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Qiran is a large, internationally known marriage site for single Muslims. Members reside all over the world, and not all are Muslim. The site is aimed firmly towards those seeking a marital partner, rather than those seeking other types of relationships.

Qiran is for those of the Muslim faith who are serious about finding their marital partner.

Qiran advertises on its home page there are over 3 Million registered profiles -- active users (people who visit on a regular basis) are estimated at around 143,000. A blend of tradition and modern technology, Qiran allows members to establish a relationship with others who are not only like minded but culturally compatible as well. The site is partnered with MSN Arabia and has been featured in several magazines.

A range of cultural, racial and religious settings help you find compatible marriage prospects.


The main thing that sets Qiran apart from western dating services is the breadth of cultural, racial and religious settings that one can choose from when searching for a partner. For example, members can filter profiles based on cultural background, place of birth, family values, occupation, residence status, Hijab, facial complexion, as well as more basic settings.

Other features

Qiran offers several state of the art features, including SMS, text and voice messaging, instant messaging, with video and live chat to be added in the very near future. This allows members anywhere in the world to see, hear and interact with a potential match unlike ever before.

The service allows members to stay in one hundred percent anonymity at all times. This allows for a safe online dating and matchmaking experience. Individuals can list themselves or be listed by a family member; however, a valid email will be required and all profiles must be approved by moderators before full membership will be instated.

You can list yourself on the site or a family member can do it if they have permission.

In Summary

Qiran is a suitable choice for those of the Muslim faith who are serious about finding their marital partner. Their large member base and wealth of features specifically geared towards Muslims will open up a wealth of marital prospects beyond traditional methods.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    khujaMhdMay 16th, 2016

    Just average

    Dear members , I glad to be of yours , I am a single man looking for my partner and I hope get my request , thanks .
  • Avatar

    FrfooraApril 11th, 2012

    Above average

    Qiran helped me to get married in 2005. Now i got divorced after 7 years of marriage, but i sign in again to this site with the hope finding my future husband for the rest of my life inshallah.
  • Avatar

    Al_ImamOctober 5th, 2010


    I don't recommend at all. Here's my experience with the site ... I spent a considerable amount of time composing a high quality profile. It was viewed frequently and I received several notices of interest that piqued my curiosity and inspired me to become more active in pursuing a spouse.

    Unfortunately, less than two weeks after I subscribed to Qiran, I received an inexplicable notice that I had submitted "fake/invalid" information and my profile was summarily deleted. I have no idea why this happened, nor have I been contacted by any customer service representatives in spite of repeated attempts to attain assistance in this matter. They have no telephone number by which any customer may reach them. All inquiries must be submitted via email or snail mail to a conveniently anonymous source.

    It may be that some have attained some measure of success with this service, though others who have used it complain of irresolvable billing issues and poor customer service. As for my own experience, I would not wish it upon anyone else.
  • Avatar

    IslamOctober 5th, 2010


    I think it is a fake website. I saw 2 very high quality profiles for the same girl, she is like a glamor model and the two profiles are very different but i realized she is the same girl basically. If u wanna check that out, the two profiles are: dija06, and hanouna2010. Thanks for those who create fake profiles for pretty women in order to attract boys to pay the subscription.
  • Avatar

    newmemberJune 24th, 2009

    Just average

    I just joined this site a couple of days ago after visiting it for some time. I thought it had a good bit of marriageable material men on there after browsing it.

    There are some pros such as the search options, and it's very user friendly. I'm sure there are many guys I'd be compatible with on there. However, now that I've joined I got the impression that it's not too different than the other online matrimonial sites out there. The vast majority of them who've contacted me are much older than I am (like over 10 years). Many of them are not even residents of the US or Canada but live overseas. I've also been contacted by a couple of married men looking for wife #2 (or maybe just that girl on the side).

    I'm not swearing the site off yet, it's still early. Maybe the higher quality guys are just not as not active as the more desperate seekers.
  • Avatar

    AmaniMay 13th, 2009

    Just average

    I think that most men at Qiran just want friendship. Some say it frankly, others dont!
  • Avatar

    TrasjhaMarch 31st, 2009


    Seems like the men are very desperate on there. I tried it and after10 minutes onto the website I had 100 hits most of which they wanted to meet me the same week, they gave me their personal info and asked too many personal questions. I wouldn't advise it.

    SilvermanApril 14th, 2009

    Above average

    Replied to Trasjha I want to comment on a previous comment made by Trasjha. It's a dating site, what do you expect when you complain that men ask too many personal questions. They all have the right to ask you the most intimate questions if you respond to their messages. Otherwise get out and hit the "bars" the old fashion way. What are you doing there in the first place?
  • Avatar

    ArabmanJanuary 30th, 2009


    Good quality site, lots of members and easy to search. I have met many nice people on the site and I am happy with my membership.
  • Avatar

    MpersonJanuary 23rd, 2009


    Good site, my brother found his wife on Qiran, they got married in 2008 and are now expecting a child in Sept 2009. alhamdulillah! Customer Reviews

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