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    JackMalonesMay 15th, 2013

    Above average

    I like eharmony, I think the method they use is the best on the internet for actually finding a partner, although most people lie you can actually find a partner there.
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    Chriss89May 5th, 2013

    Above average

    I have heard some success stories from people that have found real love on e harmony, I know a girl who got married to a man she met on e harmony and she was doing really well last time I saw her. Even when it can be expensive is very reliable as far as I know.
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    LadyWomanMay 6th, 2012


    Better get to the dog pound, pal. All these ladies should be glad you never contacted them.
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    KathiJanuary 30th, 2012


    E-Harmony was a major waste of money! I am attractive, but was about 40 lbs. overweight (I've lost weight since). I've seen heavier women who date regularly, but I'm also in my mid-50's, however I look younger. Every man that I contacted never wrote back and nobody contacted me. It is overpriced and a complete waste of time.
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    chris88008January 11th, 2012


    I guess I'm one of those few that didn't pass the test. Don't know how I didn't pass as I disclosed that I was Catholic (but not practicing) and as a part of my background check with my security job, I passed a psychological evaluation. So, I have the mental acumen (and marksmanship ability) to carry a firearm on duty, yet fail eHarmony's test. Kind of kick you below the belt as far as your self-esteem goes, but for the money they charge and the numerous complaints I've read, I'm almost glad I didn't pass.

    Diana_5031April 1st, 2012

    Above average

    Replied to chris88008 @Chris Don't worry, I didn't pass because I indicated I didn't want any children...oh well. Eventually I changed that to "maybe"(yes, I cheated) and found someone in less than a month. Weird how that works.
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    Cre47December 7th, 2011

    Below average

    Problem 1 with this site: On the Canadian site, you have to have Visa or Mastercard or otherwise you won't be able to subscribe. Not even with Paypal which is stupid especially since the other E-Harmony sites do accept PayPal.

    Problem 2: The subscription costs are more than double most of the other sites. Basically, the only moment basically you can subscribe is during those 3-month promo offers.

    Problem 3: Like Zoosk, the person that you are interested must be subscribed to even just see your picture.

    Problem 4: Even if you're subscribed you're definitely not guaranteed to have success. With the cost I think you should get more bang for the buck and so far EHarmony has failed to do so. Even during the Free Communication Weekend, where I've send the first set of questions to over 150 people, I've got only two responses. Just a complete flop.

    So you have to pray for each promotion that are few and far between, even though other sites don't even have any promotions at all.
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    DeeLarryAugust 15th, 2011

    Below average

    Christian dating is the only type of dating I'm doing from now on! I need someone who understands where I'm coming from and what I believe in, and with this site I get that. I couldn't recommend it more!
  • Avatar

    BossJuly 13th, 2011


    This site is garbage! I signed up for 3 months and i canceled it within the week! I got a whopping 300+ matches, of those I'd say maybe only25 had pictures, and 90% of those that did have pictures were all fat women. I put everything i was looking for in those 1000 questions you get asked and i get matched up with fat women. There is also no search engine, so you're stuck with who you're 'matched' up with. I complained to them directly and you know what they told me? I have to look past the looks and to their personality. Yea effin right. If there's no attraction physically in any way, nothings gonna happen. Thumbs down to this site, had a better experience on

    DenimDecember 12th, 2011


    Replied to Boss @Boss I agree wholeheartedly with the comments by "Boss" on July 13th. It was just a waste of money, I spent time playing with the settings, and I was very limited to the amount I could view. I listed slim/slender, and all I got were overweight women. Within the week almost, I cancelled my 3 month subscription. I have been to a few dating sites, and what I've found was this, any woman who thought she was half decent in looks, and was for arguments sake 55 yrs old, she would list as wanting to meet guys between 30 to 45 yrs old. So, me being 59 yrs old, what chance did I have? Yet, many people I know, say I look 10 yrs younger than my age, I'm fit, muscular, and going by what they say, quite attractive also. Yet I have a huge problem in getting a females interest, once they see the age, interest lost... I have found that a huge number of dating sites cater for either the younger woman looking for guys around their age, or they're gold diggers, looking for money or passports or where the female is around 40 yrs old and onwards, generally she is a cougar. I get more smiles, hellos, and come-ons when I go to the local supermarket, or go out to a cafe for a coffee. To me, and many other guys in my position, dating sites are a waste of money. I will not settle for a woman, I know I won't be happy with, just for the sake of company. I would rather get myself a dog.

    Janet_5009March 24th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to Denim @Denim Response to Denim: I joined eH recently, did it one other time and apparently I didn't learn my lesson. I am 53, W,S,F I know I am getting matched with non active members, which I don't understand. I am not interested in being with just anyone but "hello" is anyone out there? I should just remember this is a business. So I plan on walking my dog, go out with friends and see how things go.
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    Mike_3862June 3rd, 2011


    I think most of the complaints expressed here are from those who have not used eHarmony appropriately. The secret is to make sure that you go to "My Settings" and visit each of "Distance", "Personal Preferences", and "Backgrounds and Beliefs" and adjust the "How important is this to you?" to reflect the appropriate significance that you personally want to apply. For example under "I would like my matches to be between the ages of X and Y" you need not only to enter the appropriate ages but also say how important it is that you only get matches that fall between those ages. So if it is VERY IMPORTANT then make sure the marker is moved to #7. If you don't do this you are much more likely to get matches that are outside of the values of "X" and "Y".

    But please remember that sometimes eHarmony will still send you someone who does not meet a particular value you have set because the proposed match measures so highly on the 29 deep criteria measured by the extensive questionnaire you each completed.

    As for the physical appearance of any particular proposed match sent to you, it is important to remember two things. First, that the software they use is not capable of measuring the appearance of a photo against some criteria that you may currently be carrying in your mind. And two, that as the site says any match sent you has been evaluated against the 29 deeper criteria and so it is recommended that you rarely reject someone based solely on their physical appearance.

    I want to address the issue of this supposedly being a "Christian" website. Nothing could be more incorrect. I myself have followed my own advice given above and excluded any "Christian" and set my choice to "Spiritual but not religious" and moved the bar to make this a very important criteria. I get lots of matches sent me and none of them are from Christians.

    Finally, one important tip. Whenever you change criteria, make sure you hit "Save" or your change will not be applied to possible matches.
  • Avatar

    james_3175January 9th, 2011


    The worst consumer experience, the worst dating experience I've ever had. Of the 95 matches they sent me 90 were not even within my geographical settings of 200 miles. Of the 5 that were within my region 2 were not even paid subscribers, one was too old, one too young and one too big. I'm contacted by a woman a six hour drive away. I give it a try. She nurtures a relationship over the phone. But when I drive to the city in which she lives I meet the old boy friend who is still in the house, couch surfing in her living room, she's completely unable to get rid of him. But Eharmony calls this abuse "service". Read their terms. They are selling nothing but an unqualified list of names. How is this doing business in good faith? It just isn't. And they come from a "faith perspective" initially!?! These people have no integrity; have no concept of what abuse really is.
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