off and gets no respect at all from me. I will not be signing up on this one and will tell all my friends in address book to never sign up on it or get off quick!
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    Mimi_3305January 30th, 2011


    A total scam! Ripped off for almost $200. They can quickly take your money but there no one to handle your complaints. " They're busy. May not get back to you for 72 or more hours!! Meanwhile the 3 day cancellation clock ticks away. A total rip off! Send to all your single friends. Let them know their social networking works both ways!! I'll be contacting better business right away! Shut down this site! Note --you have to clock a star to submit. This site isn't even worth a star!
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    RippJanuary 27th, 2011


    If you don't look this kinda thing up, yeah, you would get taken for a ride. Glad I did!
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    SincerelyyoursJanuary 13th, 2011

    Below average

    This site is fun but not worth the money. I met ONE person out of thousands that I got in touch with and we email back and forth...not on the dating site, mind you. I did pay the subscription because of him, but it was kind of comical how after I paid for the month there were so many less notifications and less contacts. Not a big deal, but that's $40 I spent for one month! I read a previous post on this site how the person got charged even after the one month commitment. You do have to pay attention to when you pay for it and when the subscription is supposed to end. Be mindful and cancel before the month is over. These kinds of sites will prey on people who don't pay attention. I'm happy emailing with the person I met and I'm paying attention to when my subscription will end; not to be charged after that. I had more fun on this site without a paid subscription than after. Say what you can in 5 minutes and you're golden.
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    NotImpressedAtAllJanuary 7th, 2011

    Useless is a total scam - I'm sorry but I checked out this website per the recommendation of a friend; I was completely disgusted with the way they run it. The idea of a speed date and having them come up automatically is great, but having to pay to interact? And getting rejection messages because you don't want to pay $100+ to find "love"? Ridiculous. There are better sites out there that are free: (excellent site - met my current boyfriend there: for free), and (again free). just isn't worth it, not to mention, it's full of superficial guys on webcams looking to nut over your photos while you talk them through their fantasy.
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    EddieWJanuary 4th, 2011


    Yea, speed date would be fine if their site worked, absolutely horrible. They must be using card board for servers, unbelievable it should be free until they fix it. Don't waste your money!
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    ScammedDecember 14th, 2010

    Useless is a scam. You give your credit card information $0.99/month identity verification, and it comes back and tells you that you just subscribed for 12-month $191 subscription, and by the way no refunds. Customer service does not budge from the no refunds policy. I've had to get the Better Business Bureau of San Francisco and my bank involved.

    darinJuly 8th, 2011


    Replied to Scammed @Scammed I stumbled onto it also, but what about these charges! The dates are farther and farther away. 1.46 53 A review of At you get to see and chat with your date online for 5-minutes and figure out whether or not they are right for you. If there's chemistry, you click yes at the end to indicate you'd like to take things further.