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  • Avatar

    SuckeredDecember 28th, 2010


    Cr@p. I just signed up to this. Basically I started wondering am I emailing site admins who are replying. damn, I feel like a total idiot!!!!
  • Avatar

    BigLadOctober 27th, 2010


    It does seem to be a con - when you join as a free member, lots and lots of women send you emails, but you can't read them. If you then pay, in order to read them, you will find that the mails are not genuine. For the rest of your membership, women will not send you unsolicited emails, but once the membership has run out, the emails start again. The site also keeps your credit card details, so it only takes one click to reactivate - I did this by mistake! Cancelling means you have to request a code, which takes one hour to come, and which must be entered within 2 days, after getting past various message cajoling/begging you to stay. They make it quite hard to leave.
  • Avatar

    leeSeptember 22nd, 2010


    Save your money, yes there are women on ere looking for "meets" BUT most are made up profiles, you get winks and winks then join fully (after being told girls in your area are trying to contact you, then nothing, believe me it's all rubbish, go out and meet people 4 real.......or sit there and waste time money and more time.......
  • Avatar

    RayJune 12th, 2010


    My advise for a man looking to meet woman from some of these sex dating sites, is don't waste your money. These sex dating sites are not genuine, and there are a lot of fake profiles and bogus members. Do your research on them before signing up. Go to google or yahoo search engine and look for reviews or comments.
  • Avatar

    SteveCropperFebruary 27th, 2010


    Agreed with the other comments; free membership is useless, except to let you see that most of the women who email you are completely bogus. They appear to be local, but when you check their comments, they are miraculously local to people all over the country. There might be some genuine women, but I'm not going to give money to people who are actively trying to defraud me; would you trust your credit card or phone number to them?
  • Avatar

    OneMoreAugust 18th, 2009


    This site has very few genuine people. Most of the girls are either fake profiles created by the admins or are cam girls trying to get credit card numbers. Unpaid access is ultimately useless unless you get off on browsing random thumbnails and nothing more. Do not get tempted to waste your money.
  • Avatar

    singlesteve69August 11th, 2009


    Whatever you do in your life - don't pay these morons anything!!!! It is the biggest con on the internet today. No real members in the database, no replies to any mail you send, no response to any of the alleged "wink " function, no tech support and no benefits whatsoever to becoming a paying member. Do not join - it is utterly pathetic.
  • Avatar

    hippnkJune 29th, 2009


    The site has been down for 2 days and counting....... I was in the middle of getting to know a few women and now I feel so frustrated......
  • Avatar

    CAdamApril 10th, 2009


    I've been a member twice, just signed up again and this time it is so obvious that there are so many false accounts on there - set up by the company which really hacks me off when you pay £60+ for 3 months. They're so poor that they even use the same photo for girls supposedly in different areas; plus they obviously target areas; there are about 2 dozen girls on there from Fort William.
Sex in the UK 1.05 21 A review of Sex in the UK. An adult dating and contact site for people in the UK. has singles, swingers and couples looking for no-strings adult fun and games.