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This site is free to join and totally free for women. Registering is quick and easy, after which you can look through photo galleries of single women and men looking for an internet pal or romance.

An aptly named online dating service that offers free membership for females.

The simple idea behind this is that letting women in for free is better for everyone. Women don't pay, and men are happy too because there are more ladies! At least that's what they claim! But is it true?

Subscriptions for Men

Although it offers free access to women, there are still far more men than women among its users. Men have the choice of a weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription allowing them access to the internal email and live chat features.

Men can create a profile for free however they will find their ability to communicate is restricted until a subscription is purchased (see the price list for men here).

Using the site

After you've created a profile, you can add photos or record an intro video directly on a webcam. There's also a mobile service that lets you receive matches directly on your mobile device.

You can search and view details about singles events in your chosen area.

There are several ways to find people: By doing a general location search or a detailed search that consists of everything from eye and hair color to educational background and income. Features allow members to not only bookmark a favorite profile but view the names of others who have made a visit to theirs.

The "Events" page lets you search for and view details about singles events in your chosen area. Many of the these are speed dating events and do require a booking fee.

In Summary

There isn't anything remarkable about Girlsdateforfree other than what it says - it lets women in without paying. There's a boilerplate set features that you'd expect with any dating site which makes it easy to find other users. The format is friendly and it's relatively easy to get the hang of where things are.

Dating can remain strictly online or members can choose to meet in person; however, the database for this online service is more suited for those in the US and the UK.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    FarioShahbazianMarch 14th, 2012


    GirlsDateForfree!! Stay away from it at any cost, nothing but scams, don't waste your money at all on these sites.
  • Avatar

    camilla_4798January 23rd, 2012


    This is total utter rubbish. I agree and yes only three days and some girl says she loves my friend what crap. This is not for anyone who wants genuine love or friendship only scamming mongrels.
  • Avatar

    AdyJanuary 10th, 2012


    Rubbish! I did not even start with this or add a profile, I clicked a link by error and now am pestered with matches form nice ladies who do not know I am not on here. They charge the guys only, isn't this sexist and they refuse to let you write a complaint and the message bar they make you use to communicate with them will not allow you to complain, even ask 'delete me'... Stay away, this site is crap and should be shut down for being a deliberate pest!

    I have reluctantly clicked one star, you should be able to indicate zero!

    sandra_4934March 1st, 2012


    Replied to Ady @Ady It is a fake site because i talked to a guy that was saying he loved me in 2 days and i found out he was a scammer from Africa wanting money from women...I fooled him and reported him to the right people to take care of him..i told him what i thought of him for trying to take advantage of women. I tried to get them to take me off this crazy site but they haven't, so i have reported them to Facebook. If someone reads this watch out for the one called Patrick Trump he is the scammer.
  • Avatar

    mollygroosenNovember 29th, 2011

    Below average

    Hi everyone am molly a fun loving person that loves a man true and honesty play a big part hope u are out there sweetie.
  • Avatar

    Jim_4502November 6th, 2011


    My god 75% male on this site, and yet its free for the ladies, what is the world coming to?
  • Avatar

    bumbaparuiJuly 15th, 2011


    Hi, i am bumba parui. I am student 24 year old. I want friendship with decent girl.
  • Avatar

    raj_3672April 16th, 2011

    Below average

    It's a site for those who are single, it's good, i have seen it few days back, and i got response from two ladies who are living my nearest town, let's see what happens.
  • Avatar

    DebFebruary 27th, 2011

    Below average

    Have not been on this site for very long but while on here I have already meet two scammers who fall so fast in love with me. In just two days they were in love. Most are stating they are from the military how rude on their part to use the military this way.
  • Avatar

    karthikJanuary 5th, 2011

    Below average

    hi i am a very jovial and lovable person want friends and a gf.
  • Avatar

    ScottJune 29th, 2009

    Below average

    I joined this site over 2 years ago and would say that there is a major flaw - because women do not have to pay to use the site there is a massive proportion (around 80% from my own experience) who are there simply because they have nothing better to do or are simply using it as a sex contact site. I'm not saying that it is all one sided but for the genuine guy looking to meet someone special, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

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GirlsDateforFree 1.75 12 A review of GirlsDateforFree. This site is free to join and totally free for women. Registering is quick and easy, after which you can look through photo galleries of single women and men looking for an internet pal or romance.