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    lisa_2718September 29th, 2010


    hi im a 20 year old black female looking for fun. i wanna be spoilt for the work and pleasure i will give to you so id preferably want older professional men.... if you are interested get in touch, imma be waitin ;) by the way i am not looking for a relationship!! just fun and mentorship and etc...
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    CandySeptember 26th, 2010


    SA is a BS site. Bunch of sexually screwed up whack job men. Most of these clowns do not even exist and are fake profiles. One idiot told me he is a Dr. Being in the medical field, I mentioned some things I was familiar with - when he read this and saw that I was intelligent and smart and had a clue about medical terminology, he stopped writing ASAP. What doctor writes an e-mail full of horrible grammatical errors? Is it too much effort to capitalize the first letter in a sentence when you have graduated from MED school? He said he uses proper spelling and capitalization when called for.

    I have been contacted by the same creep over and over who called my cell after a rather pleasant exchange. He utilized the most foul and abusive language I have ever heard. After him I changed my number and he contacted me AGAIN on the site as though he had never met nor seen me and I have had the same picture up. CLUELESS.

    I had several emails with no pictures from single men on SA. What is the big deal about posting pictures if you are single? These same men email once and never hear from them again. Nothing inflammatory was said - kept everything in my return emails very neutral and pleasant. A sign that these are BOGUS profiles. I believe SA wants free members to pay (the SBs) and send BS profile emails in order to lure them in to pay.

    I agree with what another person wrote here. Updating your profile is discouraged and can take up to 24 hours to implement.

    Ladies - don't degrade yourself on this site. It is bogus, the guys often have a lot of predatory or sexual screwed up ideas and you are better off meeting a REAL normal man.
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    TrinityDiamondSeptember 25th, 2010

    Below average

    Hi Daddy, well, did you check me out? I'm trying to find out what's going on too! I'm attractive and sincere for an arrangement, but no one is sincere in facilitating the same! Just many emails and useless chatting.. I hope your frustration is because you are sincere.. Just a chance, baby. I am trinitydiamond on the site, if you will.
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    KayCeeJuly 19th, 2010

    Just average

    i signed up for seeking arrangements to find a SD or SM and its taking 4ever 4 them to approve anything. And when i sent them an email they gave me a ticket lol i guess im the 643,948 person to complain so i had to take a number. FML... im so fustrated.
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    sabrinaJune 27th, 2010

    Just average

    Hi, I'm Sabrina. I'm a newborn to this candyland and met 7 guys who are indeed attractive, wealthy, and legit. I've even video chatted. I haven't met up with any yet but keeping my options open. i just made a profile about a week ago, I think me being 19,single,and childless gave me an advantage but then there is a problem with that, too. Older men act like they 'own' you and since I'm so young they think i can't tell whether it is right or wrong for them to treat me that way. i have one guy who tried added me on Facebook after 5 denies, will keep texting, emailing me, and calling/leaving voicemails about 8 times a day like i better answer when he calls. So choose who you decide to talk to. Even when you haven't made an arrangement they act like you are spoken for. He told me he wanted to "pull me through the phone to make passionate love" and i just about gagged from the thought of my young flesh under his 57 aged self. So be careful girls, even when we try it for a "good" reason when we really need help it can still backfire.
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    Ron_2236June 13th, 2010


    Seeking arrangements is a total rip off. You can't even find out if there are any SB prospects in your area unless you pay up. I don't mind paying a membership fee, but I want to be sure there are ladies in my location that are what I'm interested in first. There's also tons of FAKE profiles on the SA site. I've never had any luck on this site and I've been a SD for 5 years now. My last SB arrangement lasted 1 year with the same girl. Would've lasted longer but she became a flake. I've had more luck on Craigs List, but you get tons of scammers and spammers to weed through.
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    wastedJune 5th, 2010


    This site sucks. None existent customer service, tons of fake profiles.. I had more luck on sugardaddyforme.

    VickieGutheridgeJune 7th, 2010


    Replied to wasted @wasted THIS SITE IS A RIP OFF BEWARE. They took 299.76 out of my account and I did not even use it for 3 days!!! BEWARE they rip you off and then you can't even get them to answer the phone, their mailbox is too full to take any messages, probably from people that they ripped off!!
  • Avatar

    sherrySugarBabyJune 5th, 2010


    Whatever! I am an older women..and yea I am not open to become that what you mean you old fort? Hugh Heffner pays for everything else so 4,000 in spending money is pretty good.. Stop trying to get it for free!
  • Avatar

    TIREDGIRLMay 27th, 2010

    Above average

    I am a good girl and pretty girl, i am looking for a sugar dady, i need a little money to help with my study. Thanks
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    Nicole_2137May 20th, 2010

    Just average

    I am a 24 year old woman on seeking arrangement as well. I just signed up today and im ready to see how it works. I really hope I can find a positive experience in all of this.
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