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    RedbushOctober 13th, 2010


    Stay away from this site. All of the comments here are very factual. If you are not total looser and know what you r looking for, there is very little chance you will find it "on the distance". It is very addictive, money sucking and contra productive. I definitely share the opinion of provision provided to ladies for chatting with you ( us ) as well as anytime ( 4 ) I made it to the point of getting chicks phone and asked her to chat on skype or tokbox, computer broke, web cam stopped working and only "program" which has been working was Dream Marriage.. haha...Very transparent ...Good luck fishing ;)) I wouldn't click on any of rating stars, however I had to do so.

    usmarineNovember 9th, 2010


    Replied to Redbush I agree with @Redbush. I have been on Dream marriage for a while and lately I been having my doubts like he said you ask for the personal information and they don't have a computer or it broke no web cam, internet too expensive. They can only talk on Dream Marriage site. Well you can't tell me that all these girls go to an agency to use a computer to talk and for 12 hours at a time. They have to be using their own computer at home and if they tell you that you are the only one they are communicating with then why are they on for 12 hrs every day? ... even longer in the middle of the night. They don't have to work the morning? So if you are the only guy they are talking to then why are they on the site so long when you are not on it? Plus look at the testimonials and look at the pictures of the girls and the guy that got married. The girl is not even close to as beautiful as the girls on the site. I have not seen one girl that is not beautiful, meaning there are no ugly or below standard girls on the site. Come on what is up with that? Plus you get girls that will only talk through chat which costs money. I think it is a scam and the girls are paid to talk to guys to make them think that they are interested in you and get you to keep spending money. Something is not right, you also ask for a picture and they keep sending you a picture of their professional ones they had done. They don't send any taken by a friend - a normal picture of themselves. Think about it.
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    DarrellMay 2nd, 2010


    I signed up here about a month ago. Didn't post a picture, had very little information in my profile and I still received 1248 letters from ladies. All of these ladies are extremely good looking in their pictures. A note about the pictures - they are definitely professionally done and airbrushed, or what use to be called airbrushed. Some are touched up a bit much and look like it. I am speculating that at least some of these people on here can't be legitimate. I checked out numerous young ladies pages - all between 18 and 22. Each of them had an age requirement of between 55 and 60 years old - one had 70? I don't care how big the cultural gap is, there is no way that many young ladies would be interested to match up with men that much older than them. I suspect that this age group is most likely the one spending the money ... where there's smoke there's fire - run, don't walk away ...
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    terryApril 3rd, 2010


    Dream marriage is very glossy, with a great presentation and full of very beautiful ladies who want to find love. This is definitely what a good dating site should be. However it does seem a little strange that so many beautiful young ladies want to communicate with me mmmmmm. Are there no younger men on this site? When I login I find many letters waiting for me and many invitations to chat all for a price of course and soon enough your credits are gone!!! Isn't that a surprise!!! They do not let you exchange email or phone numbers even if you wanted, which other sites do mmmmmm bearing in mind that you can set up an email address purely for that task. And SIM cards cost nothing these days. It could be that the ladies just want to talk on that site mmmmmm. Could it also be that the ladies are sending emails and chatting to as many men as possible, earning commission? It is also very strange that they do not allow you to send mail in Russian, when other sites do mmmmmmm and when you question the validity of the site to the ladies they defend it with a passion mmmmmmm. Can you see a picture forming? Well we live and learn. I personally will be removing my profile. I suggest you do the same.
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    MishaEdwards_ChinnoOctober 21st, 2009


    My advice to any man is to stay away from It will take all your money. It is full of women who are scammers. Most women will talk to you as long as they think you are going to marry them and get them out of their country, but as soon as they think you don't have money they will drop you like a ton of bricks. All women will have around 10 - 20 men they talk to and will find out who has the money and that's the one they will choose. Russian and Ukrainian women fall in and out of love like we westerners have lunch each day. Don't be fooled how beautiful they are. This web site is for suckers only. You have been warned.
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    Mark_892April 17th, 2009


    Completely efficient site full of scammers and in my opinion very dangerous to your bank balance. It will suck you in full of beautiful girls that want to do nothing but promise you the earth in order to extract money from you.

    cdmiles714June 27th, 2012


    Replied to Mark_892 Yes DM is a scam, but don't blame the US agency completely. The real culprits are the correspondent agencies in the Ukraine. I have seen the same girl on DM and 1st International at the same time. Only way that can happen is if the agency in the Ukraine is making it happen.

    Of course DM does nothing about the Ukraine agencies. Why would they kill the golden goose?

    Do a little research, and you will find copies of advertisements from Ukraine newspapers seeking girls to write to foreign men, and offering $1500 a month, or more.

    Set up a free account on DM, and watch the letters come in. Add a few to your favorites list, and watch their login patterns. I have seen some girls online for over 24 hours straight.

    If you feel you must write to some of these "ladies" buy a platinum membership for $50 a month. That will give you 50 "free" introductory letters, and 30 "free" follow-up letters. That works out to $1.66 per follow up letter. Do not buy extra credits.
Dream Marriage 1.33 22 A review of Dream Marriage. An international online dating service and marriage agency where you can meet very attractive single Russian women.