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Fitness Singles is an online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts or those who want to meet them. Members list their sporting activities and level or proficiency in each, and can "match-up" with others who share similar interests.

Those people whose sporting activities or health regime is an important aspect of their lives may find Fitness Singles an apt spot for meeting their next "significant other". Of course it also serves as a place for those who may not be "sporty", but want to meet an "athletic type".

If you have a "free account" you will find you're prompted to upgrade on trying to access chat or email.

Getting Started

New members are required to fill in several pages of information, including their sporting activities, general appearance, employment and smoking and drinking habits as well as a description of themselves.

There are three options for those who want to upgrade (required for any contacts): Rookie (1 month), Amateur (3 months) and Pro (6 months). Membership privileges are the same and differ only in the length of time - the lowest subscription starts at $39.50 for 1 month, but there are discounts available when signing up for longer periods.

All profiles are checked before going live on the site, and although you'll be able to gain access, several features (including email) will be blocked until you're approved.

Finding People

Three profile searches are provided; the basic search, advanced search, and username search. Basic search allows you to find compatible members quickly by their age, desired relationship and their location.

The advanced search offers an array of additional choices to help you to whittle down your list of potential matches. Clicking on a photo in the resulting lists will reveal the full profile of that person, which includes their public photo album, physical activities, and their level of expertise in each of their sports.

Fitness Singles is one of the leading sites catering to the fitness junky who's looking for romance.

It's possible to message him/her from here (once your profile is approved), using either the site's email system, winks, or chat if they happen to be online. If you have a "free account" you will find you're prompted to upgrade on trying to access chat or email. Flirts (showing interest) can be sent for free but that's all.

In Summary...

Fitness Singles has around 31,000 active users which makes it one of the biggest “specialist fitness” dating sites at the present time. Most of the people on the site are dedicated to some sporting activity or other; some are seeking a partner to join them in their activities, while others are seeking romantic connections.

Prospective members should note, as some of the comment post below have mentioned, other sites with much larger membership also have the ability to search for members based on sporting and fitness interest.

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  • Avatar

    SpalatinDecember 20th, 2018

    Below average

    I found it to be mostly about sex.
  • Avatar

    Mike152255October 7th, 2018

    Below average

    Like many dating sites, there are just too many people who either don't exist or post fake photos in the hopes they can chat with someone. Is it a waste of time? That depends how much you value your time. 90% of the people on there are not looking for anything significant; just a hot bod and hoping for a hookup deep doewn inside. The site does not really vet the people who post. Best advice; be dating while appearing attractive can consume a person.
  • Avatar

    SingleAugust 28th, 2018

    Below average

    For me the most frustrating thing is that non-members cannot read messages, and there is no indication on the profiles who is paid and who is not (like some other dating sites show). So even if YOU pay for a membership and send a message to someone, they will never receive if THEY are not a paid member, and you'll never know if they received it and are ignoring you, or haven't read it yet.
  • Avatar

    unhappyMay 11th, 2018


    Scam .... Just try and contact them .... Once they have your payment info they will not stop stealing your money .... I ordered one month ... Every month they keep stealing from me .. Just try to call or Email ... No Luck ... Total Scam ... STAY AWAY
  • Avatar

    FuriousApril 10th, 2017


    I have never heard of this site, in fact I am in a great relationship. My bank account showed a withdrawal for $65.97to this site. I DID NOT approve this!!!!! Cannot call and talk to anyone, had to send an email.
  • Avatar

    Ali_2802April 6th, 2017

    Just average

    Maybe we can all join it
  • Avatar

    SarahJenkinsMay 18th, 2016


    They have a pretty good way of luring you in, by initially promising a free dating service. The truth is once you have created your profile, you discover that you can only search and view profiles for free, receive email and instant messages, and send pre-written interest messages. If you want to actually make contact with a member the fee starts at $29.95 for one month going up to a total of $12.95 per month for a six month membership. If you are active and into the outdoors, don't waste your money. is a free site offering the same type of service, and it also includes members from outside the USA.
  • Avatar

    bootcampsgoldcoastMay 9th, 2016


    It's totally waste of time. It's so boring. Thanks.
  • Avatar

    keenrunnerNovember 10th, 2012


    Too many inactive members, rude / generic one-liner messages that has nothing to do with the sport invitation that i sent (which makes you think that they may actually are employees of FS), don't waste your time with FS. overpriced for such little member base...
  • Avatar

    michelle_5024March 30th, 2012

    Just average

    This site is legitimate, I have met men via this site. I last used the site last year & I am pondering whether to give it another try. The issue I had was not the site but the pathetic individuals I met. One hacked my email, phone & became obsessive, another should have used a brothel rather than a site to promote his own services. Yes ladies his comments insinuated he had his own services in mind. Another two had more baggage than a Qantas airbus aero plane & another rudely told me I was forward for wanting to meet up-well I'll be isn't that what the site is for after emailing back & forth. For others it was a game how quick they could get your number, pathetic mentally challenged men that are full of narcissism. There must be a decent man on there but where is like finding a needle in a haystack. Question is not is the site legitimate but is the person in question? Tread carefully unless all the above is your thing. Most of the men 40 & over are having a mid life crisis & are only interested in 20 something girls.
Fitness Singles 1.7 44 A review of Fitness Singles. Fitness Singles is an online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts or those who want to meet them.