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For online chatting and making friends, has a virtual chat system where users can have interactive dates with one another over the internet. It also offers forums and a quick messaging feature.

New Friends 4U is a social site where you can virtual date with your chosen one.

It has members in most English speaking countries, including the United Kingdom, U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand.

Virtual Chat

They have a virtual chat system, where you can communicate with other members who are online in a “virtual date setting” (this feature is only accessible to paying members). Great for someone who's shy, with this feature you select an avatar (personal character) for yourself and can then interact with another person in a simulated 3D-movie.

This is the main communication system on the site. There's also an offline text messaging feature, which is available to free members, however you'll only be able to send one of a list of pre-formatted messages, such as “I like your photo”, or “check out my profile”. The site's forums offer lively discussions on a variety of topics, but again, this area is only available to paying members.

Profile moderation

Before going live, member profiles must be approved by a moderator. This can take up to 24-hours. While this might seem like a “pain”, this step does ensure most profiles are of a reasonable quality. Profiles themselves contain a short bio, together with basic facts about the person, including their appearance, education and occupation. Members can also list their likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite films and so on.

Worth It?...

New Friends 4U is an advanced site for chatting and getting to know others. It's likely more appropriate for those seeking online buddies, than those in search of their significant other. The site's services mostly require subscription, and those trying to use it for free will find their access is severely limited.

By Tara Miller

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