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Meetic UK and Dating Direct now seem to be, for all purposes except name, the same site. Dating Direct was taken over by the Meetic Corporation in 2007. Meetic has a number of dating channels across European countries, and all provide a similar format, with services such as chat, messaging and matchmaking tools.

Meetic UK is a relatively small site, with an estimated membership of about 24,000. The large numbers of profiles that are visible when accessing the site are from the other Meetic portals across Europe and the United States. So even though you may see there are thousands of members apparently online, many of these people will be in different countries.

Joining the site is relatively straightforward and does not cost anything. Free membership will allow you to create a detailed profile and upload photos. Browsing, and viewing other members' profiles is also possible, however services such as email, messaging, and matchmaking all require upgrading to a paid membership.

Membership starts at £29.99 for 1 month, however discounts for longer subscription periods are available. Prospective members are advised to read the cancellation terms and conditions carefully, as complaints about rebilling are common theme among Meetic sites.

The Meetic sites all have a good selection of features, which are well presented and easy to use. The search tool is sophisticated, and allows detailed criteria to be set, such appearance, background, habits and character, as well as when the person was last online. Clicking on a profile gives you the option to email, start a chat session or to “wink” at the other member.

Meetic UK are aggressively promoting their Affinity brand (Dating Direct Affinity), their matchmaking service, and as such links and popup advertisements for this site feature very prominently.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    OtroMay 20th, 2014


    I am trying tocancel the subscription and on the website there is no option to get directly. If you want to upgrade it's so easy. I am desperated with this company. Its really anoying me.
  • Avatar

    VesperJune 10th, 2011


    All the comments about the horrors of Meetic are true and I'm sorry I learned about them too late. I paid a month's membership, used it for 3 weeks and then all of a sudden I could not access my account, at first I got a standard reply from customer service that I should request a reminder of my password bla-bla-bla as if I was an idiot, but when I complained a second time i got this response:

    "Thank you for your email regarding being unable to log into your account.

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for the exceptionally long delay in answering your enquiry.

    I am sorry to hear that you are unable to log into your account. However, after taking a look at your account 'xxx', I can confirm that your profile has been deactivated by our site police, as our monitoring team has established that your account was not in accordance with our general Terms & Conditions.

    Our team has therefore been forced to close your account without warning and you are not entitled to a refund of any fees paid."

    Which is complete nonsense and it is clear now that it is a scam. People, don't let yourself get fooled by these scammers, there are a lot of dating sites out there!
  • Avatar

    vitodumasDecember 7th, 2010

    Above average

    I paid Meetic December 2010 the 3rd and today (the 7th) I'm still out. I try to phone the green number and the answer was that I must check the number at the bottom of web page. But it is the same! I'm not really interested to phone them (that appears very difficult) but to have the facilities that I've paid for. Vitodumas
  • Avatar

    Linda_1981April 15th, 2010


    I am trying to cancel automatic payment in Meetic. Can meetic make an automatic charge if I payed by Paypal for a 6 month membership? Thank you. Linda

    MisterSwindlerJune 20th, 2010


    Replied to Linda_1981 To Linda, Go to your bank and cancel your account, then open another. This seems to be the only means of cancelling automatic renewal. A Foreigner. @Linda
  • Avatar

    SueYuSeptember 17th, 2009


    I see you all had terrible experiences, but I have to say I have met my lovely husband on Meetic, neither of us had any problems cancelling the services and we are obviously very satisfied customers, without Meetic we would not have the wonderful life we and our families are now enjoying. It was amazing, they matched us up to a T, we even share the same birthday, we are soul-mates and were in love from day one, the first time I spoke to my husband on the phone I knew I was going to marry him, this was four years ago and we will be married three years next March( on the 21st which is also our ... birthday). It is a real fairy tell story, I recommend internet dating to anyone, who wants to find love, what are the chances of finding Mr. Right in the Pub ?
  • Avatar

    YvonneproctorSeptember 11th, 2009


    I needed to leave the site and had no problem at all. I rung the required number and my membership was cancelled and my profile taken off I thought it good service. Thank you Meetic.
  • Avatar

    Caroline_1323September 5th, 2009


    Shock horror, is what I feel reading these comments as I'm having the same experience! I joined for free this site in June and forgot about it, then looked at it again, there was a special offer in my in box for £4.99 for the month, I took it. The very next day I couldn't log on again like others said it says cannot recognise username password. This site is a total scam and there are legal ways to get it shut down, I will investigate on Monday with my solicitor. I then created several other sites to see if maybe it was my computer, and one by one this happened again in 24 hours. Like most of you I tried in vain to reach a customer service person, the site is rigged to send you around in circles!! I think maybe of the people on the site are genuine but some don't realise they are being scammed. I'm very concerned about the payment situation and not being able to cancel. I'm going to try and get my fiver back but most importantly stop any payment at my bank ahead of time! Keep you posted on all fronts. I did get contacted by some very nice guys who were paying members but I think they ' meetic' delete content on private emails as it was weird no one contacted me on my private email.
  • Avatar

    LucianaAugust 30th, 2009

    Useless is a bad dating site. There is no way to remove a profile, no customer services online, I can only view a profile once, after that, I can't view anymore new profiles, unless I pay to view more.....that sucks!!! It's funny how whatever you click it seem to take you straight to the subscribe page and it can't be return by clicking "back" button, it seem to be stuck in that page forever that is how bad it is.. I think you people should ask for your money back and dump that site for good...I'm sure there are tons of other dating sites which are better and easier to use without any complications. Save the headache really. Cheers
  • Avatar

    cohenJuly 30th, 2009


    I subscribed for one month only at the special rate of £4.99. I spoke to advisor on the phone, & I had an email confirming there would be no automatic renewal. They have taken my money £44.97 and I'm off the site.
  • Avatar

    JeanHaimovitchApril 18th, 2009

    Above average

    I have a monthly withdraw of 279 crowns from since 2 years ago but didn´t realise that it was from them. I was a member 3 years ago but have cancelled my subscription. I cannot reach Meetic. I get always: wrong e-mail like info. Can somebody help me with this problem thank you?
Meetic UK 1.41 41 A review of Meetic UK. Meetic UK and Dating Direct now seem to be, for all purposes except name, the same site. Dating Direct was taken over by the Meetic Corporation in 2007.