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My experience with has been disappointing, to say the least. The problem with the site is that about half of the women whose profiles you see are scammers of one sort or another. Some are obviously prostitutes, many are obviously involved in organised crime.

For example, several of the Russian women who contacted me not only asked to go off-site right away, but initially claimed to be from Canada or the US, only to magically turn up in Russia the moment contact was established.

Several of the Russian women I contacted claimed to be nurses. The moment we went off-site together, they automatically began sending me high-end, airbrushed, professional studio-quality photos of themselves, most often provacatively posed, and wearing very little. One of the women in question was holding a purebred cat worth around $500.

Now, I happen to know that a Russian nurse makes around $100-$125 per month, and could never afford the opulent places in the backgrounds of those photos, the photo sessions, the photos, or a $500 cat. Many of these girls also claim to travel widely, and when they want to meet you, suggest meeting up in some pretty posh locations. Again, no Russian nurse can afford to be a high-end jetsetter.

I have a keen eye for this type of deception, as I once worked as a volunteer counsellor for prostitutes and drug-addicts, and drove cab part-time in several big cities. If I were to go through's entire compilation of profiles and delete the scammers (I'm just referring to the women, here), I can tell you right now that at least half of them would go, and quite possibly a fair bit more than half.


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    DM_5116May 9th, 2012


    I don't understand what is wrong with this site. I think it might be run by people pulling scams because every time I have tried to make an account it is terminated within one hour. I keep emailing the company asking why I am constantly being banned from the site. I do not think this is a legit company. I don't think they allow female profiles without them being confirmed prostitutes. I have done nor posted anything that violates terms of service. I am a legitimate and honest person who is looking for someone internationally. Very disappointed with this site.
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    Stella_5063April 13th, 2012

    Below average

    Congratulations to you! Just signed up myself, and am frustrated already by all the scammers on this website....and I'm talking about men. You have to wonder how anyone would expect someone to give their e-mail address to a complete stranger in a first message?! And those over romantic cliches right off the beginning? Oh please.... But, let's see if there are any real men in there...I guess one just has to have patience ;)

    Good luck to all.
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    EvyApril 4th, 2012

    Just average

    Hi, I'm from Peru now in the USA :) I met my husband in this site :) I can tell you that there are REAL girls and with the best intentions in this site but you gotta be lucky lol my husband before meeting me used to talk with many Ukrainian and Romanian women and one of them I think she was from Romania...they talked for like 5 months and asked some money and later disappear and deleted all her accounts. They never saw each other on cam but he thinks she was real (after reading these reviews naive of him! Lol) so my advice ...not only ask for natural pics, also chat, see them on cam, ask for pics in which they are with friends, ADD THEM ON FACEBOOK (everyone has a fb account now) and check all you can in order to verify if they are real and decent (check their friends) and do not send money to them ...a woman that is interested in you will keep talking to you for months and wouldn't ask you money but instead you come to see them ( He came to visit me after 8 months and we waited 2 years to get married) anyway good luck! :)
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    ShirleyApril 3rd, 2012


    I join this website for few months. And so far I didn't find any good man. But old man always want a so much younger women, I don't agree if they said all women in this site has a fake profile or picture. You have to communicate and then you will see. Not every woman here is poor and need your money.
  • Avatar

    mike_3879June 10th, 2011


    I was member of this site for over 7 months.. There are real women on this site.. But i think for every real women profile there are 20 fake profiles.. I have seen women on Skype webcam so some do match their photos.. One girl i met from Krasnodar Russia on this site came to usa on work visa and we spent time together.. So real women do exist... But there are way too many fake profiles to be comfortable with this site... Usually i have found thru my experience with this site that the profiles of girls who look like supermodels with photo shoot backgrounds and don't say much on their profile about themselves are usually fake profiles 9 out of 10 times...

    I'm currently talking to a beautiful blonde on webcam but she acts very strange and may be involved in some kind of scam or organized crime.. I don't know, but time will tell...a lot of these profiles seem to be computer generated and a lot of girls who have the platinum membership usually have one photo and they send me interest and send me mail that seems to be computer generated... This is a strange site and real women do exist here, but, way too many scams and fake profiles to take this site too serious to meet girlfriend or potential wife. Because you would have to go to their country to meet this girl and be ready to pay up to $15,000 dollars if you both like each other, if you are from usa... But overall i would not recommend this site, too much wondering are you talking to stolen photos or a real girl, because honestly every girl overseas cannot afford webcam.. So that makes it even harder.

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InternationalCupid Reviewed by gsmonks on . My experience with has been disappointing, to say the least. The problem with the site is that about half of the women whose profiles you see are scammers of one sort or another. Rating: 1