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    sjAugust 10th, 2010


    This site is a scam. After payment one, it kept asking to upgrade and would not allow me to view candidates. I had to call my credit card company and let them know about this. Lucky for me, they called me and closed my card account until further notice from card holder. Don't trust this site and others.
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    Lisa_2402July 25th, 2010

    Below average

    Thank you all so much! you are very helpful. I was a nanosecond away from subscribing! I am so glad i found this site and all of you!. i almost wasted my money (possibly more). Thank you! See ya!
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    SherylJune 6th, 2010


    Although there are some real people on this site, it has way too many scammers. I think people need to be verified.
  • Avatar

    SherylJune 6th, 2010


    I agree all with what is said. I joined the site a few days ago and had a lot of guys messaged me. We talked via my personal email. They never got around to asking for money because i ended all conversations when i talked to this guy and he said he lived in Texas but was in Africa working on bridges and the same day (i think it was the same guy that had just changed pictures and changed his profile up a bit and contacted me) we talked and just so happened he was also in Africa working on bridges. One of them supposedly lived in Texas and the other Florida. Their names were ashley cole (divined2be4dzion) and johncarter (johncarter099). Please beware of the site. Some people are truly real but others are totally fake.
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    silJune 4th, 2010


    I joined membership and found they charged me more than was stated...I was also put on auto renewal. .. People would not reply and when i sent an email stating my suspicion, the web site immediately sent me a picture of a gorgeous girl saying she was for real and lives in Africa????? Scam total scam!!! So do not give out any info.
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    BrendaApril 7th, 2009


    I would like to cancel this and cannot figure out how! They changed the site a few months ago and it sucks. Also had a guy from Nigeria contact me asking for money. Another one did the same thing last week. They all say they are widowed and prey on your sympathy.

    KrunchyMay 20th, 2010


    Replied to Brenda @Brenda I second the motion for that Brenda. I got the same experience on this site and I would like to cancel because almost the guys here are inventing too much identities to fool women like they are to Africa and asking help..Sending different pictures and giving different username but the same guy and when I mentioned about Africa they just disappear. This is completely a Scam mode of operation. Someone has to do something about this. I need my money back 'coz i just wasted my time for nothing. Just a concerned member. Krunchy

    Ann_2150May 24th, 2010


    Replied to Krunchy @Krunchy What was the username that was contacting you saying he was widowed and needing money to help him in Africa? Was it Heavensent? Scorpiolove45? And the fact that this thing is making me rate that stupid makes me sick.
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    JennyMarch 26th, 2009


    I would not recommend any one who is looking for a serious relationship to go to this site. Two reasons: To join, the webpage I went to stated that a special monthly fee as of 3/26/09 is $14.95 but after I entered my pay information, the fee turned into $18.90 and the transaction was complete already. No way for you to change. The other reason is that it appears many spies are there sending you fake messages. I feel like it's a spam site.
SingleParentMeet 1.49 31 A review of SingleParentMeet. Single Parent Meet is a dating and social network for lone parents. The site has around 77,000 active users. Members have access to email, live chat, photo browsing, and photo rating.