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MillionaireMatch is for millionaires, those seeking millionaires, and those that just prefer a higher quality of potential partner. It has been active since 2001, making it one of the longest-established sites of its kind - and boasts a long list of successful matches that resulted in happily-ever-after for many couples (they likely sailed off into the sunset on a yacht).

How Rich Do You Have to Be?

Despite the site's name, you can still sign up when you make less than a million dollars. The exact categories are under $200,000, right up to $100 Million+. But the real point about this kind of site is how they actually verify that! For more on verification see below.

Other than members that specifically choose to, no one has to have their income verified.

Those seeking a millionaire can also specify in what range they expect their potential partner's income or wealth to be.

Other than members that specifically choose to, no one has to have their income verified. Like most dating sites, what you list as your income is on the honor system.

You can signup either the regular way, through the website or if you prefer mobile, with their app.

The Community

MillionnaireMatch has an active community, mainly located in the US, UK, Australia and Canada - though many other countries are well represented too. The majority of profiles show that the members have at least something of interest to say, and it is rare to find one without a photo.

Like other sites in this niche, MM benefits from a significant female following; in fact, active female members outnumber men by around 4 to 1. While this may be good news for the men, women may find they have to work that little bit harder to get the attention of their chosen man.

The chat room usually has a fairly active stream of text chatter with members that become familiar quickly enough if you stay around for a bit. The conversation can run from competitive to friendly to so far off topic that you have to check the title to make sure you're in the right place.

The blog and forum sections see only a couple dozen posts on average per day, but unlike the chat they allow participation by free members. And of course when it comes to communication there are also the traditional connections through profiles, winks, and private messages between members.


With gold membership comes the option to become a certified millionaire by verifying your income with the site, via tax return copy or bank statement, and thus earning a blue gem that will show up next to your name for others to see. Photo verification is compulsory for certified members, who must display an approved face photo on their profile page.

Looking for members with verified credentials will avoid disappointment.

Those with gold memberships may search specifically for other members that are verified, however verified individuals are listed in the regular search results as well, it just takes a bit more searching to find those gems.

Other verifications, all offered free with membership, include photo, age, education, and occupation if you would like a badge on the site verifying that you are indeed as awesome as you claim.

Free Membership

With free membership you can browse other profiles, upload a limited number of pictures (10), send winks to other users, receive and reply to messages sent from paid users, participate in the forum and blog, and observe in the chat room. It's enough to make your own observations about the site, participate a little, and decide whether the $50 a month fee is worth becoming a paid member.

If you're still not sure about the fee, there are options to earn a free month of membership by promoting or writing content for the site.

Paid Membership

With paid membership comes the millionaire treatment, including your own personal account manager. Membership comes with more options, more privacy settings, more control, and more freedom to move about the site and initiate contact with others.

With paid membership comes the millionaire treatment, including your own personal account manager.

Paid members can make contact with anyone on the site, can participate in the chat room (while the free members can only sit and watch), appear at the top of search results, and can utilize a variety of search features not available to others. These include eliminating profiles without photos, using the zip code locator, and setting preferences such as appearance and relationship status.

The Sign-up Process

The sign up process is fairly painless. It takes about 3 minutes to complete plus however long it takes to think about what to put in the “about me” and “about my match” sections. Your photo (a headshot is highly suggested) and introduction will need to be approved, so expect to add a potential 24-hour delay before you can really begin connecting with any millionaires and those who adore them.

Completing the relationship/lifestyle questionnaire is strongly recommended. There is an extensive list of questions to fill out. These are meant to give in-depth answers so that when people read your profile, they will have a good grasp of who you are. It will ensure your profile appears correctly in searches and compatibility matching, but more importantly it will improve the chances of your profile being quickly approved, rather than thrown into the trash bin by the site's moderators.


The site features are available through the internet as well as by free Android and iPhone apps. If your signal is strong enough you might even be able to access MillionaireMatch from that yacht.


The site doesn't offer the extensive compatibility assessments that you may have encountered on other sites such as eHarmony or

Instead, compatibility is based upon the questionnaire you fill out when first signing up for the site. Areas include preferences and features such as astrological sign, body type, physical appearance, ethnicity, pets, religion, education, smoking, drinking, hair color, type of relationship sought, and if the member has or wants children.

While paid members can review their “compatible matches”, those with free access cannot and will be diverted to the upgrade page should they attempt to do so.

Search Options

The basic search option available to free members allows you to look by age, general location, and gender. For those willing to shell out the dollars there are several more options to choose from including income level, height, ethnicity, body type, relationship status, and religion. The search can be further honed by choosing a potential match's distance from your location, keywords of your choosing, if they are willing to relocate, and the type of relationship they are looking for.

Free members cannot initiate conversation but can still respond if someone approaches them first.


While free members cannot initiate conversation, they can still respond if someone approaches them first, which is a welcome feature that I have rarely seen for free memberships on pay sites.

As I mentioned earlier, options for communication include the chat room, blogs, private messages/emails, forum board, free winks, and optional features such as birthday greetings.

There are additional sections such as the site photo gallery that members may add to, and a Q and A section in which a counselor offers advice for member's questions. You can even search through a database of over 35,000 first date ideas submitted by members.

Members' Luxuries is a new area that lets people display photos of their treasured items for others to see. Items here are sorted into categories and include everything from sports cars, beautiful houses, private jets and yachts, to works of art and jewelry.


MillionaireMatch is a popular site that's established a niche for itself serving the wealthy, the aspiring wealthy, and those who would like to meet them. I personally haven't been swept off my feet by any millionaires while on there, but for someone with a dedication and a sense of humor it's a venue where that miracle could happen.

The good

  • Community: Millionaire Match is the largest site of its kind, with an active community of real people. With a decent photo-profile most members should expect good response rates. The majority of people that I emailed did reply. Admittedly in a few cases it was a polite, “thanks, but you're not my type” kind of message.
  • Reputation: The site has a solid track record, and consistently features at the top of many recommended “wealth dating site” lists. Their billing and cancellation policy is clear and does not in any way mislead their subscribers.
  • Free accounts: Free account holders are able to access many activities on the site, including reading and replying to emails which means some participation is possible before deciding whether to upgrade.
  • Features: A good range of features and tools are available; your home page provides a running history of people who you've contacted, who's viewed your profile and who's requested to see your photo. You also have full-control over account and privacy settings.
  • Online and telephone support: The site's help and support is there 24x7 should you need it.

The bad

  • Not everyone is certified: Unless you are willing to pay the subscription fee, finding those certified members can be like searching for a needle-in-a-haystack - in most cases information stated on profiles needs to be taken at face-value.
  • Site navigation: Browsing the site can be slow at times. Mouse clicks tend to open new browser windows.
  • High ratio of women: Though this is clearly a plus point for men on the site, it does mean that those “high-value” men receive a lot of attention from the ladies.
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  • Avatar

    honiluvJuly 24th, 2017


    im a black man looking for a white women thats rich i want a million in my bank account im a very good man 1 of a kind just need the money to live good life
  • Avatar

    vuongJuly 24th, 2017


    i'm christian, i'm also single and want to find a white female to make friend to speak english

    your love
    kiss vuong
  • Avatar

    gurumadamMay 17th, 2017

    Just average

    if you are in need to find the perfect rich man that wants to lavish you and respect you, spoil you and or find real love or just pampering then you just need to catch it.
  • Avatar

    JillVannJune 27th, 2016

    Below average

    I am interested in the Free Basic Membership for starters.
  • Avatar

    anny99June 20th, 2016


    lm a attractive women live in china, if you interesting you can message me ok
  • Avatar

    Happygolucky2February 25th, 2015


    Millionaire match is like a desert. I dare you to meet someone on this site. It's full of pretend losers! and the company is fradulent and falsely advertises refunds if you're not satisfied with this deserted site. Try getting that refund!
    What's more is that the few ppl on the site are either from the land of far, far away or simply not worthy of a reply!
  • Avatar

    valyenkoJune 10th, 2013


    This one seems to be more popular and it does has some potential but it is lacking in customer service. Responses are slow no matter how high of a level you have on the site.
  • Avatar

    CraigjohnsonjMay 15th, 2013

    Just average

    I my opinion this can be dangerous for actual millionaires, what if somebody is just looking for people that are loaded and make a lot of money to steal from them, I guess the idea is good but actual millionaires meet other millionaires at private parties in some millionaire city.
  • Avatar

    Henry98May 12th, 2013

    Above average

    I like the fact that you can still use some of the features in the free account cause then you can try before you buy. And having support 24x7 is a big pro. I used a dating site that is similar to this and did not like it but a friend of mine told me millionairematch works better.
  • Avatar

    xanderSeptember 7th, 2012

    Just average

    You have to do a lot of searching here to find what you are looking for. Met up with a girl close by. Should have been a warning sign she wanted to meetup after just 2 emails. but within 5 mins she wanted to go shopping with guess who paying. She was not even that attractive. My advice is look for those who are for real and beware the gold diggers.

    Henry98May 12th, 2013

    Above average

    Replied to xander I'm so sorry for you, I know girls like that, but don't worry you'll find someone who cares for you, I have some friends with success stories on this site, just be careful cause there are lots of gold diggers. Good luck!

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