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  • Avatar

    DickyJuly 21st, 2007


    For everyone who wants to delete their account, here's how!

    Log into your account and then paste this link into your browser

    Hope that has helped you out!
  • Avatar

    DuncanJuly 20th, 2007

    Below average

    Was once an excellent site. Now steer well clear. You cannot leave once joined. You cannot contact them.
  • Avatar

    TomJuly 17th, 2007


    I agree with all of the above comments! There are a substantial number of negative comments about Dating Direct on other review sites. All of the comments are since Dating Direct "revamped" the site in June 2007

    The site has no "contact us" option although the T&C's say there is. There is no option to cancel membership and withdraw your profile. A considerable number of the people I have looked at have not visited the site in excess of 3 months. Some have stated their age in their written profile but the system auto updates people's ages.....many are from 3 years ago. I am having huge difficulties in cancelling the auto-renew and will probably have to cancel my credit card to avoid further payments being made. This is a problem I have read about on other review sites of Dating Direct.

    The search options do not work accurately, I have discovered people by modifying my options who should have appeared in other searchs. When writing emails to people the site does not always accept keystrokes and it takes ages to write an email. The keys often have to be pressed 5,6,7 times before the letter appears on the screen.

    I would STRONGLY urge anyone considering joining Dating Direct to look elsewhere.
  • Avatar

    DatingDirectJuly 12th, 2007


    Since the site has moved over to the new look I can't put in my personal details correctly, as far as height goes it is still giving the old option (i.e. 5ft5 - 5ft8) which is what I fall into (I'm actually 5ft7) but a woman recently asked me if I'm 5ft4 and told me that is the height my profile is saying and I have no way to change it. This is seriously having an affect on the amount of emails I'm getting and there is nothing I can do about it as there is no way to contact them. With a website a complex as DD it is obvious there are going to be problems and what good is it when there is no customer service email at all. Very frustrated and upset with this terrible service. I would avoid DD if I were somebody considering joining.
  • Avatar

    StuartJuly 12th, 2007


    I wanted to sign up for 1 month. I decided to pay with Paypal. At no point in the procedure was I given the choice of 1,3 or 6 months and I unwittingly ended up paying for 6 months. I could not contact them as there is no email. I wrote a letter to the one address on the site - no response. I contacted Paypal to stop any further payments - OK no problem there. I have just received an email from DD saying that as I have stopped future payments, they have closed my account! This is after 1 week of a supposedly 6 month contract!!! I'm finding it very hard to retain my composure, I understand fully why there are no contact details. Do not use this website, they want your money and care about nothing else. it is a scam.
  • Avatar

    IsobelJune 30th, 2007


    It is pretty much impossible to find out how to contact them if there is a problem. The premier plus service also isnt what they advertise.
  • Avatar

    DanJune 28th, 2007


    How on earth does one terminate being a member on DatingDirect? This is not good. They should have a simple un subscribe button. One can't email them either.
  • Avatar

    danniJune 26th, 2007

    Below average

    I think that might have more members subscribe if they can have access to a customer service. There is no contact on the site and when I have gone to FAQs to contact them that way, I discovered that you first have to subscribe.

    Since I am having trouble paying a subscription and wanted to know if it is possible to take card payments over the phone as I have used this payment method with another dating site.
  • Avatar

    Colin_303June 23rd, 2007


    Since the change over of the site to the new better facility I have lost all ability to search. It says that there are no matches yet I have tried to search with an extensive match and with an open match setting. If this is improving the service then I think I need to change. It also says that you can contact them but there is no link, so how do I tell them of the problem?
DatingDirect 1.36 58 A review of DatingDirect. A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom. DatingDirect is now owned by Meetic, the largest dating network in Europe. They have around 36,000 active users.