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    incognitoMarch 11th, 2011


    Connecting Singles is plagued with fake profiles. Reporting fake-profiles to the website goes unnoticed. Forums are generally the same users who become aggressive towards any new user reports of a regular forum poster will also go unnoticed. Website will delete anyone's profile that makes a report. I have found the users and the website completely a waste of time. You get what you pay for and in this case it is not worth the price of admission.

    venusApril 1st, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to incognito
    That's Ironic as I clearly remember you being on the site last night, crying foul loud and clear over an idiot. I also remember how we circled around you trying to make you feel better and protecting you from that member...To the rest I say what a bunch of sour grapes! Whaaaa!! I have been on the site for a year, met several good guys and made a bunch of friends! The forums rock and are hilarious. I get a good laugh every day. When I was struggling with an issue, I found members reached out and really were there for me. I think sometimes people expect a dating site to solve all their worldly problems. How unrealistic. Grow up!!! Sounds to me like a bunch of disgruntled banned members (rightly so) on here...To anyone reading I would caution to take these comments with a whopping grain of salt.

    demonfairy_3588April 4th, 2011


    Replied to venus @venus I have been on connecting singles a year. I have met several people from the site, made a lot of good friends. It is a wonderful site, full of very nice people. Every now and then a few trouble makers show up, we call them trolls, connecting singles deals with them and any members fairly. Just have fun, enjoy the site! Come see us you hear!
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    R_McADecember 6th, 2010


    For what ever reason CS stocks the site with fake members to post in the forums. If you complain about the rude behavior of theses fake profiles you get harassed by the moderators. Some of the problem personalities have been on the site for over three years posting abuse of others without the slightest disciplinary action taken against them. A friend speculates this is being done by the website owners to create the appearance of more traffic for Google advertising banners. Whatever is going on it is annoying and unneeded.

    mikygrDecember 8th, 2010


    Replied to R_McA
    It's more than annoying and manipulating, it's a real impudence, a fraud, to see how the "today events"-forums are managed: There is a four-members Zionist clique (self declared though) in there which immediately will jump on your head if your opinion is not conform to theirs and you impede theme doing their "duty in there" (this was wordy spoken out by one of this totally Zionist-Racist element, probably by mistake, but he wouldn't give ever an answer about his "duty there"...).

    Instead they will start insulting in most primitive way, jumping and laughing around instead of answering posts, showing primitive cartoons to put you down in the eyes of the others. If it happens to get fed up with all this personal insults and you start giving back, you'll be reported and soon "banned" without any explanation. It seems that they are well organized amongst themselves and the management. Maybe this clique is a bit bigger, I was only close 2 months there, what I know is that other people were thrown out for the same reason. But this four seem to be UNTOUCHABLE, whatever they let out and is proven that it's always them starting insulting, lie and even systematically manipulating your posts. They seem to be "experts" in that, you'll find them day by day and for many hours in there, and this since some years now...

    This all is not out of my fantasy: 7. Dec. started a long forum about this matter, read it if interested, you'll see that most people got fed up with these practices and wouldn't even more participate in forums with actual topics. A lady in there described it even more detailed.

    My advice to you: If you are mainly interested in exchanging some thoughts about today's going on topics (as I did), just keep far from this site; it's a real FARCE finally. But if you want to date and/or participate in "jokes" and "dating and relation.
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    ObjectiveUser_2861October 30th, 2010

    Above average

    This is an example of the disgruntled users who "got in trouble" trying to ruin Connecting singles with bad reviews. They even bragged about it. Make up your own mind about the site. If you like to talk to others without it costing a penny, it's a great site. I made some good friends across the U.S. and Asia...and never had a problem with the site. There are many others that feel like I do...check out the free forums and see.

    silkDecember 4th, 2011


    Replied to ObjectiveUser_2861 @ObjectiveUser It's a stupid site, most of the members are illiterate use offensive language and the "Poet's corner" what the heck is that? They post such pathetic poems and the Poets think of themselves as the chosen ones! It's quite funny I read a poet writing quote.. "Be careful what you say here in the Poet's corner remember the world is watching you"..........!!!! Which world? In what age are these delusional ego centric people living? The World is watching them? Why is the World concerned with these lyrically challenged people writing somewhere on a dating site in the virtual reality is pretty much beyond my comprehension. It did make me grin tho'.
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    ObjectiveUserOctober 29th, 2010

    Above average

    I have been on Connecting singles for two years and never once had my profile deleted, and neither did anyone else who didn't break their rules regarding polite behaviour. Those that get banned are those who get a kick out of rude and lewd behaviour, insulting others, and acting like kindergarten bullies. Because they want to offer their service for free, it unfortunately opens the door for anyone to join and put up a fake profile. Romance scams are nothing new; they have just found a fertile venue for it: online dating sites.

    I came to this site because the person who posted above bragged about trying to ruin Connecting Singles with "bad reviews" for they didn't like being "banned". Just as children are told to go sit in the corner when they are misbehaving, so it is on a social forum when you just can't act like an adult.
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    EdwardsOctober 28th, 2010

    Useless is a free site, yes, I joined and enjoyed the site, met nice friends, playing nice and didn't break any rule, BUT, suddenly my profile got deleted without knowing the reason. One of my friends there said, she met a bloody scammer, that scammer after failed to scam her for money, he turned to scam for sex, luckily she is clever and did not got scammed, but the evidences about scammer were very clear, she reported the profile but nothing has happened, the profile of the scammer is still in the website and online every day. I read the forums and blogs and I see that there is not only my friend saying so, but also a lot of people said the same things. Admin of website did nothing with Profile of scammers. They are still on the website. While profile of my friend, a real and genuine and very nice, had been deleted!

    I read forums and blog and knowing that there are many profiles, who played wise, fair play users, were deleted by admin of the site too, few members there saying that the profile were deleted because maybe they broke the rules (rude manners, insult people, playing nasty... for example), but I checked the record of those members, reading their blogs and comments and found out that actually, the one who with profiles are still on the site, the manners are really disgusting. Besides, I also got deeply bothered because there are some insane people, who always jump to me and judged me someone else and said my profile is fake just because they said my writing style is similar to others!!

    Many members, after got banned from the site they will find a way to come back under a fake profile and tried to hide their secret, but not me, I don't want to play with fake profile, if the site does not allow me, then, I do not join. Moreover, after all what had happened that I myself experience with that site, I got bored with because I have a feeling that the site designed for scammers, players, very rude manners people and hypocrite people only. If you say something wise and if any member agrees with you, immediately other members will jump to that person and saying something such as... "do not put someone at your boss position!", and if you continue to playing wise that there are number of members agrees with you, then, your profile will got deleted sooner or later that you will never know the reasons. Hard to believe but that is my real experience. Anyway, maybe you just joined and see!
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    beth_2855October 28th, 2010


    They will delete your profile for no reason. Don't waste your time building a profile because they delete them for no reason! And on top of all that, it is full of scammers! Junk Website!

    FalconladyApril 1st, 2011


    Replied to beth_2855 @beth Not true! I had a problem with someone on Connecting Singles - he tried to get money from me. I reported him when I found another post in his other identity - but both pictures were him. They deleted him immediately. No one so far has been fake and the forums have some pretty interesting, educated and international ideas and people. You have it wrong probably due to an unpleasant experience you had. Ever hear the saying "Don't throw out the baby with the Bathwater!" ? You are doing that. It's one of the best free sites and yes, they do oversight and good management.
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    randySeptember 16th, 2010


    I found to be full of fake profiles and scams. the forums have a few regulars that will attack any new users, The moderators of the website do little to the regulars even though terms of service and forum rules are violated constantly, forum regulars run the website with fake profiles and vulgar language, moderators of website have no respect or morals when enforcing their own rules for the website, is for bottom feeders of the singles dating websites
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