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    NancyApril 24th, 2012

    Below average

    I joined because I heard all the good praises but was very disappointed. The features and the site itself was very user friendly and made it easy to connect with someone. The problem I had was that the guys on the site that contacted me were cocky and arrogant or were simply looking for "slender" or "athletic and toned" women. I'm not a BBW but I'm not a size 2 either so this site was no help for me.
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    Thomas_5066April 15th, 2012

    Just average

    Bought the 6 months package with this website, hopefully looking for a long term relationship, but I set my standards low at first saying to myself "If I can get one single date within the 6 months, it would have been worth it!".

    Not a single date, in fact, I only talked with 2 women in the first month, we sent around 3 replied between us, and then suddenly they don't message back. After that, I sent a good amount of messages and no one ever replied, I even got one blacklist for no reason. My theory (apart from the likelihood of them not wanting to message) is that the website doesn't say if any of those users are under a paid account or have ceased their subscriptions, which could be why they don't message.

    On the last month, I phoned Match to stop my paying subscription, and told them of this theory, no matter what I said, the person on the phone always suggested that I need to keep paying, this may be to suggest more time but the way he said it and kept suggesting it felt like he was pressuring me to keep paying. Of course, only because I am low on dosh I had to close.

    That was my experience, £60 down the drain (thankfully I got money off through one of their celebration e-mails), if Match had a lifetime membership fee I would have stayed and keep trying, sadly the whole experience was just me sending messages to accounts I am not even 100% sure are active.

    3 Stars for at least being more widely available, and the 2 I did talk to meant I did something right, and it was easy to use, and I know it's done more justice to others, just not for me this time.
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    Jason_4978March 14th, 2012


    This is a great site, was successful in finding a match within 2 weeks. Pros: You can choose who you pursue, along with suggested matches from Also, profiles are very detailed and there are very few scammers or fake profiles. Cons: You really need your "A" game. While you get to choose who you pursue, those who you pursue may chose not to respond to you. You need to make sure your profile is good, your pics are good, and you are accurate and truthful. The cream rises to the top on here.
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    chris88008January 11th, 2012

    Below average

    Was a member and was not successful; three month membership and only chatted with one woman on a couple occasions. Sent numerous emails but other than the one gal (and a couple chats) I had no dates and 60 some profile views.

    Found several scam profiles and brought them to Match's attention. Had dozens of notices that "someone wants to meet you", only to find that their profile is inactive. Let's see, someone wants to meet me and the next day the profile doesn't exist. While I can't say is a complete scam, it's not as rife with fraud as other sites.

    Match does check your profile, but the enforcement is hit or miss. I reported one gal because her profile said she wasn't a member but to contact her at i'm a hot chick at yahoo dot com. (not the addy but you get the idea). I mentioned on my profile that if you write to me, put Tiamat in the subject line so I know you read my profile and weren't a 'bot. (because I didn't want Match to use my account as a shill after I cancelled). They really didn't like that!

    Not recommended, but your mileage may vary.
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    xbluenoteSeptember 26th, 2011


    Very interesting comment from someone -- 4-5 men for every 1 woman. Where did someone get that statistic? It's revealing in several ways. If older men knew that being against the population trend of more single older men than single older women they would not be inclined to waste their time on
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    CindyMay 27th, 2011


    I wish that I could block my current entire state on Where I live now is NOT important; I hate Kansas. So, my search for a mate is specifically outside of where I live now because I want to meet someone out of state and move! But I get most of my responses from the state I live in, so I never respond to any of them. Since I don't want men from my city/state contacting me...How do I block my state? Can I? Is this possible?

    If I can do this it would make a perfect 5 star for me.

    Jay_4526November 13th, 2011


    Replied to Cindy @Cindy What do you look like? If your are half decent, you can stay in my spare room at my house in London ;'D
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    LAMURIA_3739May 6th, 2011


    The worst website ever. I meet an man, he was so cute and nice and romeo with flowers and nice words and great promises and all was look like happy love story.. As soon we get married --after 1, 5 dating -- he become controller, rude, aggressive man. He beat me, cheat me, lied me.. I find out previously he was 6x married, have hundreds of lovers all over the world, have been liar all his life.
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    jack_3650April 10th, 2011


    I think it is quite big portal, but maybe too big. If you are looking for the princess, let's try.
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    MadzMarch 4th, 2011

    Above average

    Wonderful reviews! I enjoyed reading this informative post
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    Mary_3366February 13th, 2011


    Dan, you are right. I've also seen a lot of these reviews and the pattern does seem the same. Somebody has some minor problem on the site, can't send an email or thinks he/she has been billed too much, and bam, "let's go and write bad reviews everywhere as punishment". I have been on several dating sites and I would say Match is definitely among the better ones. You have to remember they have millions of members and in that lot there's always going to be some complainers. Provided you keep positive and stay open minded meeting someone is not difficult on there. BTW, I agree with Daniela you can't blame a site for an experience with one bad person. Be positive and as in any situation you have to use common sense until you really know someone, and by that I mean meeting in person, not chatting online. Good luck!

    NancyErskineCrabtreeFebruary 20th, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to Mary_3366 @Mary kept sending me people who were clearly no match, such as men who were "separated.". But what really bothers me is that they keep sending out your profile, as part of other people's "Daily Five," even after you've resigned your membership and they can't contact you. Isn't this fraudulent? 2.8 57 A review of Match. Match is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of the online dating scene, and has continued to update their service to keep pace with changing technology.