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Seeking Arrangement is a website where financially well-off individuals, mostly men, can meet people of lesser financial means. The site has around 243,000 members, and has membership packages starting at $59.95 per month. Women don't have to pay to use the site.

Seeking Arrangement is an online dating site that connects singles looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. This type of relationship typically exists between wealthy individuals who are willing to provide financial assistance or gifts in return for friendship or sexual intimacy with a younger person.

There are no charges for female members

Getting In

All prospective members can join for free, whether they are a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mommy or Sugar Baby. However, accessing the site and then attempting to sign-in can be frustrating and problematic. An email activation link is sent, which on clicking, one must then enter a password, and then attempt to login.

On logging in, members may then be routed without warning to the Company's sister sites such as Seeking Fantasy or Seeking Millionaire. Apparently this depends on the member's geographic location.

If members do gain access, in order to contact potential matches, men must first upgrade to a Premium status for a monthly fee of $30. They will then be given the privilege of contacting any and all members who come up as compatible matches. There are no charges for female members.

Two books are available and are being promoted on the site's home page. “Seeking Arrangement”, a guide that has been written by the site's founder, Brandon Wade. The other, “Sugar Daddy Diaries” is by journalist Helen Croydon, and tells of her real-life experiences of dating older, wealthy men.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    JimCrandallMay 28th, 2016

    Just average

    I am interested in meeting a lady I can help who is interested in pursuing a relationship on a mutually agreeable level.
  • Avatar

    TotallySecretFebruary 22nd, 2016


    Had one date just recently... It was great.
    He was real generous in every sense and I really fell in love...

    Keep you hands off, girls. You will only fall in love when the condition is: no strings attached.
  • Avatar

    Janet0000000001July 19th, 2015


    Seeking arrangement is online prostitution site set up to deceive the government as a dating site. Yeap right??? No guy will paid any women that kind of money for a date, however ugly guys that cannot find anyone must paid these online prostitutes to date and **** them. Most guys are looser and have severe mental disorders on this site.
  • Avatar

    afterdarkFebruary 19th, 2015

    Just average

    Signed up for trail membership. Couple of days later my account was deleted
    I couldn't get a reasonable explanation

    InfoStreamGroupApril 7th, 2015


    Replied to afterdark does not delete any accounts on the site for no reason. There must have been a reason as to why your account was deleted. If you would like the reasoning behind your account being deleted, please contact our support department that can be reached via email at
  • Avatar

    valyenkoJune 10th, 2013


    This one is expensive and most of the people seeking arrangements on this site are also pricey. Some of them don't realize how the site works and others are just oblivious. The site is called Seeking Arrangement after all!
  • Avatar

    HefWannaBeJune 27th, 2012


    I have tried many other sugar daddy websites, and some are better than others. But Seeking Arrangement has been by far the best one in terms of the quality of people I have met. This amazing website has changed my social life completely.

    deanloloFebruary 14th, 2016


    Replied to HefWannaBe They now changed their policy! You cannot permanently delete messages or the whole account.. so it looks like all the users will be always at risks. Why don't change the policy? Waiting for the next AM-like leakage?
  • Avatar

    CocobabeApril 3rd, 2012

    Below average

    I've been on this site for six months know and had no luck at all. I'm a beautiful african american woman that have a lot going myself. I know that I'm not a bad looking person. 5'5,coco skin color, thick in the right places. I don't know what up with these men. I'm giving it one more month and that it. Didn't know it would be this hard to find a sugar daddy in nyc. SMH

    TodSmartNovember 23rd, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to Cocobabe Cocobabe, you need to proof-read the comment you posted here, then ask yourself if you see any clues as to what might cause a wealthy, succesful, educated man from passing-over your profile. You may not know "what up with these men", but it's abundantly clear in your writing here what it is that will cause them to by-pass your ad.
  • Avatar

    KC_4529November 13th, 2011

    Just average

    After being a member for three years that was just the time I met my sugar daddy here. They may have taken care of you but really what they have indicated for the allowance will not be really delivered to u.. What Sabrina says is absolutely true. They act like they own you and they don't want you to meet any other guys - though you know what you guys have is just really an arrangement. But when you ask them to marry you Oh boy. You got it all wrong they want to own you but would never wanna marry you.

    TodSmartNovember 25th, 2012

    Just average

    Replied to KC_4529 It's unfortunate you encountered a few controlling individuals, but your use of the word "they" makes it appear you're lumping ALL men on the SA website into the behavior you describe. As any woman who's had an arrangement or communication with me there can attest, I encourage women to seek-out as many Sugar Daddies as they can comfortably accommodate, in order to maximize their earning potential and enjoy their experience on the site.

    It's true sometimes there are both men and women who become controlling in such relationships, which is why honest, accurate communication of one's desires and limits needs to occur at the outset.

    To offer a generalization of my own, but one which I believe many experienced individuals will agree: It's generally the case that the more money a person has or is asked to spend, the more they tend to feel a sense of "ownership" over that which they've "purchased". Most wealthy individuals didn't get rich by giving their money away without having control over their "purchases".

    So if you want to get into bed (either literally or figuratively) with a wealthy individual, or if you demand exorbitant fees for your "companionship", you should expect the other person to want to excercise a certain amount of control over the relationship. Therefore you need to be abundantly clear at the outset as to the parameters of the relationship and leave the coy, little girl act for later. And if you can't appreciate that concept and learn to deal with verbal contracts effectively, then "dating" the rich isn't something you should consider.
  • Avatar

    talleyrandOctober 31st, 2011


    I created a free profile on the site and got 17 emails within 2 days, none of which the site allowed me to see without the $50 upgrade. Based on seeing who viewed my profile, I don't want to pay. The site has no way to screen out SBs who don't fit your search criteria. I don't want to waste my time sifting through inquiries from people outside my immediate area, the wrong age, the wrong height, etc. If Adult Friend Finder can do this kind of screening, it's not rocket science.

    I've got the money to pay, but I'm pissed at SA's cheap, manipulative marketing. Either let me see the responses, or let me screen who can respond.

    KatyPointMay 15th, 2013


    Replied to talleyrand I really don't like getting charged but this site I actually trust, there are plenty of sites like this that are a scam, but this one is really ok, it is not that expensive when you think you might meet the love of your life :D
  • Avatar

    KingJanuary 23rd, 2011


    Love this site though I'm not a big fan of dating sites in general, this one has worked for me so far having met 3 girls on my first week alone. Anyone wanting a SD should certainly reach out to me kingsugardaddy. Please be slender, blonde and under 30.

    lindseyNovember 27th, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to King Hi king @King, my name is lindsey I have a seeking arrangements account but for some reason it will not let me access the site. I was able to see where you are located but thought we might make a good match if you are interested I would love to hear from you. you can search me on the site via lindsey henley. I would love to hear from you thank you.
SeekingArrangement 2.94 54 A review of SeekingArrangement. Seeking Arrangement is a website where financially well-off individuals, mostly men, can meet people of lesser financial means. The site has around 243,000 members, and has membership packages starting at $59.95 per month.