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    ManjulaFebruary 12th, 2010


    Hey you are right. Good job.I just saw some stuff on the yahoo answers also. Is this really true about this man doctor or man eater.
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    Nisha_1750February 8th, 2010


    I had a profile on I just want everyone to be aware of a doctor who is lurking on this website. He comes under different identities or profile ids. He is a paid member. He will not tell you anything about himself. Seems he is into Palliative care. He targets people outside his own city. He is very dangerous. Please beware. He is already married, had kids and is a very smooth talker. I saved myself in nick of time. Please be very careful. Before starting anything close contact enquire everything about any profile thoroughly. Family, friends. Don't feel shy to ask questions. If they shy away means something very fishy. Enquiries please contact nishadix at I have been so emotionally disturbed by this man. I hope his game ends soon. Always trust your gut feeling.
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    anamikaJanuary 15th, 2010


    I would not advocate this site to anyone. There are fraudsters on this site and does nothing to screen them. I was interacting with a member (arc_of_the_rainbow) and found to my shock that the fellow had lied. He had a five year old child and he had mentioned that he has no children on the profile. I brought it to the notice of but instead of taking any action in spite of my providing them with the guy's phone no and work information so that they can verify and cross check.. they just kept telling me they are looking in to it. While all the while they allowed the member to keep his profile online and continue duping other girls. I guess, since he was a paid member, they just didn't want to lose the revenue otherwise it beats me how they are unable to find out such a simple fact, when an ordinary girl like me could find out.

    I am thoroughly disgusted with them.

    bavasJune 6th, 2013

    Just average

    Replied to anamika To anamika. Please get in touch. I am considered a very beautiful woman ; I do not know; how so many married men with kids lie they want marriage; when they have a spouse and kids. they are just fraudsters. I have reported it to they do not do anything it appears as their profiles are still there.

    NishaFebruary 6th, 2010


    Replied to anamika @anamika Me too Anamika. I have been also frauded by a man who is already married and has kids. I would like to get in touch with you. Please contact me. This is crazy what is not being responsible. 2.3 30 A review of Shaadi is one of the longest running and most active Indian matrimonial sites in existence. With nearly 2 million members, they are responsible for numerous engagements and marriages across the world.