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Geek 2 Geek brings geeks, nerds and their admirers together with a safe, friendly, and easy to use site. Geek 2 Geek uses a matching system designed specifically by and about geeks. Geeks should not be alone, so if you are a bit of a geek or a fan, this site could be worth a look.

Geeks rejoice! is one of the leading (actually one of the only) online dating sites dedicated to bringing self-described geeks, nerds, and similar persons together for all kinds of relationships.

Be specific about what you're looking for to get the best possible matches.

It provides a romantic connection and meeting service for those interested in finding friendships, buddies, dating relationships, and serious relationship. Because there are so many types of relationships possible on this site it's important to be specific about what it is you're looking for in order to get the best possible matches.

Basic free access gives you the following:

  • Create a full photo profile
  • View other people's profiles in full
  • Create a favorites list
  • View private photos
  • Send out friend requests

The format is pretty user-friendly, and all of the options I tried were easy to use. This might seem counter-intuitive since its target is those who are typically quite computer literate, but the bottom line is that an easy to use interface is going to be more popular and active.

Upgrading: also offers useful search tools to help members and users connect with each other, although like other paid sites the most comprehensive features are available only to paid Silver members. Basic membership is free on, allowing you to search profiles and send winks to others.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    DanielLaixerMarch 30th, 2016


    I also received one of those fake messages. Don't give them a cent.

    The highlighted gibberish you see at the bottom is what the message said.
  • Avatar

    IngenuechanFebruary 12th, 2016


    I tried to sign up for what said it was an 11.99 subscription and they charged me $138. It sucks and is useless. Avoid this site at all costs.
  • Avatar

    OniDaimyoJanuary 21st, 2016


    Candy Flesh is a liar and probably a shill for the site. **** that ****.
  • Avatar

    bashirJanuary 7th, 2016


    Why dont all the geeks from Geek2Geek just convene here and go on dates here?
    And yeah, G2G sucks balls.
  • Avatar

    badsitesreviewedAugust 4th, 2015


    This is a generic dating site that has been rebranded to appeal to geeks. None of it is actually useful to the geek community. E.g. imagine you are polyamourous and have purple hair! Good luck trying to describe yourself on there. But how does it fair as a regular person dating site? Not good...

    The web design sucks. Search radius is not in the search menu, but in global settings. When you get a message, their name is not hyperlinked to their page. You have to manually search for their username.

    The worst thing about the site is that you cannot read messages from other members without paying. What proof do I have that there are actually members in my area on here? This is a legit concern as it looks pretty U.S. centric and I am in Scotland.

    A day after making my account, I received a message from a young Christian woman who lives in Florida. I am pretty sure this is a spambot, encouraging me to sign up. They would have had more chance if it was a geekbot, e.g a corset wearing Athiest who lived on my continent...
  • Avatar

    TeriJuly 1st, 2015


    Yep, it's a scam site--where's the delete profile menu??? @@##$%@!!!!. So sad.
  • Avatar

    NathanielJune 18th, 2015


    Do not sign up at all. I extremely regret not looking for reviews before doing so. There really don't seem to be anybody on this site. I spent hours sending messages to a couple dozen girls and the only responses were people trying to steal my information by trying to have me sign up for P O R N sites.

    Tried to get a refund and they completely refused and cited policy constantly. I gave them several chances before I reported them to the BBB for being so awful. I feel like their support are made of really bad chat bots. They gave me a number but it never seems to work when I was able to call. For example it said they closed at 7PM EST and I called at 6:30PM EST and they weren't there. Maybe I'll finally get a hold of them but I won't hold my breath.

    Avoid like a terrible disease. It's called con artists.
  • Avatar

    TheusernameisalreadyusedJune 6th, 2015


    I've just got stung by what I now realise to be an obvious scammer on Gk2Gk. "She" sent me a message on Gk2Gk, so like a fool I upgraded my account to read it. Then she showed me her facebook page "Rosie Keel" (lots of lewd male 'friends'), who is conveniently an adult model, who also gave me a link to her adult website that needed a "no charge" age verification by some no-name company. Geeks cannot be this stupid!
  • Avatar

    shavkatMay 20th, 2015


    gk2gk sucks and is scam 2 accounts of mine were deleted theyre deleting accounts and you cannot write a message
  • Avatar

    JohnTheWaryMay 14th, 2015


    Absolutely an exploitative scam. They take advantage of those with social anxiety or geeky interests with a smooth sales pitch, but the site is full of fake profiles and they will spam you constantly -even if you delete your account- and even send you fake messages from fake users which pretend to be interested in you to trick you into paying to view and reply to the messages.
    And if they get your payment info, they'll rip you for exorbitant subscription fees without consent and refuse to cancel it - you have to call your credit card company.

    Do not trust this site with your money. Do not give them your e-mail address. And most of all NEVER give them a photo. If you're at all attractive, they'll use it to populate their fake accounts, and impersonate you to send fake messages to others and trick them into paying for a membership. How's that for Identity theft?

    The FBI should really know about this scam.

    All of the positive reviews here are posted by sock puppets of the site owner.
Geek 2 Geek 1.38 75 A review of Geek 2 Geek - Geek 2 Geek brings geeks, nerds and their admirers together with a safe, friendly, and easy to use site. Geek 2 Geek uses a matching system designed specifically by and about geeks.