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RSVP is an Australian singles spot for anyone seeking new friendships and relationships. With about 112,000 members it's one of the most popular sites in that country, and attracts people of many different races and sexual orientations.

RSVP is more than a dating site, it also acts as a social hub for Aussie singles. is an online venue for Australians of all sexual orientations to meet one another, with an eye to either friendship or romance.

They claim to be the No. 1 dating site in Australia, with 1 in 10 Aussie singles meeting there. RSVP is a pay site, but the monthly membership fee is a reasonable AUD6.99 making it very affordable. Free members can access the site, create a profile and take a look around before deciding to upgrade.

They claim to be the No. 1 dating site in Australia, with 1 in 10 Aussie singles meeting there.

Signing Up

As the name implies, adds to romantic relationships that charm they had when people still wrote each other letters. New joiners can create a free basic profile, adding details about themselves and one or more photos.

Members can send virtual "kisses" to other members that have attracted their attention. This is comparable, in real-world terms, to smoldering glances sent across a crowded room. Members can then choose to "RSVP" one another and continue the relationship through a number of different communication channels.

Mingle with Singles

RSVP is more than a dating site, it also acts as a social hub for Aussie singles. The "Mingle with Singles" section of the site lists speed dating events, parties and other activities for singles.

Events are listed by location and date, and the view link provided full details such as price, the expected participants, and how to get there. Groups are also worth a look, these are social forums setup for particular interests, for example Over 50s or Single Parents.


RSVP is a popular site with a strong Australian background. It has a low membership fee and offers a wide range of resources for singles living in that part of the world.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    Peter_2180October 9th, 2016


    This RSVP site is the worst site, each contact costs you more then $10, have a look on the help pages then costs for stamps. Then the ratio of men to women is high so the chances that a women will reply is low. IT's A RIP OFF save your money and look for free sites like plenty of fish.
  • Avatar

    LanaOctober 9th, 2016

    Below average

    i am very lonely,looking for someone who will care for me and be honest
  • Avatar

    Linda_4991March 16th, 2012


    I joined RSVP and thought I had met the perfect man, who sent me beautiful emails and then we exchanged phone numbers and he rang me every night while working overseas and text me every morning. He sent me a dozen red roses and beautiful cards and I thought I had met Mr Right. That was until he asked me for $2500.000 to help him get a contract overseas. What is wrong with our world, where are all the hard working honest people???
  • Avatar

    beth_3882June 9th, 2011


    I had a guy send me emails every day for 2 weeks, telling me I was the one, even proposed to me, so i fall for him and tell him i have and poof, he's gone. What's that about?
  • Avatar

    Matt_3789May 16th, 2011


    This site is utter rubbish. I was hearing loads of hype about it and then I decided to join. They want to charge me $50.00+ for 1 month of contacting. Absolute nonsense I say, it's clearly run by a bunch of money hungry people. Please don't join this site. It's not even very functional, I tried uploading images and adding things to my profile and I kept running into problems.

    Bottom line, don't sign up.
  • Avatar

    rippedoffMay 5th, 2011


    No doubt, no ifs, no buts, no maybes it's definitely, positively rigged to rip you off. You could call it organised crime because they are more or less deceiving then stealing. A bit like a pokie machine or a nigerian letter.
  • Avatar

    AlexandraMarch 31st, 2011


    This site sucks! They want 60 dollars before you can even message someone, what a rip off!! You're better off just looking through mutual friends on facebook, costs nothing to find them/message them and you already have something in common!
  • Avatar

    Paul_3180January 10th, 2011


    RSVP is run by guys with a big ego seeking your money before they provide you with a service. They also can delete your profile with credit in for stamps if you complain to them about anything except telling them how great they are!

    Men, we are the suckers and they provide the women as bates! Some are experts at fleecing you or are links to another place outside Australia. I can always pick them up- other women are bored and always ask you for stamps to contact her! .. Very few ever pay for stamps. I have run that test for a long time. I even suspect they keep some women on the pay role with great profiles just for you to buy stamps. Besides that all the women are mainly cougars of all ages! Always seeking younger men than their age! ... Meaning they are seeking sex with younger studs. When you reach 60 you are a dead duck.. She needs to be 70 to ask for your body as her last opportunity in life. In the mean time any younger guy that wants a quick date, just propose any woman older than himself and he gets her instantly ... Who said we men only want one thing?
  • Avatar

    WolfDecember 18th, 2010


    Like most dating sites, RSVP is set up to prey on men. It's subtle at first but then the pressure increases. It gives you a list of unknown women who have viewed your profile and you can't view theirs until you pay some money, oh, and you can't remove them from the list until you pay some money, oh, and if you wink at someone and they wink back, that's the end of the correspondence until you pay some money. So basically it's a scam to fleece you for money and a great avenue for 20yo Asian women to find a free ticket to Australia. I'm sure there are genuine listings on the site but I believe for most men it's a waste of money and emotional energy.
  • Avatar

    Linda_3020December 6th, 2010

    Below average

    It always amuses me how many people - nearly always men, post ludicrous messages on these comment forums saying things like "i joined this dating site, i am REALLY good looking, i posted my photos and got no replies ... SO IT MUST BE A SCAM"... Duh! Face reality you men... you are probably nowhere near as good looking as you think you are, you may be dull, you may have other hang ups that you don't even realise. Grow up - stop whining, and stop blaming every other thing but yourself. 1.48 19 A review of RSVP is an Australian singles spot for anyone seeking new friendships and relationships.