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  • Avatar

    Cre47December 7th, 2011

    Just average

    A colleague at work suggested me this site and quite frankly I should have knew that much earlier. The lower rating is due to the disappointment of not having as many people responding even though it is free. But it is better than the other sites I've being so far.
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    CrsyatlJanuary 1st, 2011

    Above average

    Personally, I love this site because it's casual. I can meet some here because I want to be friends, because I just want a hook-up or because I want something serious. Unlike most online dating sites this one has many young users so if you're in your twenties or early thirties then great. Anything older than that, then I cannot comment. I've had far more positive experiences using this site than negative. I've been a member since I was 18 (almost 22 now), a fan of the sites owners since age 13 (and lying about being 16). As a young person who moves a lot this is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Once again though, based on my experience, this site is more for the younger crowd.
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    Rob_2939November 16th, 2010


    Lots and Lots of immature people are attracted to this site for their silly and banal "tests". This is the big problem, and when you read the journals, most of them are by-and-large negative and slamming on the opposite sex. It is disproportionally heavy on the 18-24 year olds, who are all nasty, rude, and not serious about meeting someone. Plus, the site is politically left-leaning, with a focus on bisexuality, and their "questions" lead you to answer a certain way. This site also attracts a lot of cam-girl scams, fake profiles, and being that it is free, it doesn't filter out the losers. Not recommended. This site is no better than MySpace---way too many kids.
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    PirateAugust 30th, 2010


    This is a great service.
    1) It's free, so okcupid doesn't have incentive to nickle and dime you, or even gasp, keep you from getting in a relationship to get you to pay for a membership longer.
    2) they display how old profiles are, you can sort by last login, and profile newness
    3) the match making system is pretty good if you are truthful about answering questions. This eliminates most spam profiles because they are below my rating filter.
    4) they have a great blog telling you tips about online dating and overall statistics to design a better dating profile. Things like take pictures with a nice camera and don't make everything blurry.
    5) they match people up who are relatively the same level of statistical attractiveness. If you have an attractive profile, you will be shown other more statistically attractive profiles. This means less clutter from people you would most likely find unattractive.
    6) you can set up filters so creepy people outside your age range can't contact you
    7) its simple to use
    8) it has a great phone app for iphone or android
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    GregoryNovember 16th, 2009


    Ok cupid sounds like a real nice site with plenty of ladies to choose from, but that is only the cover. Turns out most of the women tend to be very shallow, or have hidden agendas. A lot are professionals and attractive even, yet they are single, which also makes no sense. Lastly, no matter how polite you are, or how well formed you message content maybe, the response from the women on this site tend to be 50/50, even for very attractive people, it's still the same.

    Biggest problem with the site is the moderators. Your profile can be flagged by them for any reason, even if you don't break the rules. Also they only give "flag moderation" privileges to friends of the developers of the site, and abuse is commonplace among the moderators. Had several profiles deleted for no reason other than not being liked by certain people, then when I asked about why, I was insulted and harassed.

    Best thing to do is avoid this site all together, not to mention their popup ads are full of viruses, and Trojans. My computer was infected twice already.

    Richard_1732February 4th, 2010


    Replied to Gregory @Gregory If this was ever true, it no longer is. I'm a flag moderator and have no idea who the creators are.
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    XiurxeJune 28th, 2009

    Below average

    OKCupid is not an attractive name. It's a mystery why the owners chose such a dumbening name to their website. As if less known sites such as AstrologDate or better, but I'd say it's all fair games as long as not a scam.
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    DavidBoarxJune 2nd, 2009


    First of all as soon as I signed up I was hit by a premium text scam - I was lucky I caught it I got hit for three astrology texts for $9.99 each I blocked them quickly or it could have been over $100 easily.

    Then I spent what seemed like hours answering stupid... and I mean really stupid questions (I now call it OK stupid!) and really at the end of the day nothing has even come close to enticing me to message the so called matches.

    All in all... OK Cupid is OK stupid!

    Rob_2939November 16th, 2010


    Replied to DavidBoarx @David Boarx Also, don't forget that the hide function is not a block function, and you can't block someone unless they send you an email...but if they IM you, make comments on your journal, can't block them, only "hide". So it really takes away 90% of the experience when you are dealing with 17 yr old stoned or drunk trolls.
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    ValApril 24th, 2009


    There are no chat rooms. Which I don't miss. I tried a couple different chat rooms on Maybe it was a bad night but I didn't find the conversations engaging. Of course they do profile matching. That's what the match button is for. And they also give you 3 quiver matches daily as well. The match/friend/enemy percentages are a way to assess people as well. OKCupid does let you post journal articles. They encourage you as a matter of fact. And what's this nonsense about the age range being from 25-34? I'm 54 and found many people around my age. And one guy 60 as well.
OKCupid 2.64 41 A review of OKCupid. OkCupid is a highly popular dating site that offers the majority of its services for free. Those wishing to gain extras can upgrade their account to an A-List.