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A dating site where rich, successful men and women can form romantic connections with people who aspire to their affluent lifestyle. The site has around 7,000 members, mostly living in the United States. A free membership is available to qualifying women (and some men), while subscriptions for men start at $49.95 per month.

SeekingMillionaire pairs wealthy men or women with those who are attractive, but less well off.

Getting In

Attractive members, either female or male are offered free membership provided that they complete their profile in full, and upload at least one good quality face photo.

Wealthy members must also provide an accurate profile, however their access is limited until they upgrade to one of the paid membership packages which start at $49.95.

Once successfully logged in, it's possible to browse people's profiles and take a look around. Communication is limited until either an upgrade is purchased (or if you are lucky enough to have been granted a free account).

Strict moderation means uncompleted profiles are quickly deleted.

While browsing I discovered that if I clicked the "wrong" button I was "diverted" to the company's sister sites, such as their adult service SeekingFantasy, and their other wealth site, SeekingArrangement.

Profile Moderation

SeekingMillionaire has a fairly strict profile moderation policy, meaning that half empty, or otherwise suspicious looking profiles will likely be deleted. For this reason, I would recommend spending a little time on your profile, to save having to re-register. A decent photo also reduces the chances of your profile being sent to the trash bin.

A valid email is required for account activation and no profile can be publicly displayed until it is first approved by moderators.

The Community

Generally, the site has many good quality profiles - not just the typical older males seeking pretty young girlfriends, but also of successful women too.

Most people are quite upfront about what they are looking for... it's quite acceptable here to state exactly what you expect to get from a relationship. I came across people looking for help with the cost of their education as well as people looking for a mentor to help them launch a new career.

Qualifying members are provided with an email feature that allows them to easily contact one another. Members are able to keep their standard membership or can upgrade to Premium at any time.

In Conclusion...

SeekingMillionaire is for those who want to "cut to the chase" - it will suite people who want and expect something from a relationship, and are not afraid to say so. It's quite a lot smaller than its main rivals, "MillionaireMatch" and "", however these sites have been around much longer.

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  • Avatar

    eboneeNovember 2nd, 2016


    hi, my name is ebonee. i am just looking for someone who will be a good friend. you can email me anytime, i like to talk.
  • Avatar

    OarabileOctober 31st, 2016


    I am looking for a Wealthy, Intelligent, Sophisticated, Loving Man
  • Avatar

    SatishJanuary 15th, 2012


    Katy, it is a waste of time and money. Don't believe these people. Bull ****
  • Avatar

    SatishJanuary 15th, 2012


    I am a premium member of this site. It is not worth at all. It is not what I thought of. Very limited members. They don't log in frequently. Even the mails send to them are not read. Waste of time and money. I don't recommend.
  • Avatar

    KateApril 18th, 2011

    Just average

    I tried to log in but everytime i do it seeking millionaire changes to seeking Fantasy. Don't Know what to do :(

    male4flgirlOctober 2nd, 2016

    Above average

    Replied to Kate CONTACT ME AOL
  • Avatar

    MTOctober 7th, 2010

    Above average

    Nothing to complain about, but why can't women give their contact information? I donÃ,´t have time to write with men, I would like to simply give my homepage link.
  • Avatar

    ShantaeSeptember 16th, 2010

    Just average

    Hear me out...... i sign in & now i can't access my account. before i sign up, it didn't make mention that i have to pay, i thought it said it was free.
  • Avatar

    ALeetaDurrApril 2nd, 2009


    I am unable to review my profile without having my profile edited. Tell me how I can see how my profile looks. Also, I would like to see profiles of women in comparison to mine. I am a writer and I think it is odd that I cannot access this info. ALeeta. PS I am a little hesitant to continuing my membership for further months.
Seeking Millionaire 2.11 9 A review of Seeking Millionaire. A dating site where rich, successful men and women can form romantic connections with people who aspire to their affluent lifestyle. The site has around 7,000 members, mostly living in the United States.