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Get it On is a different type of adult dating community that offers sexual compatibility testing to help you find not just any partner, but a partner who is compatible where it matters, in bed. The site, though recently launched is quickly growing in popularity and offers free basic membership.

GetitOn is designed to help consenting adults meet their sexual equal.

It offers an innovative adult compatibility test that enables members to specify their sexual chemistry in terms of likes and dislikes, fetishes and fantasies. From this, the idea is that it will let you discover other members who are sexually compatible with you.

The Sexual Compatibility Test

The test is the first step of the registration process on the site. It takes just a few moments and all of the questions are on one page.

You simply click one of the choices from "Gotta have it" to "Never gonna happen" for each question. On completing this, you're then asked to enter a few personal details for your profile, some details about the type of relationship you are seeking, and you're done.

Other Stuff

On entering the site, you can quickly find others who are compatible by simply clicking on "best matches", upon which you'll be presented with a page of members and a score for each, indicating how well they match your preferences.

Clicking "compare our answers" will show a side-by-side comparison. On such a site, this saves a lot of time, since you can simply "hone in" on those members who are looking for the same thing as you are.

Worth It? has a clean modern look, and was revamped with a host of new features. As part of Friendfinder they already have a massive community of users who are ready to explore their wilder side. It also benefits from a number of innovative features. This allows you to focus on finding someone. They also have a constant stream of new visitors, thanks to their active publicity campaigns. Overall I found Getiton is well put together, engaging, and easy to use.

The free basic membership offered gives just a sneak preview of the site. Upgrading to a paid membership will be necessary in order to view profiles in full and communicate with other people.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    BINIAMJune 27th, 2016

    Below average

    I think get it on has good features check it out for yourself.
  • Avatar

    blinkoFebruary 13th, 2016


    This site doesn't work! None of them do, no matter how many credit cards I sign up with. They all seem fake! It almost seems that hot chicks aren't actually interested in having casual sex with random guys.
  • Avatar

    brianaJune 10th, 2013


    This site gets right to the point which is very good on many occasions for both men and women. Sometimes you don't want to go through the whole dating process of dinner and small talk. This site will get you right to the sex!
  • Avatar

    keith_5138May 20th, 2012

    Useless is a scam and a fraud. There should be a class action lawsuit against them and their owners, All positive reviews out there are just shills.
  • Avatar

    OHUWLLMarch 20th, 2012


    Has anyone ever found a site that really works? Why the hell can't someone make a site that is 100% legit and just do it right, verify everyone and then let the games begin?
  • Avatar

    davidramNovember 17th, 2011


    Some sites I've just signed up as a free member, some sites I've been a paid member. I have yet to find a site that doesn't tell you enticing things, or suggest other members want to meet you, just to get you to pay, but then give nothing in return. Nothing to prove your e-mails actually get sent. Paid members being told they can contact standard members, who are not allowed to read their e-mails, or contact paying members. Paying members getting their personal contact info deleted. Claiming members are in your area, that are states away, and e-mail responders who are dumber then my dog. And yes I've tried this site too.
  • Avatar

    JIMFLEMINGMarch 7th, 2011

    Above average

    This site seems promising just checked it out! At least the members are local.
  • Avatar

    trevorwattsNovember 6th, 2010


    Not too much to say but im just too big; i find it hard having sex god mixed me up with a horse; i try being gentle looking for a perfect fit.

    Mike_4353September 27th, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to trevorwatts @trevor watts LOL!!! F you, bullshitter!
  • Avatar

    PracticallyMarch 7th, 2010


    GETITON is an excellent site for adults who interest varies from curious to committing.
  • Avatar

    koolhasbeenJanuary 10th, 2010

    Above average

    Attached 64 y.o. former swinging partner of a happily married couple... until she decided time of time to go her own way (back to the secret love affairs). The reason we (I) started us into swinging in the first place (the most honest time of any married couples lives). But that was then and this is NOW. Many pleasant times with great memories, but what was missing then (and for a reason) was the closeness, compassionate conversations, and extended after play ever so present in an extra-marital office love affairs. As I wish no "one night stands" to just add to....well, you get the picture.... As I not only wish to spend hours of foreplay, (oh great foreplay is everyones motto) but after play is where the real pleasures are had... As I have always been wanting to enjoy the inner beauty. There is someone very special inside that sexy body and behind that beautiful face..... Oh, many now are not what we were, but does that really matter when the chemistry is right? Even if at times just to hold you...let you set the pace, or just cuddle...until then.
Get it On 2.82 11 A review of Get it On. Get it On is a different type of adult dating community that offers sexual compatibility testing to help you find not just any partner, but a partner who is compatible where it matters, in bed.