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A site that exists to "out" jerks and serial daters. Don't Date Him girl is a site where women (and men) can discuss, and share information about people they are dating or have been romantically involved with. The site offers a good collection of articles, tips and suggestions as well as an ebook by the same name.

This site is essentially a place where scorned spouses and lovers can exchange information about their boyfriends, or husbands, or just gain some support and advice. There are several popular forums covering different aspects of relationships, dating and cheaters. Member can exchange information about experiences and about people they've been involved with. The site does have posting guidelines and prohibits posting of personal details such as names, addresses and so on. For those who are interested, this matter is discussed in greater length in my blog post.

Don't Date him does offer some resources for men, however much of the site is geared towards female issues and as such it seems to be used predominantly by women. The site also offers some valuable dating advice and articles.

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