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Click and Flirt is a place for singles to chat online and have fun. You can use your webcam and chat and flirt with anyone on the site. It is intended for singles living in the UK and Ireland although you'll find plenty of people from other countries as well. A limited access membership is available for free.

This is a flirtatious site and aimed squarely at the casual dating scene. The membership isn't massive at the moment but there's enough going on there to make it worth a look. It is open to anyone, although most of the site's members live in the UK or Ireland. Lots of webcam activity goes on at clickandflirt, and there are a wide variety of people seeking a wide variety of types of relationships.

Starting Out

Much of the emphasis is on casual dating. The site's motto is "live, love flirt". You've probably gathered this might not be the best choice when you are looking for a long term relationship.

Once you get in you'll start to receive messages from people right from the get go.

Once you get in you'll start to receive messages from people right from the get go. To me, the messages just seemed to be random and kind of there just to pull me in further. I have no way of knowing if these were from genuine people or not so use your own judgement if you encounter the same.


On the plus side this site is part of the Cupid family of websites, so you can expect that there will be lots of features. You can join the site for free, but as with most other sites in this network, you'll need a paid membership in order to access anything of value.

By Tara Miller

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  • Avatar

    happywarbearMay 4th, 2015


    I click on to try it for three days 18 seconds later they take 24.99 for pushing the next button customer service line were rude watch out this sit sucks and the thieves should be dead!
  • Avatar

    GlenKyleDecember 24th, 2011


    I signed on in late Nov.-2011; and discovered too; that there are decoy and fake people on this site. There are about 5% non-fake; but the rest of them are paid ringers (decoys) designed to make the man feel that he might be on to something. Upon closer inspection however; I discovered that a lot of clickandflirt ladies are on several of the other adult websites. They are obviously not paying. Plus; in addition; you find the exact same members on line in nearly the exact same sequence-ALL THE TIME! I have stream lined 6 different adult websites and found that they are all fraudulent. Save your money gentleman. Our government won't do anything to correct this nefarious problem; so; it's up to us to put an end to funding them. There are thousands of adult websites that are not creditable. Don't be fooled!

    ametMay 12th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to GlenKyle @Glen Kyle Can u give me the name of those sites?

    Tim_4764January 12th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to GlenKyle @Glen Kyle I feel the same way Glen I've experienced the same things as well, frustrating I won't pay for an on line dating site anymore, I'm on Plenty of Fish but it sucks too.
  • Avatar

    garygeeDecember 17th, 2011


    I have been on clickandflirt for a few years now and found out something. I made up two accounts and found out that most of the profiles are fake. When i was sent an email it says the girl was from Margate. Then when I check up on my old account it says the girl was from somewhere like London or up north somewhere. Most girls on the site lead you off to a cam site and they ask for your credit card details. I think the entire site is a big scam to get your money. Avoid this site or you will be single for a very long time.
  • Avatar

    MichaelBryantOctober 1st, 2011


    Too many (clumsy) scammers on this site. The site is self is too complicated & needs to be streamlined. I got plenty of responses, but they tend not to lead anywhere. One gets responses from same people on other sites, for which no subscription is held! The whole thing goes round in circles. Fairly cheap for a trial run, but it does not inspire confidence and not recommended.
Click and Flirt 1.17 6 A review of Click and Flirt. Click and Flirt is a place for singles to chat online and have fun. You can use your webcam and chat and flirt with anyone on the site.