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No gender bias is the flagship site of Spark Networks, the dating company that launched and a number of other dating sites. Spark has a simple compatibility test, similar to eHarmony, which members can take for free. is a standard spot for online daters to meet. They say they are for people living in the United States, though members of other countries can also join. The layout looks a bit tired but it does do the basic job.

How to Get Going

Creating a profile is free. The profiles are in depth and will take a few minutes to fill out. Relevant information is included, so you will also see these details on other people's profiles. You can browse through the members on the site before you create your own, but only a limited amount of information is visible.

Once you fill in the personality section you'll be giving your own color code.

Color Coded Personality

Once you register, you can get all of a person's vitals, as well as what type of match they are looking for. Free memberships can upload up to four pictures, and are credited with 30 virtual flirts. However, sending or receiving email requires payment. Members who pay subscription fees have access to many more features and can upload unlimited pictures. Some of their site features include chat rooms and message boards.

If you fill in the personality section you'll be giving your own color code - it's a kind of personality box that helps them find people like you. It's a bit like eHarmony's test only much simpler.

Speed Dating Events

If browsing online profiles isn't for you, also arranges speed dating events where you can meet face to face with other members. Speed dating sessions are fast and fun and you can meet a number of different people, and determine there and then whether you have the right “chemistry”.

Suggested Matches

Spark has a few other useful tools to help you mingle and get to know prospective mates. Firstly, the basic search tool will help you to locate singles near to you at the click of a button.

Suggested matches, according to your profile settings can also be reached from the menu. There's no advanced search tool at present, however the site does offer an online dating toolbar, which you can install on your browser, and keep up to date with your emails on the site and receive notification of new instant messages.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    Laura6914March 30th, 2011


    I met two Scammers on Spark.Com's Dating web site. The way it starts is they send you a flirt, then you reply to it and you are in their grip. The the man tells you his yahoo email address and asks you to add them to your chat. I never had a yahoo chat before. He said it is real easy. When you get on the chat they tell you that they will delete their Dating profile and ask you to do the same so they can have you in their full control. Then he sends you poetry. Asks you what kind of gift would you like? He is a jewellery maker, and wants to make you a Promise ring. He tells you that he loves you. Then he has to leave and go sell his father's land in Africa. He takes his laptop with him and keeps in contact with you. While he was at the Lawyers office his motel where he stayed was robbed by robbers! Oh my! He has no money or credit card, and they took his laptop. He is using the computer in the lobby. He has to leave the motel and has no money for another place to stay and no money for food? Could I send him some money?

    I knew he was a scam. I was educated about scams when I felt one coming on. I went to web sites that told me how to spot one. He had a Scammers profile. I just wanted to see how he played the game. I told him I had no money. Then he said his investor could only send money to the States. Could I open an equity account so his Lawyer could send the investors money? He sent me a form that wanted my bank account number. Then the limit on the account, and even my social number. I told him no. Then he asked me could I send him $100. By western union so he could have a place to sleep and food to eat. I told him no, I couldn't afford to send him any money. I had to delete him from my Yahoo account, and he even messaged me on Face book! I reported that to Spark.
  • Avatar

    JushawaDavisSeptember 9th, 2010


    If you want to be introduced by Scammers such as Nigerian, this is the best web site I have come across so far. Most of the people that I have come across are basically located in West Africa and they also claim to have second home in United States. Oh! The pictures of females they use are outstanding, If you really want to waste your hard earned dollar, join this web site for fun ...not to meet a serious relationship.
  • Avatar

    WarrenOwensJuly 7th, 2010


    Horrible site! Was a member for 3 days and site was blocked because I did not have a photo! Had just moved and didn't have access to a new photo to apply. Was told by customer service to go buy a camera, develop a picture, post. Not the "nice" help you would expect. I will let everyone know what I think.

    UnsatisfiedJuly 21st, 2010


    Replied to WarrenOwens @Warren Owens I had a very very similar experience. This place is HORRIBLE. They suspended my account, and refused to unsuspended but will not refund my money. Customer Reviews

Add your review 1 6 A review of is the flagship site of Spark Networks, the dating company that launched and a number of other dating sites. Spark has a simple compatibility test, similar to eHarmony, which members can take for free.