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Connecting Singles is a dating and forum website that's free to use. In addition to being a dating site, Connecting Singles has a multitude of other options to pass the time including quizzes, chat rooms, forums, profile reviews, event lists, all of which members can freely access.

ConnectingSingles is a completely free online dating site for singles.

You can browse profiles for free, sign up for free and contact other prospective matches for free. Locating others is quick and easy with the help of the site's area/zip code locator.

Who's Nearby?

There is a simple tool that let's you find others in the same locale or expand their horizons and search through international profile listings. Members can not only make free contact, they can use the Send Flowers option to let others know they're interested. Users have bookmark and block options, along with the ability to see who's been viewing their profile lately.

The huge range of features and options on the site does make it a bit bewildering at first. Though things like polls, games and picture rating do keep people engaged.

Even though you might not find your next spouse there this is quite a popular site. There's enough activity there that you should at least be able to strike up a few conversations with some interesting people.

Even though you might not find your next spouse there this is quite a popular site.

With no costs to worry about, ConnectingSingles a nice option for those just curious about the world of online dating. There are no gotchas or binding contracts to sign. The site is easily navigable and offers members the chance to get involved and mingle via forums and blog postings.

The good

  • Free to use
  • Loads of features
  • Decent number of profiles

The bad

  • Confusing layout
  • Technical problems
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  • Avatar

    Robby99July 4th, 2018


    I've been a member of the site for years with breaks. I haven't had a single date on Connecting Singles during these years. There aren't many women of my preferences in my area and there are many scammers (beautiful women who look like models). Each time I went back there - I constantly encountered the same old profiles (some were very old and the ladies hadn't logged in for many years). I stayed for the entertainment - quizzes, forums, blogs, but they got less and less fun over the years. The number of members writing actively dropped each time I logged in (after months or weeks of absence) and I constantly encountered private fights of long-term members. I tried writing a bit, then was contacted by some strange women, many a lot older than me. The entertainment part of the site is useless to meet anyone and the dating service isn't so good either. It's also a very old site, not phone-friendly. There are better options for online dating today. I think this site saw its better days and if it doesn't get improved - I don't see many new members joining in.
  • Avatar

    DaVinciStillJune 29th, 2018

    Just average

    This is the only site I have used. My pre-joining assessment of this site was fully realized, but that says as much about me, and where I live, as anything.
    In three months I got 266 clicks, 3 'Hi's', and 1 'Hello' from 3000km away. I also received a constant supply of third world brides in waiting and scammers.
    I found the site easy to work out. The 'Search' function worked easily. Despite rules to the contrary I noticed one site using a magazine cover and another with a cartoon as their image. Since using a fake photo is so easy only the honest are. I ignored any post without a photo. I was surprised by the amount of entertainment. As one long out of the dating scene I read most of the articles for guidance on modern behaviour. None was boring.
    I came to no harm. I was surprised by the collective poor level of grammar and expression, even amongst those claiming a high education. It is not an attractive look to me.
    I am rejoining the site with blocks enabled this time. My expectations are no higher but I will get less noise in my email this time.
  • Avatar

    RoseGoweenJune 20th, 2018


    I'm so disappointed with this site. So many liars, fake profiles, mean and crazy people on forums and blogs. I didn't know what "online gangs" and "cyber bullying" were before joining that website. So many mentally unstable men! So many trolls who use multiple profiles! Avoid this place - if you want to keep your sanity and don't want to become scared of meeting people online. After my experience with this website, I have no courage to join another similar one.
  • Avatar

    boomJanuary 23rd, 2018

    Just average

    **** i opened my account five times but they keep deleting my profile ......
  • Avatar

    BGHSeptember 5th, 2017


    Dusty photos. The women on that site mostly have not logged into their accounts since the Truman administration.

    It's a shame because it is one of the few sites I find with a mix of ethnic women.
  • Avatar

    STUMarch 13th, 2016


    They have a really bad attitude, deleting perfectly good profiles just because a man is in shorts.

    There is no way to contact these people and they really are complete control freaks.

    The site will never grow with this attitude.
  • Avatar

    VeryMuchConfusedSeptember 17th, 2012


    What I cannot understand is why ex members diss this site, then return with fake profiles, trolls, and cause trouble. If you do not like the site stop stirring, and leave it for good.
  • Avatar

    sherry_4768January 15th, 2012


    This is the worst dating site in the world, my account was deleted for no reason. I joined the site a few hours ago and it was deleted seconds ago.

    boomJanuary 23rd, 2018


    Replied to sherry_4768 yeah i agree
  • Avatar

    Linda_4713January 4th, 2012


    Just have a question. My id from this site was romantic28 but got deleted. I don't understand why. I have lots of people scamming me for money whom are still there. As a matter of fact everyman I talk to say the same thing that they get scammed by women everyday and their sick of it. Why do they allow this to happen? Why punish the good/honest people? Why do they allow the vindictive people on the site?

    boomJanuary 23rd, 2018


    Replied to Linda_4713 it's interesting that every girl i chatted with are nigerians or ghanians and they ask money
  • Avatar

    Rob_4656December 23rd, 2011


    Connectingsingles would have to be the worst dating site on the net, not only did i find for myself personally that there are so many fake profiles but the web administrators will delete your profile for no reason at all! I hadn't even done nothing wrong, i wasn't abusive on the forums, i just tried to log in 1 day and found my whole profile deleted, no reason was ever given, this has happened on 4 separate occasions. I wholeheartedly agree with the other negative comments, it's a pathetic site run by fascist morons, and i hope somebody shuts them down. I will never waste my time with them again.

    boomJanuary 23rd, 2018


    Replied to Rob_4656 i opened 5 times but every time the deleted my profile

    glass_sliverJanuary 5th, 2012


    Replied to Rob_4656 i totally agree with you i have been a victim of vicious attacks that's why i cancelled my profile i am now so happy i did.
ConnectingSingles 1.81 37 A review of ConnectingSingles. Connecting Singles is a dating and forum website that's free to use.