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This place is for mature people in their 50s, 60s and beyond who want to find companionship or romance later in life. The community is large, with around 481,000 active members. It's free to register and create a picture profile but payment is required to enable full communication with other users.

SeniorPeopleMeet is for mature singles - whether looking for romance or just companionship.

The bland appearance doesn't entice you in at all. However some friendly features such as live video chat makes getting to know others a hassle free process.

Getting In

To get started, you simply sign-up free of charge and create a profile adding your own personal details and preferences.

The registration is designed to be a simple process with multiple choice questions - during the last step you'll have an opportunity to write an "about me" section and describe your ideal partner.

After uploading a photo, the profile is considered complete and you can get on your way to finding a compatible match. There's also an option to add a video or audio introduction (though you will need to upgrade to be able to view other videos).

You'll need paid membership to access the majority of the site's features and privileges.

Photos are not compulsory however they are strongly recommended - profiles with photos almost always receive more attention than those without.

The site does not actively moderate profiles, meaning as a member you will need to remain vigilant and wary of any potential scams. The site offers a number of practical safety tips and lists "red-flags" to watch out for.

Membership Options

As a free member, you'll be able to peruse the site, view profiles, and send interest notifications. You will also receive daily matches to which you can signify your interest by clicking "yes", "no" or "maybe". Making contact by email is a premium feature and requires an upgrade.

You won't get very far without a credit card. In fact a paid membership is required to access the majority of the site's features and privileges. Paid memberships come in one, six or twelve month increments. Specials are regularly available, and usually offer perks such as profile highlighting for an extra dollar per month.

In Brief largely caters to an older demographic but invites individuals of all ages to join the site. So you might find people much younger on there.

Using the advance search option, you can locate a compatible match close to home or anywhere around the globe and in your chosen age range.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    Pat_3581June 1st, 2016


    Don't join this dating website. They are suppose to refund your money if you cancel your subscription within a three-day period. I cancelled mine within 24 hours. I emailed them once. They asked for some info & I gave it to them. I emailed them again & never heard from them. They suck!
  • Avatar

    60southernSeptember 7th, 2014


    This site does not allow you to set parameters for the matches they send you. You have to go in and reset every time you access the site. They are sending short, smokers continually to my email address so I can contact them. This is not what I'm looking for, and I've told them quite often to fix the problem or refund my money. No refund available I guess. I'm writing here so I can save others the loss of money for no gain at all!
  • Avatar

    Rich457March 18th, 2013


    I was a member last year for a couple of months. I employed an honest, straightforward approach totally devoid of BS. And what did it get me? Absolutely nothing! I met one gal on the site, and saw her in person. She seemed receptive to a relationship (She was a nice looking gal), and I did stay in touch, but a second meeting in person never took place as she hooked up with an ex boyfriend.

    That didn't work out, as she later reappeared on the website. She played games at my expense, and also lied about her age. Another gal I met on the website was very receptive to meeting. We had established a fine on line rapport, made plans to meet for coffee and lo and behold, just before we were to meet she wound up changing her mind as she met another guy.

    One game after another, and it is total BS! Yeah, be nice, be yourself and prepare to be dumped and treated like a bloody fool! There are phony people on that website, and they belong to both genders!
  • Avatar

    Keith_5085April 20th, 2012


    My account was hacked and they shut me out of the web site and charged my credit card paid up through September even though I can't get on the site. No phone number to call anyone for answers. A big scam.

    MarionBerardicurtiMay 1st, 2012


    Replied to Keith_5085 @Keith I Have met three men on this site: one man was Greg Smith.. "Australian"-lost his parents in a car crash and came to the US, joined the army as an engineer, said he was now working for sick in India and tried to scam me to help get money through a London Bank. The next guy lied about his status. Wanted a serious relationship BUT had a wife and two teens at home.. a respectable teacher at a university but just on line for sex. The third guy LONELYKNIGHT20 from the Bronx???? Engineer, diver for major oil companies got stuck on a rig in the Arabian ocean and wanted me to open up an account in my name and ss number using my money so he could transfer $to buy "machineries" as he called it to be able to purge the inert gases embedded in the ocean floor......six weeks of lies and promises, I think he was a Nigerian sitting in a computer room scamming..He sounded French on the phone, English/French background???
  • Avatar

    AMemberApril 11th, 2012

    Below average

    Senior People Meet: Seattle Washington. This smooth talker full of s **t male login/site name: LENA12. He is "the last greatest, nice guy. . ." He will tell you his sad tales of how he divorced, that he's been so neglected. . .. . .
    He will move quickly and get right into your life then dump you with no explanation - I mean never return a call, it's just done you never hear from this low life again! Beware - he's a charmer. :twisted:
  • Avatar

    DawnRippedOffJanuary 26th, 2012


    I hope this site will publish an honest review regarding what a rip-off SeniorPeopleMeet is. They have no telephone number on their site although I was able to obtain their telephone number for their LA corporate office through the BBB. The corporate phone number for is 866/727-8920. does not have a 3 day cancellation...they do not even a same day cancellation. There is a reason. So many people dislike them. And, by the time they add their "handling fee", it will cost as much as or eHarmony and those 2 sites do have telephone numbers clearly printed on their websites as well as polite CS Reps answering their telephones.

    Please avoid or your credit card will be charged and charged and charged each month. They appeal to a lower class of senior which is the reason their website does not ask a single word about college.
  • Avatar

    MaxineTKreiderDecember 5th, 2011


    SPM used to be a good site. Now it is full of scammers and I agree with Debbie. My account has been taken over by a Latino woman named Cheryl who gives out her yahoo email as c_willie36. When I tried to correct this with SPM, I got no response. I can't even cancel my account. I know there have always been scammers on SPM but now SPM is a part of the scam. Absolutely disgusting. I have contacted or really tried to contact SPM at least 30 times since last Friday. So far no response. I made sure I badmouthed them on Facebook, scambook, Romance Scams and another site. Too bad I couldn't give a negative star rating.
  • Avatar

    RickGNovember 12th, 2011


    I have used SPM for about a year and am very happy. I have met several individuals who were sincere and great people. I have also met a few women who have lied about their age or posted photos that are 10 to 15 years old. Great way to start a relationship isn't it - tell lies to meet someone? Go figure.

    Anyway I highly recommend this site for those of us 50 to 75. You'll meet some nice people if you are not one of those few who can be fooled most or all of the time!
  • Avatar

    AnerNovember 4th, 2011

    Below average

    Sorry to hear - I am a genuine man and I was thinking about joining because of the number of profiles that seemed active. I am obviously having second thoughts. So sorry to hear of all the men scamming...
  • Avatar

    tina_4400October 8th, 2011

    Below average

    My girlfriend told me about this site as I have never joined a dating service site ever. They were running a special of $1.99 to join. Once I entered all my credit card information, I was charged a whopping $89.00. I thought this site would be interesting. I do not need to pay to meet men. I meet enough on my own. I was scammed with no live person to talk to about this. I would suggest anyone signing up for this site to get a credit card and pay cash to put 10.00 on it and use it, therefore, they cannot get more than what you have on it. I don't believe all the people they have on the site are for real. It's like those frames you purchase from a store with a family already there...this site may hire someone to just sit there and answer responses with a few "real people listed: I am sincerely angry that me, a New Yorker, got scammed.
SeniorPeopleMeet 1.73 139 A review of SeniorPeopleMeet. This place is for mature people in their 50s, 60s and beyond who want to find companionship or romance later in life. The community is large, with around 481,000 active members.