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An adult dating and contact site for people in the UK. has singles, swingers and couples looking for no-strings adult fun and games. Just enter details about your sexual preferences (Sex CV), and see others who are compatible with you. is strictly for singles and couples looking for adult fun.

Though they claim to be for Brits, you can actually find members from around the globe. Singles and couples looking for intimate encounters have the option to find a compatible match close to home or use a few standard features such as chat or video.

To get going you just create a profile detailing your physical appearance as well as taste, preferences in a partner and what kind of fun you are looking to have. Putting up a good photo will help to get more eyes looking at your profile. This makes finding a compatible match easier.

The free standard membership gives you basic access to the site but it is very limited.


One thing to be aware of; They do advertise the option to access other partnering adult websites. There's also a chance to design your private personal blog. These personal blogs can be created with music or video profiles and whatever type of naughty or nice information members wish to display. The free standard membership gives you basic access to the site but it is very limited.

You can send flirts, SMS messages and create friends lists. However viewing full size photos isn't possible, and neither is sending emails, unless it's to a paying member, who's opted to allow free members to contact them.

Profiles contain descriptive facts and details called a sex CV, including sexual preferences, likes and dislikes, fetishes, and bedroom experiences. SexintheUK is a lively and easy to use site that will appeal to singles and couples alike looking for short-term intimate relationships, or to expand their sexual horizons.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    Jack_2620April 26th, 2012


    Very Fake site and useless. Do not fall for it they are useless people trying to scam you.
  • Avatar

    LARApril 17th, 2012


    What a painfully fake site! I hadn't even finished filling in my profile when very hot local women started messaging me! Fab! Then you find to respond t their instant message you need to pay! FAIL :0(

    When this happened to with the first message I thought I'd stop filling my profile in. If I'm a paid member and I message a non paid member I still would want them to be able to reply to me!

    Then another instant message replied! Another local woman so I tried to look at her profile. Fail have to pay to view the profile.

    Already convinced the site's fake so logged off. What's the likelihood of really hot local women contacting you quick fire, before you written your profile, added basic info like height & age and especially no photo.

    I noticed this morning I have 5 mails waiting for me (they emailed me this info) so I logged on with an expectation which was lived up to. 5 women have messaged me (including the admin) the first message subject say it will be deleted in 29 days! No pressure, read it quick! Click on read now... and again the demand for money.

    So again, if the site was genuine and you paid you wouldn't be able to receive a message from a woman you initiated contact with unless she'd paid up herself!

    Don't get suckered in!

    PS I'm glad I used a disposable email address!
  • Avatar

    Bill_4955March 9th, 2012


    Got to agree with the other posts, though i don't doubt there are some real women on the site, they are very thin on the ground. I think a big failing of all these sites - some more than others - they keep profiles of members on the site long after their memberships have lapsed, so they accumulate so many. I found the odd dead giveaway was when a woman asked for members only local to so and so, the site said they were close to me!! Automatic rebilling is also a serious problem - surely you should be asked and, as others have said, it's difficult to unsubscribe!!
  • Avatar

    ChuckNorrisDecember 18th, 2011


    What a load of ****. Am only regretting not seeing this site before I signed up for the 3 day trial. Feel like an idiot.
  • Avatar

    Peter_4532November 14th, 2011


    Do not use this site! It is a scam, you will lose money and have nothing to gain from it. I lost roughly £250 by signing up for a month. It's incredibly difficult to remove yourself from the site and if you do in fact talk to anybody you'll be talking to a scammer who will wish to speak via email, and then you will be bombarded with constant emails trying to scam you! Seriously avoid like the Plague!
  • Avatar

    Andy_3973July 1st, 2011

    Below average

    Lots of comments here, all seem negative, but I can agree with the fake people, usually girls aged 23-ish, sometimes no photo, no detailed profile but they want to drag you to a cam site. Now, serious question, some, not the apparently cam girls, go on about going to various sites to get an id for security. Is this genuine? Obvious answer is no, but I am sure a couple of these girls seem genuine. Does anyone have any comments, plus, has anybody got a result with this site?
  • Avatar

    PhantomMay 5th, 2011


    Agree with everyone here. Thought I'd signed up for four days, site was full of bots. Thought no more of it until i went on there to stop the emails and realised i was a full member and had paid £24. Big mess about to cancel too in the end i managed to cancel but i changed my bank card too so the F*(&^&S can't take any more cash off me. Stay away.

    John_4471October 27th, 2011


    Replied to Phantom @Phantom


    This site is a scam, i had the 3 day trial at £4.98, and this payment never came out but changed to £39.99. I have contacted my bank and cancelled my card. It's just unfortunate that they can still take this payment though because I have given the details. Anyway if this payment does come out i can raise a dispute with the bank. It's a pain having to cancel my card but at least i have learnt my lesson because of it.

    Very annoyed

    nervousJanuary 1st, 2012


    Replied to John_4471 @John So we must cancel the card to solve the problem? I have been defrauded of 375 pounds. I signed for a 3 days trial, what should I do now?
  • Avatar

    do_me_rightMarch 19th, 2011


    Awful awful website. You can supposedly sign up for a 3day subscription.. however what they fail to make clear is that after those 3 days it will automatically roll over to a month!! costing £24.99. Ridiculous. Women also cannot contact other women easily. A lot of fakes, a lot of losers. a waste of time and money.
  • Avatar

    H_3505March 16th, 2011


    Agree with most of the comments, this site is full of bogus members. The messages that you do receive are not from women in the uk and they always ask for your personal e mail address! Most dating sites have their fair share of bogus members but this one is the worse one I have come across so far. If you want to search genuine members you are safer joining up with a free dating site.
  • Avatar

    SITUKuserMarch 11th, 2011


    As others said you get loads of interaction on the standard membership where you cannot read emails, but once you pay up, nothing, no interaction. You email, try to chat, wink, comment as much as you like. The profiles that interact with you never show up in search and its suspicious that a profile can get a few hundred ratings not have one single comment. There is a bot of some description which makes it look like those profiles are active, but if they are, there are so many women at home or in places where they can use dodgy sites, that it stretches the truth (given a number say they are professional people!).

    A lot of the pictures are also faked, not even the same person across the pictures. They also share you details with their other sites to try to boost membership across all their sites, without telling you, but the fake profiles are original to each site (which again makes them suspicious!). I have also had emails from women telling me to get lost when I haven't even emailed them, again very suspicious. I suspect now I have cancelled my membership and card details, the contacts will start again, I will let people know. Do not pay anything for this site until they remove all the fake profiles, turn off the bots and make it a proper NSA site.
Sex in the UK 1.05 21 A review of Sex in the UK. An adult dating and contact site for people in the UK. has singles, swingers and couples looking for no-strings adult fun and games.