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Not available is an online dating website where black women and men can meet for friendship or love. The site, which is for people living in the United Kingdom, has relatively few members compared to others such as, though this should improve with time.

Black Match is a newer dating site designed for Blacks living in the UK. Since it has only been online since 2010, it has not developed the membership numbers of many other sites, but its membership is growing.

Black Match offers many features, including email and instant messaging. It is primarily designed for people looking for long term relationships. Black Match is owned by the Cupid PLC family of dating websites, so the site is legitimate and should have a growing membership and growing features, as well. You can join Black Match for free, but will need a paid membership in order to access many of the features of the site. Cupid Sites also sponsor speed dating events. Once you are a member of Black Match, you can get information about speed dating events in your area. They are a great way to meet a lot of people in person. These do come with an extra cost, however.

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  • Avatar

    SasukeNovember 21st, 2011


    People do not use this site, I repeat do not use this site, it's very dangerous! They will steal your money! It's all a scam! I repeat do not use it, they even make fake robot profiles that flirt with you just to hook you in! I found that when I tested this site, within days of joining, I had 1000s of women contacting me - which is freaking impossible! Nobody is that lucky, and they try to charge you just to read messages in you inbox! Clearly the attention I was getting was fake. This site is a dangerous scam, do not use it! If you need a free site join
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    ladylOctober 8th, 2011

    Just average

    It has not got many members which is a shame. Also when you sign up for the 3 day membership which costs less than £5 they automatically take one month's subscription out of your account. When I pointed out this was unfair they did not refund me my money. Also I found a lot of perverted white men approaching me on the site. I think its ok for any race to browse the site if that is their preference but this site particularly seemed to have a lot of sexual perverts making all kind of base approaches. So no thanks.

    JayBizleMay 16th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to ladyl @lady l LMFAO yea i thought somethin wasnt right with this site.
  • Avatar

    johnHammondMarch 15th, 2011


    I was informed that this site existed but I was unable to make contact! I am English but living in Spain & would like to meet with an older (possibly retired) black woman living in the U.K. 1.75 4 A review of is an online dating website where black women and men can meet for friendship or love.