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In short: costly and time consuming and the time spend is so unfulfilling. It's not illegal for a company to lie to you unless something specific falls under the law. SOME OF THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE AND THE SAME ARE COPIED ON EACH REVIEW SITE!!

I knew when I bought credits that they were probably going to waste but just needed to experience it myself so I don't have to be curious anymore. EVEN AFTER it's already been proven its mostly scammy to get money.
I can't say much that hasn't already been said. Its SO EXPENSIVE for what it is. The amount of actual active real women that are seeking something is very small.

I know the ratio is probably skewed but forcing only men to pay and not women is counter intuitive. You think it lets more women on but that's the problem. Most women aren't serious about anything, they don't have to be, there's no stake in it. So you get a huge amount of women are just curious, 'undecided', or, whether they are single or attached, want a sugar daddy. And even though 'escort' is a bad word to ashley madison, sugar babies are escorts, PERIOD. A exchange of goods/services has to take place or nothing takes place and should be regulated just like escorts. It's not about morality, it just doesn't do it for me.

On top of it all, I'm an handsome guy, so many of the women are ugly and overweight. When you get to talk to one, conversation will usually goes no where. Some women won't show you what they look like (although they request to know what you look like before consider talking to you) then when they finally do, they're ugly. I am aware that women probably have to deal with gross and ugly dudes.

It's BAD, tell your friends.

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