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A dating site that connects Russian women with men from the West. Russian Cupid lets you communicate with other users directly, without inter-mediation through a translator. Joining is free but expect to pay if you want to connect with other non-pay members via email or chat.

RussianCupid serves as a popular choice if you want to meet people across international borders. It draws members not only from Russia but also from several Eastern European countries including Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldavia.

This site offers a different format to most other foreign bride type websites in that members interact with each other through the site's messaging system rather than using a system of credits for each contact made.

If you're interested in meeting a girl from Eastern Europe this could be a better choice than a marriage agency.

The Community

There's an active dating pool of around 145,000 members, with an average of 2-3 thousand logged on at any given time. Profiles are generally of high quality, descriptive and contain decent photos. Language translation assistance is there to assist with communication. There's an option to upload a video introduction for those who choose.

Membership Plans

On joining up, you'll be set to the site's standard (free) account plan, but this can be upgraded if you choose at a later point. Standard members are allowed to peruse the site, view and bookmark profiles, view and comment on photos, send electronic flirts, use the search forms and send email messages.

The catch however is that emails from other free members can't be opened. This requires either sender or receiver to upgrade to either Gold or Platinum.

Profile verification is an optional step if you want to show others you are serious.

Other features on the site, such as instant messaging, chat rooms and video profiling, also require upgrading. Gold and Platinum memberships can be obtained in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month increments. The site, which is run by Cupid Media, has a standard pricing across all sites.

Verified profiles

Profile verification is an optional step for those who want to show others they are serious and are who they say they are. This involves sending an electronic copy of your photo ID which will be used to confirm your identity.

Safety tips and pointers are displayed on various pages on the website - just reminding you of basic rules such as never sending money. The “report abuse” button is there to inform the site's admin of suspicious behavior.

It is available in several different languages (language choice can be set by clicking the appropriate flag icon).

In Brief...

RussianCupid is a non-exclusive site open to individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities. Those who are interested in meeting and possibly marrying a person from Eastern Europe will likely find this site a better and more cost-effective choice than marriage agency services which charge contact fees.

The good

  • Active community
  • Communicate directly with other members you meet - you are not charged per contact
  • Video introductions and chat features adds interest
  • Free standard account allows the site to be tested before upgrading

The bad

  • Men outnumber women
  • No matchmaking features
  • Doesn't offer tours, personalized translation and personal assistance that can be found on specialist marriage broker websites.
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  • Avatar

    John_4121November 29th, 2017

    Just average

    I dont agree with everything else you said but I do fully agree that internet has replaced common sense.
  • Avatar

    BanghaNovember 14th, 2017


    I want to have a succulent Russian lady for a serious relationship.
  • Avatar

    paingain.ppOctober 31st, 2017

    Just average

    I want a marry. Dream girl
  • Avatar

    james01vSeptember 7th, 2017


    Hello, Like to find someone who shares similar interests or going various trips.
  • Avatar

    JackStrangerAugust 15th, 2017

    Below average

    I will have to agree with the fellow in what he is saying since he is completely making sense in what he says. I don't trust this site and everybody's else's "positive" opinion is just that their opinion because they are only looking at the site from their own angle it seems.
  • Avatar

    bankruptcyOctober 5th, 2016


    Great facts about Russia!
  • Avatar

    LeonidesOctober 1st, 2016


    The 2 women I had e-mails with, after over a month of trying to know each other, and finaly deciding to meet, resulted in scams that were asking for money.

    kellymeNovember 16th, 2016


    Replied to Leonides Thanks for the heads up. So much garbage out there to wade through!
  • Avatar

    Steve_2488January 8th, 2016


    This site is a breeding ground for SCAMMERS! I am tired of wading through the mire to find someone genuine. Who would have imagined so many Russian girls would end up travelling to either Ghana or Nigeria to work! Any my oh my those Russain roads must be appalling, so many family members killed in road accidents leaving them all alone in the world. And boy I must be a catch, I have had at least 3 girls tell me they love me after 2 or 3 emails.

    Shocking waste of time and money...avoid at all costs.

    kellymeNovember 16th, 2016


    Replied to Steve_2488 Thanks for the heads up!
  • Avatar

    Scott_5131May 18th, 2012

    Just average

    I joined as a standard member which was free. I only looked at gold or platinum profiles and sent mail for further contact. I also have had a few paid members contact me. We exchanged email addresses and of course a couple scammers out of a dozen. But, they are easy to spot. They talk about how wonderful they are then how good of a man you are. All well and good however they don't ask you too many questions and don't answer yours. First red flag, and if issue of money comes up then it's done. I have seven I talk to on a regular basis, they send photos, and specific ones when I ask. Not nudes or anything like that, for example I asked to see them with a newspaper or current magazine for the reason of scamming. They all understood and obliged my request and I did the same. They also made it clear that they don't know what the future holds and just continue to correspond. Any dating site has scammers, sad but true. Follow these steps, express your concerns because they have them too. It's being smart and honest, you will get the results you're looking for.

    kellymeNovember 16th, 2016


    Replied to Scott_5131 Good tips thanks.Add your reply here…
  • Avatar

    JurgenDNovember 5th, 2011


    I did register as platinum member for one year and did pay the maximum fee. I am handsome, young and I have a successful business. When you report fake, fraudulent profiles, they do remove them once in a week. At the weekend, nobody watches the scamming process, and the same scammers do register new profiles with photo of models, woman from magazines. They do have profile verification put it is not enforced. So when you have contact with a pretty woman, be sure 95%, the profile is fake. The message is even written with an automatic answering system.

    In one year, I did receive almost 500 messages and only 10 of them were genuine profiles. From those 10 profiles, I did keep 3 genuine contacts. I did notice inside their system, there is no automatic response system, even for platinum members, but still I did receive automatic replies of members, so they do write scripts to fool people. I did mention you receive many interest, but they do not visit your profile! Another scam by scripts they write. The scammers do ask you to give your email, and they start to send you fake photos, even different photos. When you insist to see webcam verification, they are gone. Some do write love, poem letters and they do not answer your letters.

    Andy_5055April 10th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to JurgenD @JurgenD I fully agree with you. Fake this I suspect.

    Steve_4547November 20th, 2011


    Replied to JurgenD @JurgenD We sincerely apologize for this matter. Unfortunately as an internet based dating service we do not screen our members and depend on them to provide truthful information as they sign up on It is therefore difficult for us to verify their real identity or intentions as no formal identification is required for registration. We do our best to ensure that any non genuine profiles are deleted from our site and remove dubious photos or information, as soon as we identify them.

    We have a dedicated fraud prevention team working round the clock including on weekends to ensure that they get hold of any dubious individuals using the site as soon as possible. However we also rely on our valued members who kindly report to us any suspect or fake profiles they find on our site. If you come across such members kindly contact us (with their membership number and any relevant evidence) so we can immediately investigate the situation and take appropriate action. We have provided a feedback form on our site for members to make such reports. You can also email us on

    Registration on is free and with a Gold or Platinum membership account you get to connect with more Russian singles as you can initiate contact with any member, receive and send emails, chat on Instant Messenger and video/voice chat. Each month thousands of people use our site without any problems. Every day several thousand messages are exchanged between members and every month several people who met on our sites get married. Continue using and you could also be one of our success stories soon!

    kellymeNovember 16th, 2016

    Just average

    Replied to Steve_4547 Nice, I'll give it a shot. Is there no site out there that does contracts? I would give $500 USD to a person or business who found my Christian wife for me (after the wedding of course). Add your reply here...
Russian Cupid 2.96 23 A review of RussianCupid. A dating site that connects Russian women with men from the West. Russian Cupid lets you communicate with other users directly, without inter-mediation through a translator.