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    fayeSeptember 7th, 2010


    hello i am a Chinese girl, i am a postgraduate student , so i usually browse foreign websites, to be honest , i want to marry an american gentle man, i also called on the They ask me to pay 3000 RMB, as you know i am a student ,these is a lot money to me, so i want to find my MR,Right in my own way since i can speak some english, does anyone can give me some advice? Which online date website is better for me to find my true love?

    ian_4581November 30th, 2011


    Replied to faye @faye Hi Faye try these web sites and Good luck.

    joediamondJuly 24th, 2011


    Replied to faye @faye Yes.... Do not lie and never talk to multiple online partners and you will stay out of trouble - or you maybe be here to pass off as a nice girl. But in my investigations and have been to china, you all lie and are connivers for any way or means to marry a USA or UK man.....Sorry it's the truth! Thailand women are far better and smart.., happy and they have character, truth in heart and are very traditional... Chinese say they are, but I do not think so.. Most in Liuzhou are sex workers and salon whores! Prostitution in China is very high and the factory workers have to sell that "Cat" feed their kids and put them in college..., I know!... that is what my ex-china girlfriend is doing I found out!

    keith_2637September 15th, 2010


    Replied to faye @faye Depends on if you can log on to the uk dating site called Dating . i am understood that Chinese sometimes cannot log to those web in Europe or usa. if you speak English, you will have alot of chance.
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    KurtSeptember 2nd, 2010


    This website is one of the most crooked ones out there. There's no privacy whatsoever. The girls' pictures are mostly saloon touched-up pictures which misguide you. If you list a girl as your favorite, most likely the agency will send you admirer letter without her knowing it at all. In many cases, the girls are paid hands to list their pictures just to fool you. That $6 one way email can add up quickly. Do not walk, run away from this website. It's a money gouging ploy by the collaboration between this HK portal and numerous Chinese agencies. I had requested to see those girls that accepted my cupid notes to no avail when I went to China. It's almost impossible to get in touch with these girls. Don't waste your time there, believe me. I would have given it no star weren't it required me to give a minimum of one star to post!

    joediamondSeptember 4th, 2010


    Replied to Kurt @Kurt
    My name is Joe and very familiar with this site after much info on them and was a member 2 years ago.., I tested out this scam and spent about $75.00 and contacted the women from an office in Wuhan of 2 woman and contacted them and wanted their personal email. So they give me a (fake) email and got small messages and none after with much effort on answer and no answer. So watch out for this site and reports are real and the same. I wrote the Company twice and complained ., they email back with this nice letter and butter me up saying Sorry , we know you're a good man , we will look in to it.. ect.... but no answer back after 2nd compliant. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!! Cherryblossoms ok but have scammers use (translators in china) much in gaungxi province in cities of Liuzhou and Nanning.., I know I have a story to give and in my flickr with the photos and emails to prove this confusing cituation.., long story short 2 sisters in liuzhou try a marriage scam on me and I went there and the woman at the airport to meet me was not the woman ,but look like the woman.., later after 1 day and a half her younger sister shows up and she dumps her on me and find out later she had a husband and divorce 2 days prior to my arrival to marry me and later divorce me a few years later to get her family members and temp-ex-husband!!! Some help to enter USA.., but with new laws I don't think that can work.
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    dcpJuly 18th, 2010


    I will agree with most of the posts here. I was a member of the site for ~6 months and was communicating with a lady during that time. I tried to get direct contact with the lady, but like the other posts was given all the same answer: too shy, English is not good, etc. I asked for some childhood photos was given the excuse that the photos were at her parent's place...but the darn thing was...she visits her parents almost every other week! And all the photos she sends to me are of her alone, no friends, no family....
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    JimMyersJune 22nd, 2010


    Does anyone know of a real website where you can meet real Chinese women who are serious about finding a mate?

    guestJune 23rd, 2010


    Replied to JimMyers @Jim Myers You are better off on a regular dating site, one which is not incentivised by fees for correspondence and translation services. Go to a site where you can communicate directly with the girls without interference from the site operators. Sites like chineselovelinks provide translation software so it doesn't matter if you can't speak Chinese or not, you can still communicate. You pay a flat membership fee but this is preferable to be charged per letter. IMHO the mail order bride, Russian, Chinese, Latina etc. sites make most of their money for translation and correspondence with very pretty girls. It should be a big warning flag. The incentive to lie and cheat is great.

    robert_2306June 29th, 2010


    Replied to guest @guest I bought Chinlove credits and four days later my bank account at Chase was emptied out of $2500, from a California URL named "", need I say more. Thank Chase for identifying the fraud and refunding my money.
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    SorenJune 13th, 2010

    Just average

    I have used CHNlove for the past few months ...Here's my take on it. The letters there are fluff to pass the time, don't spend cash you can't afford. Have some fun and try and get some gleam of who this lady is and what she is about. I know the responses are not always hers. I know some are though. She has sent me several messages written on paper she took in the bathroom with her cell phone. So these aren't doctored in the photo lab. Even all the pics in her profile are natural which is one reason I chose to write her... She looks great to me in these picture even better then the professional studio photos you see. That being said i am going to see her in Oct. I'm 40 she is 28 but i date 28 year old women here in Canada as well so it's no big deal. I'm not expecting love at first sight I'm hoping for friends at first sight and see how it goes. If she doesn't show I'm still going to have a great holiday.

    A lot of men seem to think it's a scam when they go there and the lady doesn't love them like the letters. Maybe it's because she really doesn't like you when she sees you and you look like crap compared to your pictures.

    As far as the dreaded "Hidden costs" or buy out from the Agency i have not asked her about this but i intend to. Also there is the "bride price" ordeal. I have heard this is more a custom than an actual exchange for cash much like the East Indian custom of bartering for your bride on the wedding day. Anyone have any experience themselves with this stuff?
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    Mark_2047April 30th, 2010

    Just average

    Hey Guys, Not a total noob here, having lived in Thailand for the past several years, I have seen most of the scams out there. Most are the sugar daddy/sponsor scams. I'm not a specialist in any field, nor do I have the advanced education some of you claim to have. I do make good money, enough for living and saving, I've never gone without for what I need or want.

    So this leads to myself asking for advice or even help if possible.....

    I started to talk with Sophie, real nick name from after a few days of talking via messages there; we decided to chat on msn and qq.

    All of the chats are via the video, and she is 100% the same looking as her photo. She is 28 years old, I am 39 years old. The age difference is not a huge amount. I have been offered a new job in China, and I'm due to arrive next week. She asked me to fly into her city before I start work, and spend 2-3 days there, getting to know each other.

    She has not talked about love or that other crap that I feel doesn't work online. She has always talked normal and seems to have enough education to get by in life.

    So my concern:

    1. China scams seem to be the same as Thailand, are there a few variations I should be watching for?
    2. The chances that she is talking the same to others with the same intent and messages?
    3. Do any of these websites offer a service to have them checked out in various degrees?
    4. This might seem shady to a few of you, but I'm prepared for the flames about it as well.

    Has anyone here talked with this person Sophie from

    If so I'd love to compare notes. I do not trust so easy, and would love to protect myself from a lot of the crap others seem to get doing this.

    I guess the face to face meeting will show and tell me a lot, but precautions are the name of the day for me.

    Love to hear your advice and experiences.
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    charles_2011April 22nd, 2010

    Just average

    I think that just about all of you are a bunch of dumb ass's!! If you take the time to read the do's and don't on this site it tells you not! to do most of the things that you are all bitching about!! It tells you not to send money! Don't send expensive gifts! get pics! and get a web cam for your computer so you can see the lady face to face before you ever go to china!

    And if you can't afford the few dollars they charge to translate and deliver your sorry ass letters get off the site! I'm sure that there are ladies on chnlove that will scam you if you let them, I had to sort thru about 20 ladies before I found one that I like, she doesn't look as good as she did in the pics on her profile but she is still a beautiful lady for her age (49). Do you look as good as the pics you put on your profile? I'm 57 and I don't need a 20 or 30 year old lady, and I'm sure they don't want an old man like me.

    It's the same on all the web sites you have to be smart enough to sort them out!

    I went to china in June of 09, my lady met me at the airport, she took me to my hotel so I could regroup and get some rest, she lived about 20 miles from the airport in Fushun, the next day she came and got me and took me all over the place. I met her friends, her brother and sister, aunts uncles mom and dad, it was great! I had a wonderful time! I stayed at her parents' house 6 of the 12 days I was in china. and yes I gave them some money, they are poor and they saved me a lot of money by letting me stay there, it didn't work out for us, but I made a lot of friends there that I will never forget. I'm writing to another lady now and I plan on going back this year to meet her. And again I had to sort thru them, and this time I found a beautiful 52 year old lady that doesn't look a day over 40. Good luck, be smart.

    sophie_2328July 6th, 2010

    Above average

    Replied to charles_2011 @charles u are a smart guy,but really crap!!!
  • Avatar

    gregFebruary 16th, 2010


    Nigel is crazy. This site is such a scam it's incredible. You'd be better off saving your money to spend on peep shows.
  • Avatar

    Joe_1770February 14th, 2010


    I wish I had of found this post sooner, anyhow... I am in china at this moment and I can say from my own experience, Chnlove letters and replies are not real! However the ladies are real, I have met with several of them.

    The lady I had come to meet was not at all interested but Chnlove introduced me to another lady, and things seem to be going quite well over the past few days. Anyhow, as for the reply letters I can assure you they are not real, I was out skiing with this lady when her last letter was written haha.

    Chnlove is very helpful but dishonest at the same time! Use caution!

    I will talk with the lady and find out her real answers and replies to my questions anyhow, will post here again in a few days.
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    JhonWatermanJanuary 14th, 2010

    Below average

    I joined chnlove in Sept, 2009 and have been corresponding with what appears to be a very lovely young lady with a 4 yr old daughter. Very early she sent me a picture of herself with her daughter, stating it was taken 2 years ago, hmmm. O k, we kept up the chat, and I made the move to devote my heart to her. She backed off a bit, so I suggested to come to china in the spring to meet her, as friends, no commitments. She refused and said that summer would be better for her, knowing that I cannot travel in the summers due to my work. Our conversations have since turned very "bland". I am now having doubts as to her intentions to find love, or even if she is a real person.
    I started chatting with another lady, and she is very eager to meet me, at my best convenience. We have great conversations, much talk of love and such. But something doesn't feel right. It seems she wants me to promise her true love before I come. I try to explain to her we must meet first before I can commit myself to her. I'm still on the fence about the whole thing. 2.24 143 A review of Asian Dating. lists Chinese women who are seeking long-term relationships with men from around the world. There's a different system for men and women.