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Better for women is a big online community for anyone seeking an alternative sexual lifestyle or for those who just fantasize. Commonly found there are people with fetish for uniforms, BDSM, role playing, spanking - almost anything goes here. The site has profiles of singles, couples and groups in most areas and countries.'s is an exclusive online meeting forum for anyone into BDSM and fetish dating.

About has a massive database of registered users. It currently has at least 124,000 active users. This ensures that there is someone for everyone whatever your fetish.

Inside you'll find a very wide range of people. Some are satisfying a curiosity while others are regularly involved in the world of BDSM. There's a lot of emphasis on real life events including parties and other meeting venues. You can keep up to date of these in the lively forum section of the website. This is more or less a free flowing discussion area.

Alternative lifestyle

They offer a number of options for those interested in alternative sexual practices, from voyeurism to cross dressing. By using the compatibility and zip code search feature, members can locate and contact others within their geographical range with the same interests. It's also possible to access each other through ads, chat room and forums. A number of online resources are available for issues related to BDSM.


As with other adult dating websites, doesn't let you do very much until you opt for a paid membership plan. Once you've upgraded to either Gold/Silver, it unlocks the restrictions allowing you to:

  • View profiles - including hidden pictures
  • Contact anyone on the site - including free users
  • Use advanced searching
  • Allow anyone to contact you (as optional extra)

Alt, which is just one of the vast FriendFinder network, is strictly for adults who have discreetly and personally embraced BDSM as a part of their lifestyle. Advertisements and content placed on the website by members will be and is explicit. Alt has consistently remained at the top of recommended BDSM dating sites thanks in part to its huger pool of members.

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  • Avatar

    TalenOctober 5th, 2018


    This is not a bitter "I didn't meet anybody" rating. Let me tell you why this site is b.s. I met someone and created a profile for her. She did not even have the password (this was part of our control games.) Shortly after creating her profile, my personal profile got a "wink" from hers. Obviously the system FALSELY creates "winks" to get people to purchase the higher level membership (so they can respond to the wink or message.) Also, she was often listed as "online" when she was not. There are also several fake profiles. The irony is that my sub (who submitted a "proof" photo and was a verified member) was kicked off the site for sending out her personal e-mail and offering to sell personalized videos to other members, or -when local- meet them in person. We received no answer to "what terms of service did we violate?" However, I am giving a 2 star for the sole fact that they DID refund the unused portion of my year-long membership when I complained that the site was a bunch of b.s. Obviously they do this because they know they'd bet all sorts of better business bureau complaints if they didn't.
  • Avatar

    mrhehJuly 3rd, 2018

    Useless is by far the worse website for scammers. Hundreds of fake profiles I get scam attempts daily. The usual approach is someone contacts you from another state or country.They tell you they want to be your Sub Or slave and are willing to relocate for you. They then want to tell you they don't work and live with a relative and have no income at all. Then they will tell you what it cost for a Visa or plane fare and ask you to wire them money so you can have them as your own. I tell them to get here on their own and I will take care of them and I never hear from them again. Lately they started contacting you showing cities from local areas when you press them for a meeting they tell you they are actually in another country but are from your city. This always leads to requests for money. I report the fake profiles and they get deleted which I have done at least 100 times. I will never renew my membership. Also Alt knows they are a rip off that's why they only have yearly memberships because no one renews and they have to force you for a year otherwise if they allowed monthly no one would go past 30 days with all the BS. 0.55 4 A review of is a big online community for anyone seeking an alternative sexual lifestyle or for those who just fantasize. Commonly found there are people with fetish for uniforms, BDSM, role playing, spanking - almost anything goes here.