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    vidaJune 12th, 2011


    I have tried to contact i singles for a while, as i don't want to continue with the membership even clicked cancel it was supposed to finish June now its July and they have taken more money out of my account. There is no number, nothing so I'm going to have to go to the bank and sort something out. Would advise anyone not to sign up on this site.
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    john_3876June 9th, 2011


    Hi just looking at posts about isingles, well believe me it is rife with scammers, one is katelin member num 1392445 she's already tried the scam for airfare on me , plenty of photos of her and fell head over heels in love after 3 or 4 letters. Another one is valeria member num 1293280, been talking to her for couple of months, googled her first letter to me and surprise, surprise the letters been round the block a few times. Also don't you wonder why when you go on their profile, they are always on line. I think they take it in shifts.
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    Mike_3779May 14th, 2011


    Agreed, the site is a scam, if you subscribe and supply a payment method you will find you cannot cancel it - there is a means to cancel on their website, but my experience has been that the cancellation never takes place. Furthermore the website is not contactable by telephone, the only contact email address is "" - so far I've received no response.

    I think it's laughable that in order to post this comment I'm compelled to award 1 star as a rating. :-)
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    BazMay 7th, 2011


    Does anyone know how to cancel subscription my card provider says they can't cancel the payments and can't guarantee payments will stop if i cancel my card. Rating should be minus they are scum.
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    Stef_3709April 28th, 2011


    Heya, sorry to answer so late, did not check here after I posted my *review*.

    Anasyasiya was fist which contacted me there as well. :)

    I did not even have any picture or profile filled up, but she did fall in love with me already. My few sentences must been so awesome.. Pictures I did get some as well, of some very pretty women. (I guess stolen somewhere from the net, Facebook etc. maybe?) And I mean Very pretty... Not a skinny make-up toped *model*... I actually thought i will try to buy info from that person to find out who that lovely beauty really is :)

    Of course I wanted to believe.. but (luckily) the mails where so generic. Maybe (s)he improved. Just Don't subscribe, i would be not be surprised if this *person* was actually just virtual bot from the site creators as well.

    btw, I still can't get rid of that subscription, my bank promised a month ago it won't happen again.. and still they paid them again! lol seems I will need finally to go to the financial ombudsman. I suppose they earn quite a lot from this, not many ppl would probably bother to try to fight.
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    StefMarch 20th, 2011


    Once you sign for membership (15 GBP per month) you can't cancel it. Well, you have that option in settings, you even do get in your profile "You have chosen to discontinue your subscription membership after is expires on xx/x/2011.". Well, after that I was on peace, just to notice 3 months later on my bank statement that it keeps charging and renewing itself anyway each month! Besides that, site is very slow, buggy and every female there which I tried to talk turned out to be from outside UK (Russia mainly). Scammers and gold digger's heaven site!

    danielwebsterApril 1st, 2011

    Below average

    Replied to Stef @Stef I joined iSingles uk and was contact by a girl who had put down that she stays in CLWD in Wales but in fact she stays in Russia. She informed me in the second Email though she explained that she could not put her own country down as it wasn't there. We are in contact though she has sent me photographs of herself and her friends and family. I have investigated the Russian scammers pages on Russian Detective though i believe that there are scammers operating on the i Singles uk site. Out of curiosity who contacted yourself as i would be interested to know? A girl called Anasyasiya contacted me though I don't know what the score is. Can you help me?
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    Isingle_userJanuary 9th, 2011


    I'm a gold member and put up a picture of a model and emailed large chicks to test my theory and there were no replies..what a waste of money this site is and they should be strung up. You get a load of random messages when you start but they seem template-esque. I would definitely advise people to stay away from this site unless you want to be a lonely person with a smashed up computer..Shame I cannot give it 0 stars also!!!
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    GazMAugust 21st, 2010


    You should know that iSingles is a scam. Once u sign up for gold membership of 15 pounds per month there is no way to cancel and contact with the site is impossible. IGNORE IT!
iSingles UK 1.14 28 A review of iSingles UK. iSingles is an online dating site for UK Singles. It has plenty of advanced features and their simple to use interface makes the whole experience relatively easy.