Meetme is a popular dating app where you can join other singles and look for dates, friends and more.

MeetMe is a simple socializing app that lets you meet people who're nearby.

Meetme is a popular app for any age group. It allows you to create a friend network and find interesting people in your area. It doesn't bill itself as a dating app, rather a social network. However as with some other social networks, many of the people you'll come across there certainly are looking for dates and hookups of all varieties.

How it Works

It works simply by matching your likes and interests to those of other people. You can link in your Facebook account and it will pull in public information that's listed on your profile. This will help you to connect quickly with people that share your interests.

There's also music and games available on the app to amuse you if you don't manage to find any dates nearby.

MeetMe is a huge app with millions of members so there shouldn't be any problem in finding people you like who're nearby to you.


MeetMe's basic service is free. But like most apps you can get extra perks by purchasing credits and upgrading to MeetMe+. This will unlock additional services and allow you to become more popular and therefore more visible to other people.

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