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    mike_3879June 10th, 2011


    I was member of this site for over 7 months.. There are real women on this site.. But i think for every real women profile there are 20 fake profiles.. I have seen women on Skype webcam so some do match their photos.. One girl i met from Krasnodar Russia on this site came to usa on work visa and we spent time together.. So real women do exist... But there are way too many fake profiles to be comfortable with this site... Usually i have found thru my experience with this site that the profiles of girls who look like supermodels with photo shoot backgrounds and don't say much on their profile about themselves are usually fake profiles 9 out of 10 times...

    I'm currently talking to a beautiful blonde on webcam but she acts very strange and may be involved in some kind of scam or organized crime.. I don't know, but time will tell...a lot of these profiles seem to be computer generated and a lot of girls who have the platinum membership usually have one photo and they send me interest and send me mail that seems to be computer generated... This is a strange site and real women do exist here, but, way too many scams and fake profiles to take this site too serious to meet girlfriend or potential wife. Because you would have to go to their country to meet this girl and be ready to pay up to $15,000 dollars if you both like each other, if you are from usa... But overall i would not recommend this site, too much wondering are you talking to stolen photos or a real girl, because honestly every girl overseas cannot afford webcam.. So that makes it even harder.
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    RalfGrabowskiJune 9th, 2011


    I have so many "experiences", it no longer can be counted ...My opinion: Every woman, no matter from which country in the world at the "InternationalCupid" who creates a profile (usually free) is a fraud! After about 2 weeks you will be written with words of great love, "My Prince, ""I love you forever "and other forms of "Liebesbezeigung ".... After that, women are desperate to come to visit, but "unfortunately" they don't have the money for it (!!), then they continue with the request to the cost of visas, passports, ticket and, and, and ... I once sent a woman money only: She never came! My wait at the airport was useless, since for some time my e-mails were not answered. The profile of the woman was - of course - far off.

    Also, I suspect: for example, Russian women are not as poor, as one might think. I have photos that include women using new technology in the apartment (posed for photos in the background Televisions latest design, or new set-up objects in the kitchen freezer, the latest microwave equipment ...). Some photos I have the suspicion of prostitution -half-naked, provocative posture, clothing with an expensive fur coat, very strange. You get more proposals from women, even if your own profile is disabled... My review of "" and all other agencies, all in Sydney, Australia are (also!) Very bad. 99% of cheaters and liars and probably criminal organizations use this place? That I do not think so! The most important thing: The money is paid!

    Translated from German
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    sara_3816May 23rd, 2011


    Hi every one :)) Am really from morocco. I was on that site, and there were many men scammers but they were the good ones too. First the scammers gonna ask about money, or gifts..... The real ones are gonna care how you think and how you answer. For fake pictures problem, there is a live camera on MSN. The first one i talked to he was good, but he said am lying about my age. I was 28 but i was looking very young, so he's just gone. The second one I did kind of believe, and we both go out from this site and we keep talking on msn and using camera. Then he decided to come, he lives in USA. So when he came, he meet my parents and my siblings, and he liked liked him too cos he was soooo nice.

    After that he came like 5 times in one year, but i promise he never touch me because i told him am keeping myself to after marriage. So after 1 year we married and am here now with him, in usa. And am 33 years now. But any one meets me thinks am 17 years, or 18 years. Well that is how i look and i can t help it :))) But my experience was good. Everyone must have to think smart, because there is the good one too. Good luck to everyone :)))
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    IgnaceMay 6th, 2011


    I also had second thoughts about this site as I noted that nearly all girls wrote in the same style and made the same English language errors, from the US over Romania and Ukraine to China and Philippines. If you translate into their confessed mother tongue, they usually don't reply. They all seem to have Master's and PhD even at 21. I think a lot of these photos are simply too bitchy to be true but that is better than taking the photos from ex-users or somewhere else.

    Most girls are standard members and apparently should motivate men to buy gold membership in order to make contacts. Is this the plot of this site? Or are they trying worse scams, asking for money or to buy gifts and visas through their shopping website? Has anyone had any experience in meeting someone? Please don't hesitate to post your review.
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    dale_2573September 3rd, 2010

    Just average

    Yes, it's completely normal, even a russian nurse would get professional photos done. A russian girl might spend two or three months salary just to get model photos because she thinks that's what's going to help her get out. When communicating with a foreign girl I always ask for natural photos because i don't trust the photo studio ones.

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